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  1. Kurt ; another great trailer. If it is as good as the detachable lowboy, then I would be interested. Will you keep us posted on pricing and availability? Thanks Bryan
  2. Many years ago there were how-to articles by Ken Smith called Trucker's Corner. I am looking for the September 2000 portion of the article. I have July/August 2000 and October 2000. I am missing September. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have started this project, but I feel there is something missing. Thanks
  3. Terry; thanks for the reply. I found an online scale convertor and did both calculations. They came out exactly the same. The convertor is on "scalemodellersworld.com" . I found the article here on Model Car Magazine forum. Bryan
  4. I have the plans for a belly dump gravel trailer. Unfortunately they are 1/24th. The suspension I have is 1/25th. Anyone tinker with this kind of thing? I would like to change all the measurements to 1/25th. Thanks Bryan
  5. These trucks were either a 984 (6X4) or 953 (6X6). Dual core "V' radiator with a total of 2,100 square inches of frontal area. Steel cab. and standard NTC-335 engine. I have a bit more info if you need. Bryan
  6. Thanks Mark, but I have an IMC kit. I wanted to see what is involved in making a tank and pup.
  7. Check eBay. I have bought 2 sets of tri-axle setups with frame, axles, and wheels/tires. I have 6 tri-axle trucks now. Otherwise you are forced with cutting up a frame to get the proper suspension pieces. Wheels and tires are readily available on eBay.
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought I had read somewhere on this forum about someone having plans for the IMC tanker that showed how to make it a truck tank and short pup trailer. If anyone has plans please let me know. Thanks Bryan
  9. Kit Form Services also has some great rims with rubber tires. Check that out
  10. Check out New-Ray toys. They offer a Peterbilt truck with lowboy in 1/32. It comes with an excavator that is 1/25th scale. I have one and it's very realistic if remodeled.
  11. KJ; very nice trailer. This is something all us truck guys have been looking for for years. I would take 2 complete 3 axle trailers with wheels and tires. I realize I am probably on the bottom of the list, but I have no problem paying for them now and waiting. Thanks Bryan
  12. I have one of these from Ron. Great kit. It is identical to the excavator that comes with the New Ray Peterbilt/excavator 1/32 kit. I have that one as well. Reason for this reply is because I got my decals from Bossen Implements. They have a great selection for many brands.
  13. Hello everyone. I am starting on my Payhauler but does anyone have an idea what color of yellow this thing is in real life? Thanks for your help
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