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  1. Stopped by the Olies in North Olmstead, OH. again yesterday afternoon. Still NOT worth the time. They have moved the display of Lindburg boats and skeletal foot models from the end cap to the isle shelf spread amongst the rest of the toys. I wish the Olies near me had more of the cars and trucks others are finding.
  2. Went to both the Olies in North Olmstead and Parma Ohio. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!!! Both stores ONLY had a small amount (6 or less) of 2 Lindburg ship kits.
  3. I got a flyer in my email this morning (10/2/19):
  4. I found this on thingverse. I have not built it and tried it myself, but I have seen it in action. Kind of nifty. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2117162
  5. Thank you all for the kind words. I was hoping to enter it in a show and see how it does once I get the DM600 done.
  6. Thank you everyone, I hope that my entire idea with an old beat up DM600 and lowboy works out.
  7. I don't know where else to post this one, but eventually the dozer will will be chained to a lowboy and towed around by a Mack DM600, plus this forum seems to be the location of others talking about this kit. I wanted to go with a very used dozer. The thought behind this was that the guy would have bought a yellow Cat a while back and painted to to match the color of the company truck and trailer. The dozer was a fun build and I hopefully did not spend too much time weathering it. This was my first time rusting and such to a model. Glamour Shots... The engine... Closeups... Working Shots...
  8. Just got back from the Olies in North Olmstead Ohio. Don't waste your time there. The only new thing they had that was not left over from months ago when I was last there was some Lindburg ships and the Kevin Harvick snap kit. What they did have was not much more than a couple dozen boxes of stuff too. Not worth the 20 minute drive... good news is that my wife did get some hair dye and we got a bag of candy.
  9. Got the newest Ollie's email and this was in it. https://www.ollies.us/currentflyer/flyer.html?store_code=71
  10. I just checked and it is already in stock at Hobbylinc https://www.hobbylinc.com/amt-great-dane-flat-bed-trailer-plastic-model-vehicle-kit-1:25-scale-1111
  11. I put dry wall mud down on a painted board, then painted it. After it dried I painted some white glue all over it and put some sand on it before it dried. I then sprayed the sand with "Auqa-net" hairspray so it would hold some of it peaks an valleys. in all it took about 4 days to do just the base. The truck was done in a similar fashion except I painted some mud paint under the glue. Wish i had a better way to create a "mud" effect rather than using the sand. Thanks
  12. Thanks Doc. I hope to take it with me next week to a show in Port Clinton OH. See what I can do with it there.
  13. I scored a second place at the county fair this past week with this one. I lost out to a really nice two -tone Revell Kenworth
  14. Does anybody know what is going on with this kit? Also can this kit be used for a standard flatbed? I have been looking for a regular flatbed, but don't want to pay $75 for it. Thanks
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