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  1. Volvo 240 Turbo "JPS"

    I loved following your build, great to see the car came out so amazing! Looking forward to seeing how you do the other builds too!
  2. Shelby Cobra 427 SC

    It looks good in the photo's for sure. I love that shade of blue!
  3. CBP: Radwood 2018 - AMG Mercedes 500SL

    Love the colour! It is very eighties.
  4. 72 Celica

    I love these cars, this is definitely on my wish list of kit's to buy and build. Yours turned out great.
  5. That might work, I have paint issues on a Mini I am building and I am trying to fix them by masking off an area as well. In my experience you need to take the masking tape off as soon as you can, or the glue on the making tape will attack the paint. Not sure if it will do the same to your paint too, but as a precaution, don't leave it on for hours. Worst case you have to strip the paint off anyway, so you lose some time and paint.
  6. I think what the model shop meant was that you should be able to paint most kinds of paints over the primer and it wont have a bad reaction. If the colour of your primer is very different to the colour of your paint, then you need to use more coats of paint. Too many coats make the fine details disappear, so it's best to use as little paint as you need to, to get a consistent colour coat on your car. Having a white primer coat means you can use fewer coats of white paint. I have only built 3 models so far, so am a beginner like you, so am just sharing what I know
  7. 2018 Cannonball-AMX

    Seeing those rims on the chassis and the body separately, I could not see them working together at all. With the body on I am quite surprised how good it actually looks! Interesting building, thanks for sharing.
  8. Thats a very nice colour!
  9. 1978 Chevy Nova 4dr POLICE

    Wow, just wow... I see you tape up portions as you work, is that to protect the details when you are sanding? I find it impossible to work with tiny details, so I am in awe of the work you do!
  10. AMG Mercedes Benz 300SEL 6.8 "Red Pig"

    Is the roll bar part of the kit, or did you build it from scratch? I am enjoying the build, I like the odds cars
  11. 1950 Alfa Romeo Alfetta

    Grazie! Google translate is quite amazing My dad is quite an Alfa fan, only the rear wheel drive ones though! I would love to do a GTV 2.5 for him one day, but can't seem to find a kit in 1/24 scale.
  12. 1950 Alfa Romeo Alfetta

    I think so too, I have a Talbot Lago as well, but the wheels are different, I am still trying to figure out how to lace those wheels. Thanks!
  13. 1950 Alfa Romeo Alfetta

    Thanks for the support! I guess I feel I need to justify my posts, so many of the builds here blow my mind! @Oldmopars as you said, when you start comparing your work to others it stops being fun, so I am mindful of that, but it takes effort to not do it. I am still having fun, so won't be stopping soon.
  14. Ford Escort RS1800

    Wow, just went through this from the beginning, the attention to detail is amazing!
  15. 1950 Alfa Romeo Alfetta

    With my mini shelved until the weather warms up enough for me to try and patch it up, I have returned to the Alfa. As usual I do bits here and there and never take photos, so here are a few to catch up. I added spark plug wires to the engine and tried to route them as best as I could to match the original motor. Unfortunately the rail that connects to the radiator is in the wrong position on the motor and I was really not keen to redril the holes and fill the old ones. With the supercharger attached. This engine has very little detail and differs quite a bit from the photos I have seen of both 158's and 159's I found a photo of an earlier version of this motor, where the distributor was down at the bottom of the motor. The correct place is right infront of the engine, by the left cam shaft, but I am lazy and do not see chance to make a decent looking distributor to match any of the photos I have seen. As you can see, my spark plugs are not exactly perpendicular to the cylinder head. I am in dire need of practice on this fine detailing stuff! The left side at the rear of the body is very thin and bends quite easily, so I gled in a small strip of styrene and trimmed it down. Much stiffer now. With the rainy weather I won't be able to paint soon, so am keeping busy trying random little things. There are a few details that are meant to have panel lines, but they are raised. These would be lost with pain (especially my painting) so I decided to try and scribe them instead. It's rough, but I am getting there. Hopefully the paint will hide the worst of it I also bought a micro drill set not to long back. I drilled out the exhaust, probably wont be noticable when don, but I love using those tiny tiny drill bits! I did the same on the shaft that I think represents the shaft used to manually turn and start the engine, a later photo shows why. Because I cut the hubs off of the original wheels to lace them up with wires, I decided to dill the vent holes into the drums. The original wheels would have had the holes turn with the wheels, as they would on the real car. I doubt anyone would notice if these do not turn though. The shaft from the motor was fouling on the front suspension, with a section drilled out, it now fits into it and looks a bit more complete. The leaf spring hides it though, so I may as well have cut either short. But it was fun to do. Partially assembled. Ignore the bad paint, it won't be airbrushed, but will get another coat. Top og the body on. Valve covers on, I still need to paint them. With the exhaust in place. I had to trim down the trailing edge of the hood as it would not lie flat. Another angle, showing the material removed. Now it fits flush with no force needed. What it looks like with badly painted wire wheels. The holes need some black paint, but I think the effect will be quite nice. In case you have not noticed, the quality of my builds is nowhere near the other builds I have seen on the site. I am posting it anyway as a way to record what I am doing. Once I have made my way through the kits I have, I will by more (cheap) kits and get more experience on them. One day, I will have an airbrush, paint booth and will not have to paint latge surfaces using brushes and enamel paints, but until then, I find the process of building to be relaxing, so eeven though the quality is not there, I am going to push on and finish as much as I can. Thanks for looking!