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  1. Thank you everyone for your comments. David I am waiting to get the trailer on it before I put the hook up on.
  2. I do not want to say this was an easy build. It had it's moments when stuff did not want to fit correct. I used the flame decals from an old t-bucket kit I had laying around. I also created a custom exhaust.
  3. I saw this advertisement this morning. Hope there is a better selection this time around, because the last one was not worth the 10 minute drive to my local Ollie's. Going after work this afternoon, will report back.
  4. Thanks
  5. I picked this kit up at an estate sale a while back and decided to put it together. I had plans of doing the car in a dark red exterior with a black interior, however when I put the first layer of primer down I liked the black and decided to go black on black. The plating had come off of one of the bumpers pretty bad, so while deciding what to do with that i was looking at the body partially assembled I thought with a bit of modifications I could make it look just like my 1:1 2018 Dodge Challenger. I went to work removing the things below the front bumper to make it a bit smoother. I left the rear chrome bumper off and added a wired distributor. The rims went through 4-5 modifications will I finally settled on the extra ones that came out of the custom 32 Ford Vicky I recently did (Link). Sorry about the lint in some of the pictures, did not notice till I was editing them for this post and it is raining outside, so taking new ones was not possible.
  6. Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments. This build went together real nice and I loved the kit.
  7. Good question. That was one of the only issues I had with the model. The stock exhaust did not line up and left little room for modification. I just left it the way you see it, imagining that you take the covers off the ends before you fire the engine up
  8. Thanks, everyone. I appreciate all the positive comments.
  9. This was a simple kit that I found at Hobby Lobby and decided to pick it up. Added a couple of extra features, but pretty much it's straight out of the box.
  10. I started with a 1932 Ford Victoria. Used the custom plans and pretty much built it to stock. I painted it with Vallejo Model Air Red. The interior is Vallejo Model Air Blue. I used the left over decals from the Revell Kenworth W900.
  11. This is one sweet build. Wish I had something like this in real life 😮
  12. @Slimguy Thank you, I did make the diorama also. It was a quick thought I had one day and took about a week to complete. Most of the time was letting the drywall mud dry so I could work with it.
  13. Bucky: The red is a Krylon shimmer metallic candy apple The blue is a Rust-Oleum cobalt blue metallic. It all has two coats of Krylon flat white as an undercoat and each color has been laid on twice. To top it off both colors have two coats Krylon gloss crystal clear to finish them off.
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