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  1. What if Batman drove a Cobra ?

    Perhaps you need to start buying better drugs! I think Batman would start with a big block, well, just because! And this from a small block owner and aficionado!
  2. 289 FIA Cobra (64 Targ Florio) MFH

    The belts do not pass through the seat, they come from the side and are mounted behind the outer edges of the seats.
  3. 289 FIA Cobra (64 Targ Florio) MFH

    MFH seems to have "cross pollinated" the 289 FIA with a 427 in some areas. The shift lever is the 427 style, a 289 is straight and does not lean forward as a 427 does as well as being further forward on the tunnel.
  4. That suspension is very heavy-duty for the weight of a Caterham type car. The Chevy it came from weighs at least 3000-3500# and an all up Caterham is less than 1300#! The Chevy control arms would weigh more then the tube frame does!
  5. The Tamiya "King Cobra" is actually the Pete Brock designed De Tomaso P70 group 7 car. https://www.hemmings.com/blog/2016/01/15/peter-brock-designed-shelby-de-tomaso-p70-to-appear-at-amelia-island/ https://www.thegentlemanracer.com/2015/11/peter-brocks-shelby-detomaso-p70.html
  6. 289 FIA Cobra (64 Targ Florio) MFH

    Here is the alternator brackets used on the Cobras: http://www.clubcobra.com/forums/originality-forum/137905-csx2201-later-charging-system-components-4.html The pictures posted in this thread are for Ford passenger cars, the Cobra alternator had to be mounted higher to fit the chassis.
  7. 1/8 Scale Race Car Frame Original Design Build

    I just bought that book of eBay, my original copy I had from 1968 was loaned out and never returned. A very good text for chassis design, while much has changed since the second printing, the basics are still the same.
  8. Shelby Cobra

    Local hardware stores carry the "K-S" line of brass and aluminum rod and tubes. I think you will find coathanger wire diameter to be too large for this purpose
  9. Cobra in a crate

    This is how our Caterhams "kits" are shipped. Note that the crate contains neither umbrellas nor wineglasses!
  10. 1967 Shelby GT500 SUPER SNAKE

    Production 67 GT50s had dual quads on 428 PI engines, the "Super Snake" had a 427 with a single 4V. There were plans to build more but the price of $7500 (A 427 Cobra was $7495.00!) pretty much ended that party.
  11. 1/24 Ford GT40 Mk1 engine 3d printed by myself

    The first picture is not J5, notice the triple stripes, J5 was dual stripes. The Holman-Moody cars has triple stripes. That is chassis J7
  12. IMC 48 Ford Coupe - Is it me or the kit?

    Yes, The Testors kit is the IMC moulds.
  13. Dan Gurney Tribute

    I had the honor of being involved in the "Sebring" tribute 289 race car that was built for his birthday last year and given to Dan by his family. I got a very nice note from Evi and Dan re-signed a photo I had taken of him in 1968 at the Watkins Glen USGP. He was driving for McLaren and stopped to see the "Dan Gurney for President" banner a friend and myself were holding. That resulted in Max Muhlman, the AAR PR guy inviting us to a party that night. Dan signed my print at Indy qualifying in 1969 and it has hung in all of my offices since then. He graciously resigned it for me and I was able to give him a print copy for his wall. The photo in Dan's office is with a friend of mine who was instrumental in the tribute cars production. We will not see his like again...........
  14. 66 Le Mans winning GT40

    Note that the car (1048) does NOT have a "Gurney bubble" on the RH door in 1966, but does later. 1046 was used again in 1967 and had numerous changes done after the LeMans win. very nice model, well done! And Fujimi did miss the "NZ Fern Leaf" on the decal sheet!
  15. Shelby Team 427 Cobra's (update 1-21 )

    Gauge faces look great but speedo should be the reverse wind setup. Comp and S/Cs used the "backwards" speedometers.