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  1. Wimbledon is indeed a creamy/ivory white. On some blues it will actually take on a "pink" tint. Ask how one guy building a Cobra replica found out! He didn't do the suggested (by several people) test spray and the pearl blue he used had some purple, etc. in it and the Wimbledon looked "pinkish" on it. And no, it wasn't me.
  2. "Shut up and take my Money" "Kiss my shiny metal ass"
  3. Here are the original "Gulf" colors: https://www.gt40s.com/threads/mark-i-gulf-livery-specs-and-details.53208/post-538488 That kit looks pretty good save for the "off road" tires!
  4. You could build this: https://www.hagerty.com/media/news/dan-gurney-expat-impala-trip-across-the-pond/ A 61 with real UK history!
  5. The Shapeways wheels are for the "Eleanor" abomination, not a Cobra. They are bolt on and 17" rather than the correct 15" 7.5F, 9.5" R Halibrands on a Cobra S/C
  6. Yep, My bad, the 302 didn't, the 429 did. And I should know as I was a Ford dealer back then......
  7. A Boss would not have the quarter panel "scoops"
  8. That's why that style of frame is called a "Ladder chassis"!
  9. And now this is being sold on line: https://www.culturehustleusa.com/products/mirror?fbclid=IwAR00gPzEli5WHV-LSvYhZJf6GYxW4-fv5-hSVLYVt6zmsR4ybx_QXMRyPrs Anyone seen/tried it?
  10. FE, the MEL has a different head setup etc. The Edsel used the MX trans in medium case form. Most of the Ford built V8 automatics were the medium case MX (T-Birds, etc.) and the MEL powered stuff (Lincoln, etc.) had the large case MX. The small case MX was used on the six-cylinder cars and some of the "Y" block powered cars. All of the "MX" variants were based on the Borg Warner automatic that Ford licensed.
  11. The round depressions in the "C" pillar should be filled in, the Mach 1 has a round emblem there that Shinoda had deleted on the Boss 302.
  12. Not meant to be a slam on your comment, just that you will not be able to fit a flat piece of clear. Vacuum forming would be the way to go if a new kit/promo glass is not available.
  13. "As long as the windshield doesn't have any compound curves in it, (which I don't believe the '63 T-Bird should have) it won't be difficult to do." Obviously you have never installed a "Bullet Bird" windshield, they are the poster child for compound curves! I have done many on 1/1 cars and with the rubber retaining gasket to hold it in the frame you really get a feel for the curves, not just in plan view but in profile and front elevation. There is not a close to flat surface on one!
  14. The "V" tail aircraft is a Beachcraft Bonanza not a "Piper Cherokee" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beechcraft_Bonanza The blue/white is a Cessna 150 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cessna_150
  15. The engine was a 289. The chassis is a 260 Cobra but the 289 was out when this was built. The wheels are the narrower Cobra wires which were "lip laced" so the spokes protrude further out the rim as compared to the 289 Cobra wheels. It also used Mustang bucket seats. Here are the two wheel types. The blue/red car is mine. And my attempt to replicate it with the 1/43 Monogram "Ultimates" 289 Cobra.
  16. An interesting fact is that P1049 is a "street coupe" and was not originally built as a race car. It was Grady Davis' personal toy and was converted into a race car. It still has the street coupe Rover door locks!
  17. Yes, somewhere. I will look for them.
  18. I am familiar with this car, I have seen it in person back in 1981 when it was at a Detroit area prototype shop to be used for a pattern for a conversion kit for Mustangs (yes, really!). It was in poor condition at that time and the ghost of a spray painted "SCRAP" was visible on the side of the car. The "XD Cobra" as it is officially named is built on the first 427 Cobra chassis, CSX3001 and therefor has coil spring suspension unlike the Cougar II which is built on an early 280 Cobra chassis with the transverse leaf springs. One interesting fact is the cars were supposedly built out of US Royal's "Royalex" material, a mouldable composite compound; I have been told they are actually fiberglass as the Royalex didn't mould properly. A friend of mine, Jeff Burgy was responsible for the locating, borrowing of and restoration of the XD for display at the Shelby American Automobile Club convention and then the Amelia Island Concours. Jeff is a retired Ford engineer who always loved the XD. Another story is that the XD was ordered to be scrapped and was in fact headed for the crusher (thus the "scrap" on the side) but was "saved" (stolen or liberated is how some put it) out of the styling garage and hidden for years to prevent the destruction of the car. Thus when I saw it in Taylor, Michigan I was sworn to not reveal anything about but I did manage to get some photos on the sly. If you are doing a real replication of the car the dash is different than the Cougar II, the car has an automatic transmission and a major change is the front of the doors, the shut line is extended further forward and has a "dog leg" to the windscreen that Cougar does not have. A 65 Mustang woodgrain steering wheel was used as well as radio and heater controls from a 64 Thunderbird.
  19. So how do you get a magnetic "Hide-A-Key" to stick to a fiberglass fender?
  20. You can build this: http://www.tommaruskacars.us/ITALIEN/it_r_01.html Back about 1964 one of the model car magazines did a work up on what parts to use. The AMT 64 T-Bird annual had a roof that was a copy of the roof on the Italien. And the car was actually a 1962 convertible that had the top added by Dearborn Steel Tubing who did a lot of prototype work for Ford. They added the 1962 fenders and doors to update it to te 63 model year.
  21. Rules required the "stock exhaust system" be in place but not that it had to be used. The 289 Dragonsnakes had the same setup; the rear exiting exhaust/mufflers with side pipes that were actually connected.
  22. Trunk on a Thunderbird convertible opens to the rear, that is it is hinged at the rear to allow the top to retract into the trunk. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjpn4DY5fLfAhUjqoMKHY8QAAUQwqsBMAF6BAgBEAc&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D2NLwZV6A9i4&usg=AOvVaw2FTlAp2IYQJr6VOJuPfEb_ If you are looking to do replica stock the engine is black with argent silver valve covers and air cleaner unless it has the "dress up" option in which case they will be chrome
  23. Most of the AC fiberglass was an "off-white" color. I mixed this but have now found an "aged flat white" in Model Master that is quite close.
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