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  1. Thank you for all your kind comments.
  2. I finally finished my Linburg Rammunition Monster Truck diorama. The kit was pretty easy and went together easily. This was my first model with a roll cage and fitting it together concerned me a bit, but it just slide together and required no cursing at all. What made it best was the $9.99 price tag from Olies. The crushed cars are my first also and it was also my first time spattering mud/sand. Thanks for looking
  3. I went to my local Wal-mart (Oberlin, OH) today and found a cheap Campbell Hausfeld air brush kit. I have been looking for a starter air brush for a while now. I figured I would give it a try and could not beat the $20 price tag otherwise I would have walked right past it for many reasons, one of them that fact that Campbell Hausfeld is a Berkshire Hathaway company and I have seen first hand how they treat their employees. The instructions are well written and even have a couple of pages of triggering exercises. The airbrush does come in a nice plastic box that can be reused. It is double action which I have never heard of in one this cheap. The hose seems a bit cheap, but might work OK. Those two bottles are glass, not plastic. The bottle lids are plastic and I can see them breaking at some point. Everything else seems pretty typical of an airbrush kit. I know very little about ari brushes and have just begun to look into them. My father had one for years he would paint military models with, but I never learned anything about it. I inherited his old compressor (which still works), a Miller 2000, which I know he used for years. I do need to by a regulator/water trap before I can test the air brush, but once I do I will be happy to report back if anyone would like to know how this airbrush works.
  4. Ollie's strike again

    Got the newest Ollie's email and this was in it. Guess I know where I am going tomorrow
  5. Let's see some police cars

    Nice Viper!! I have a kit sitting around and some left over Ohio State Patrol decals... I might just have to do one myself.
  6. UPDATE (4/22/18) I finally got my regulator hooked to the compressor and then the airbrush to that tonight. I took some tap water and ran it through the brush just as Don suggested. It seemed to work good with the plain water, but in my messy booth it was hard to tell so I added a bit of Vallejo rust color to the water to give it a bit of color. It seemed like there was a bit too much pressure in the brush. I lowered the regulator pressure a bit and it still seemed to be too much. My son heard the compressor running and came downstairs wanting to paint something with it. We found an old body and thinned some red enamel (1 to 1 ratio). He sprayed the body with the little bit of paint. It still seemed a bit thin to me, because at first it seemed to be creating small circles like the pressure was still too much, or the paint was thinned too much. As he moved back from the body (~6 inches) the rings became less noticeable, but the width of the spray increases significantly. Will getting a different tip for the airbrush fix this issue? Below are the results after I let the body dry.
  7. Modern Police Car Parts

    Does anyone know where I can get parts (light bar, push bar, interior divider, etc.) for police car models? I used Conroy's Cruises (http://www.conroyscruisers.com) in the past for Bilbozo decals, however I am unsure if they carry the modern police car light bars. I have sent emails and have received no responses from them, so I am unsure if they are around anymore. I want to make a Dodge Magnum K-9 car, but i am having trouble finding the special police car parts I need. Thanks
  8. Modern Police Car Parts

    NYLIBUD: Good luck if you can get any sort of response from Conroyscruisers. The only response I ever got was on my inquire as to why it was taking over a month to get the decals I ordered and they responded in a very short nasty email about how it was not their fault it was bill bozo decals. Just my two cents Peter
  9. Got one of these kits at Ollie's and wanted something that was pretty straight forward with no modifications. I had this orange paint sitting around and decided to use it. Once I got the white stripes on I looked at it and thought boy that looks like a Cleveland Browns truck. The only thing missing from the paint job is the real browns helmet has a thin brown strip on the outside of each of the white strip. I thought it still looked very Brownish and still put a custom plate on it. Did not notice how the hood was sitting till after I looked at the photo. I screwed the front decal up a bit.
  10. Thanks Don. It is my first airbrush (single or double) action. Once I get a regulator/water trap for my compressor I might give your idea a try. Personally I have no expectations since it is my first. I hope it works good.
  11. Thanks everyone for you kind words. I have another kit that I was going to use the engine out of on another car, but I could see if I can find and engine to put in the other kit.
  12. Nice tow truck, looks sharp. I love the boom.
  13. No need to laugh, made one myself a while back. I love the black, looks sharp.
  14. 2009 Dodge Challenger V10 Idea

    Thanks Belgawrx, I looked at the pictures and yep they are on upside down... will have him fix them. espo, I was looking at the car/engine again tonight. I think maybe it can go back bit, but there is some room behind the bumper that a radiator might fit. I might have to angle it a bit like the one in a '69 Vette. Casey429, I googled that Challenger... and wow it is real, thanks great reference material. Thanks everyone for you input.
  15. A while back I had pick up some of the Revell 2009 Dodge Challengers and when I went to Ollies some time ago my son and I picked up some Revell Dodge Ram VTS Pickups. I built one of the Rams and my son had started on the other. All he finished was the engine and put it away to do a WW2 tank model. This evening he pulled the model out and was looking at it. He then pulled one of the Challengers out and started "playing" around with them. He then placed the Challenger on my desk with the V10 in it. I took a look at it and if I modify the intake and oil pan it might fit right into the engine bay. What do you guys think? Should I take his idea further? This might just give a Hellcat or Demon a run for their money
  16. Update...3/24 I cleaned the paint off with paint thinner and repainted the windows. After about 3 very light coats they are looking good and when I showed my son this evening and he pointed out that I have been painting on the wrong side of the glass. If I look from the other side they look pretty sharp...not perfect but could pass as tinted windows. Will try to post pictures tomorrow. Thanks
  17. I purchased a spray can of Testors Gloss Custom Transparent Black and was attempting to create tinted windows. My first attempt on some clear taillight covers from the junk box came out great after two light coats. However when I tried some car windows the results were not nearly as good. I laid down the first thin coat perfectly, however I wanted a slightly darker tint, so just like the taillights I put a second thin coat on. It looked fine going down, but when I went back to see how it turned out... well it looks all spotty now. Is there anything I can do to fix this? What did I do wrong, so I don't make the same mistake again?? Thanks
  18. JollySipper: The real auto tint might work, but I have some other windows of other kits that I want to tint also. I am trying to get it right on this car, but thanks for the idea.
  19. Thanks rsxse240, I will give that a try. Update: I cleaned the tint off and polished the clear parts real well. When I put a clear coat of gloss on the window it seemed to give it a frosted look. I let it dry and then a thin coat of tint over top of it. Now it looks almost the same, but with a frosted look to it. I am at a loss here. I painted some taillights from a different kit with two (2) coats of the transparent black and they look great. However theses windows from this kit seem like they will not accept this paint. Is there something I am doing wrong? Thanks
  20. Pics of your Showrods anyone?

    Nice truck 1320wayne, do you happen to have any more pictures of the engine. i was looking into making something like this myself. Thanks
  21. Engine Identification

    Thanks Can-Con, hope I can find the rest of the pieces.
  22. Engine Identification

    Hello: My son recently pulled an engine from a older junked Lamborghini. I was considering on using this engine in another model, but I have no idea how complete the engine is and if there are any parts missing. Below are the pictures I took of the engine. Any help would be beneficial, thank you.
  23. That heater is really cool. Like your use of the straw for the flue.