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  1. Hallo Ad the Fixed Rear Windows. Now it is Complete. Greatings
  2. Hallo Domonik I use my self turned headlights from Aluminium. A turned Cylinder outside with a Globular Hemisphere round Hole. Without Glasses. Greatings
  3. Hallo Finish my 1970 Dodge Challenger Deputy with 225ci. slant six. Base was the old AMT Challenger "Vinishing Point" . Glue the roof on it, Fill the Hole in the Shaker Hood for an Standart base Hood. Hubcaps are 3D designt and 3D Printed. Engine is from Lindbergs 1964 Dodge 330. Hope you like it. Greatings
  4. Hello Does anyone know if the online store of Harts Parts Resin is still active? I've been trying to make an order there for some time. Unfortunately, there is no reaction. Greatings Michael
  5. Thanks to all for the Compliments, feel honored! Greatings
  6. too bad that the kids do not exist anymore. You have done fantastic work here. compliment
  7. Hallo Show you some Pics from my last build. A 1974 Plymouth Satellite "Sundance Special". Build from the MPC Dukes of Hazzard Kit. Decals are made by miself and help from a friend. The Hubcaps are 3D printed. The base frat hood is resin from ??? i dont now! Hope you like it. Greatings
  8. Realy nice Build!!! I Love the Color, one of my favorites! Good Job!
  9. Hallo Finish my 1950 Ford F6 Tow Truck after 5 Years. Build from the Revell 50 Pickup mit Chassy from Italery Opel Blitz and Engine from 1948 Ford Woody. The rest is mostly scratch from Styrol Sheet. Hope you like it. Greatings
  10. Many Thanks to All. Feal Honored. Greatings Michael
  11. Finish my Space Rod. Hope you like it. Greatings Michael
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