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  1. MFH Ford GT GTE

    New livery like this: http://performance.ford.com/series/ford-gt/news/articles/imsa/2017/12/ford-gt-shows-off-new-livery.html
  2. 1970/71 TransAm Camaro?

    Hey, I'm in that book! I (with help from another friend) "borrowed" the wipers of the E Type at Watkins Glen.......and we never did return them! Rich Dilcher who was the crew chief is a friend and he recruited some free, extra crew help (me!). Lotsa adventures that also didn't make the book as some made Brock look a little less skilled than he would have liked to be seen as. I crewed at the Glen and at the Michigan race.
  3. Cool "model style" build on the H.A.M.B.

    Candy Barr https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candy_Barr
  4. new for 2018

  5. 1966 Shelby G.T. 350 convertible

    This is the 14" aluminum wheel used on the 66 GT350s. The Playmoz wheel is a 67-68 15" type.
  6. Winning Ford GT's

    No photos here either. Perhaps you see them because they are on your drive? I would love to see these GTs!
  7. XX 70 maverick

    Only difference 70 to 71 was the ignition moving from the IP to the steering column.
  8. This: https://assets.hemmings.com/story_image/615437-1000-0@2x.jpg?rev=2 http://www.oldcarsweekly.com/collector-cars/50s-cars/rich_history_of_1957_ford_battlebirds
  9. '70 Cuda T/A

    I have a good friend who was one of the guys who came to AAR from Shelby. He worked during the fabrication of the cars and then crewed the cars during the series. he still has his "Hot Wheels/AAR" uniforms hanging in my neighbor's (his sister) closet! He has some great stories of the issues they had with the cars during the season and some of the problems they found and fixed on the fly.
  10. That is a 240/300 series six, a totally different animal from the 144/170/200 series
  11. '64 Ford Falcon T/A

    I doubt that as the fuel filler is in direct opposition to the SCCA GCR regs, note the "quick-fill" cap on the decklid as opposed to the stock filler dead center in the rear fascia. If I recall (and my mind is well wasted) "safety" upgrades would trump (but not Donald) the stated GCR regulations so a fuel cell would likely have been "OK" and obviously is being filled from above the stock filler location. I do believe the regulations you posted are not the SCCA "GCR"s but an international (i.e. not "Murican" like God intended) version and therefor may vary.
  12. Chrome Marker versus Bare Metal method?

    Q Tip, toothpick and burnish, it will get MUCH better!
  13. Shelby Cobra CSX2260 FIA Roadster

    I understand what Mr. Mills has printed, but "Princess Alice Blue" is an AC color, and while similar to "Viking Blue", it is not identical.
  14. Shelby Cobra CSX2260 FIA Roadster

    Ah, Viking blue..... Actually, not the same a "princess blue" which was actually "princess Alice blue" originally at AC
  15. 1968 Shelby Green Hornet-----Update! 11/24/17

    Nice......don't forget to scribe in the fender to cowl seams that AMT left off.