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  1. Gotcha....mebbe I should hold out for the Moebius version. Ya know, most of the JoHans now are so expensive...wish I had thought to pick some up about 20 years ago!!!
  2. I sorta feel guilty as well....but then again, I have to tell myself it's a hobby not a job....sometimes my mind approaches it that way though...
  3. Thank-you! Being so late in jumping back into the hobby, most of the JoHan kits I've seen have been priced out of my league....this one might be a good one for me to grab while I can!!! Appreciate it!
  4. Hi all, Feel free to delete this thread if it's been mentioned...I checked and didn't see anything directly. ----------------- Appealing to the wisdom of the more experienced here...if I could get the JoHan 202 EZ-Build Turbine car for $20...would that be a good deal? Anybody build this one before?
  5. Hmm...<gears turning> What about a non-profit museum to accept donations or purchase these collections at low cost for display? Isn't there a model car museum that does something like this? If it's non-profit, all one would need would be an LLC setup and storage space. Memberships could cover the utilities and storage, etc....Hmm....maybe this has been done before?
  6. -6 this morning, I think we're up to to 9 now....man those imitation vinyl seats on my roller-skate car are cold!!!
  7. This kit is my current one I've been working on. I'm just a new guy here, but to me the kit is a lot of fun. I would post up pics, but I can't figure out how to post them to this forum...my posts will only let me type text sentences (and I'm too lazy to figure it out). This is the link to my pictures I've uploaded of the kit so far: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?app=gallery&user=14918. I think you may have to be logged in to see them. --Tony PS: Right now, I'm trying to figure out how to run fuel lines and parking brake cables....note that you need to run the brake cables BEFORE you attach the driveline...oops, figured out that one too late!!! :D
  8. Progress continues! I've just got to finish up the interior, detail the suspension...and work out a few kinks here and there. Washed the rims with India ink, thought that came out pretty good.
  9. Picked up AMT's '64 Marauder...nice kit, small box...maybe that's the size they used to be? Reissue from '95 from ERTL.
  10. Just saw this thread...does anyone know anything about the chassis? Maybe I'm crazy here, but thinking this might help me with my Ohio George Ranchero (shock towers, etc).....
  11. Thanks guys! I'm checking the Ranchero thread, it mentions the Fairlane adaption, but I like the ideas of the mustang. I've got the AMT 66 Mustang hardtop, it doesn't match up too well...any other particular kits that come to mind?
  12. Pickup a scratch and dent '60 "Ohio George" Ranchero last night....plus my Michael's coupon...good price. Yikes! Learning about this kit...this will be a challenging one! Found the resin straight 6, but now realizing the lack of bracing and shock towers (huh, maybe I should put this in the "you know you're a modeler when..." thread)....I could always glue the hood shut.....
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