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  1. Thanks, Bill. I found excellent tires for the front wheels, but the rear tires are being a bit more elusive. My stash is fairly small, so parts are more difficult to come by.
  2. Interesting idea. I may have to enter, assuming I can actually finish anything in time.
  3. Doing some spoon tests here, trying to determine what blue I want to use for my Phaeton, as well as a Ferrari Enzo. Spoon on the left is Tamiya clear blue over Testors diamond dust. Spoon on the right is Tamiya clear orange over the same Testors diamond dust, for a '40 Willys that I'm also currently working on. Neither has been clear coated nor polished, as these are just for color selection. The orange is not going to make it for the Willys, but may come in useful on some future car model project.
  4. Fascinating stuff. I had no idea there were so many variations.
  5. Excellent. Thanks a bunch, CL, I really appreciate the input. I may have to add one of those 1:25 kits to my "to get" list.
  6. Outstanding, as I've now come to expect from you.
  7. Roadrunner

    62 Belair

    Looks great. I really like that engine.
  8. I'm seeing the Revell and Monogram '29 pickup, in the "rat rod" series, listed as 1:25 scale, yet the Monogram stake-bed, which I always assumed to be the exact same basic tooling, is listed as 1:24 scale. Are these in fact different scale kits? Thanks a bunch,
  9. That makes sense to me. Thanks a bunch for that info.
  10. I don't see why Revell couldn't have just done both fenderless and full fendered in the same kit, as they most certainly did in their sweet little '32 Ford 5-window coupe, the very next kit I'm likely to purchase (only because it's full fendered). As to some division between two camps regarding what's classic, I was unaware of that, or to what degree that is perceived as any issue at all for that matter. In the meanwhile, I'm still stuck with the same dilemma, do I buy this fenderless version to use some decent parts on a full fendered version, or not. I probably eventually will, but I still see it as a bit of a shame that I'd even have to resort to that at all.
  11. My experience is related to Tamiya aircraft and armor decals only, and they're generally just terrible. Candidates for the trash can, in almost every instance.
  12. Thanks. It certainly has some strong points, but as with many car models it seems, it also has its fair share of issues. I'll just muddle through, best as I can.
  13. I received the paint for this project today (the green and clear). The dark green should look just excellent on it,... I hope. The others are for an experiment to find just the right blues for a '32 Ford Phaeton and 2003 Ferrari Enzo.
  14. I suspect I'll end up with multiple carbs, one way or another, so I don't think that'd work out for me. I'll certainly keep it in mind for future projects though, so thank you.
  15. There's got to be a way to mix & match. I''ll need to look into it.
  16. If only they did it with full fenders,...
  17. Great. Thank you very much. I had wondered about that. Thanks for the clarification.
  18. OK, thanks, a bunch fellas. I'm rather surprised at how much of this stuff I was unaware of.
  19. This is the engine that came with my Monogram '29 Ford. I have two questions: Is what's depicted a magneto type ignition, requiring no ignition coil? There seems to be only three exhaust ports per side and the exhaust pipes are so configured. Is this some sort of V-6 engine? Thanks a bunch,
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