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  1. Pirahna Land Speed Record Car - DONE!

    That is amazing, it has been great to see it come together.
  2. 1928 Stutz Black Hawk LSR

    I have 2, 1 has been started. The other will have to wait until you start, so I can copy what you do!
  3. I really appreciate you showing the process. I would never have thought of this method to create the latches. I still have a ton of work to do on my house after moving, so have not even begun unpacking my modelling stuff, but will definitely try replicate some of the stuff you have done here, one day.
  4. Isdera Imperator.....98% scratch build!

    Looking forward to seeing the progress!
  5. 72 Olds Cutlass Camino..aka El Suprimo

    That looks like it rolled off a production line! Very nicely done,, thanks for sharing.
  6. This is not a subject I would normally be interested in but your skill and mixture of techniques amazes me to no end. Manually forming and shaping with 3d printing and brass, even casting metal. Thanks for sharing your build process!
  7. Ford Thunderbird SC

    Interesting kit, not one I would choose but keen to see how you go with it. I would build it quick and get it done, I tried to build my first (and second) model to be as good as I could get it and it took me really long and frustrated me a bit. Finishing the model kit's felt great and I enjoy looking over them now, even with the faults, there are so many other kits that you can build when you have finished this one But, it's your model, build it like you want to!
  8. Tamiya R32 Nismo Custom

    I would love to see photos of that in the sunlight. It looks good in those photo's but the black hides so much.
  9. Isdera Imperator.....98% scratch build!

    Shucks, I think I have seen the image of this kit before, I wonder if its what got me onto the C111? Going to add it to my wish list, thanks!
  10. Isdera Imperator.....98% scratch build!

    I have been looking over photo's of this too recently, as well as the C111 thinking how much work they would take. Interesting subject for sure, I am following!
  11. Hasegawas Lamborghini Miura SV....back to work

    That does look amazing indeed, you should be very proud of that. I guess it is much like anything else, we all have different expectations from what we produce, I would be over the moon if I managed to finish a car to that level, but your bar is set somewhat higher. Thanks for sharing the photos
  12. Hasegawas Lamborghini Miura SV....back to work

    I love Miura's too and I plan to buy a Miura model, after I have moved and settled in. Looking forward to what you think of the Hasegawa.
  13. 1/10 scratch built Holden HX Overlander Panel Van

    This whole topic is just, WOW! Great job so far, I am really looking forward to updates!
  14. I have watched you do amazing things in the Pagani but the new cars don't really appeal to me. This however is something that I would love to see as it gets built up, I hope you cover every detail in the same way you have the Pagani, I am really excited to see your build thread!
  15. Fully detailed Pagani Huayra..Under Glass

    Thanks so much for the step by step process @Dann Tier You make it look so simple, but I don't think I would have figured it out on my own. How do you get the dot of glue on the tool you use? Do you just dip the point into the superglue?