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  1. bauercrew


    Thanks everyone, the color is just a rust-oleum SAIL BLUE, someone mentioned the engine color was wrong so what color is engine supposed to be ? want to build another one so can get the right color
  2. bauercrew


    dug this old one out of pile completed today,nice kit but decals are rough ,oh and all the mopar fans sorry i know its wrong color,any way like to get another one soon.hopefully do better job on next one.
  3. bauercrew

    5.0 stang

    Sorry guys nothing fancy was a relaxing build ,starting to try out testors one coat laq paints so far liking them ,but havent got the nerve to start try there one coat gloss yet ,so far all i have been doing is a little wet sanding then polishing out ,looks good enough for my eyes 🤣
  4. Not sure if this in right section so please move if not,,,,,,,,,well I spent a week using the Tamiya handy drill,,love it ,don't know why I didn't get one sooner,had to buy the dremmel collet set to use the smaller bits but they weren't expensive,didnt have any problems breaking the smaller bits,seems to be the perfect speed for drilling into styrene ,don't get me wrong its not perfect,,,but it beats using the pin vise ,,assembly was a BREEZE, I use it mainly for spark plug wires ,and pinning things ,in fact I plan on ordering another for spare after the holidays,,,no I don't work for anyone who sells them ,this was just my own observation 😊,so if your on the fence about getting one ,go for it!
  5. Hey everyone here are some quick shots of 69 nova was going to be the 427 version but i really screwed up some things so went with the 396 version,tryed to use the red line tire decals but messed them up then tryed the white ones and screwed them up also so i just painted on white line since i didnt have any red paint,this paint job was redone 3 times tryed spraying from can inside my booth but kept getting dirt,so i said what the heck took it outside in 38 degree weather and sprayed on deck,came out better spraying outside than inside ??still not perfect but definately better than 2 previous attempts,(MAY BE SPRAYING OUTSIDE MORE OFTEN 😌),for some reason my frame was horrably warped?this nova definatly not the best one i have done but it is what it is.back of shelve it goes.
  6. Thanks for all the comments everyone
  7. actually its the older one i have had it my stash for long time
  8. First let me apologize to all you mopar guys about the boring WHITE paint job,Iknow theres alot wrong with this build 😂,i know i should have cut the lower part of the front out instead of painting it,the decals on the side i know should go more straight along the rear upper quarter the battery is in wrong,missing water bottle, i.could keep going BUT my main objective on build was to try something different ,mainly the hood,i use carbon fiber look that is that 3m vinyl adhesive,i know the pattern is a little out of scale but thought it looks good.(really cant tell if you just glance at it) that stuff really went on very nicely it dosent look like it in photos but that stuff REALLY conforms to the shape OF HOOD WHEN HEAT APPLIED it went down in every nook and vent on hood,im not saying it was a quick process maybe 20 minutes .but i can see my self using this vinyl stuff on other things in future😄now my question to you guys who built this ,the decals,i COULD not get them to go on like the they are on box,when i tryed to make it go a lilltle straigher at the the end of quarter the decal ripped on me,so i just let it go the natural arch that the decal had in it( my decals had a real arch to them from the factory)and did anyone find the water bottle,and wiper motor,cause i was definately missing those items from the kit?? and also didnt realize that the turn signals were on the decal sheet TILL AFTER i painted them😃 all in all im pretty happy with the outcome.i have one more of these im going to hold off on because of decal problem.and in all honestly this thing looks Very good in real life,pictures just dont look as good as really seiing it in person😄
  9. BIG thank you to DR.KERRY for the louvers ,the stang is back on workbench !
  10. Hey everyone I hope I can get these ,I have the 1967 gt 350 mustang from amt (round 2 version) I worked really hard on this body particulary getting the front and rear pieces fitted properly,i glued them on and blended them flush,then rescribed the lines in the body ,got it to look perfect ,took me 4 days to carefully scribe those lines, man was I proud .well laid down primmer ,perfect, laid down paint ,perfect, after that it went south,sprayed the clear coat ,orange peel galore,stipped the body down in super clean and in process of scrubbing I lost both of the louvers up top by window,i was scrubbing it down in the basement wash tub which didn't have a strainer and the went right down the drain,yes I did take the trap off but they got washed away so if any body can help I really greatfull,sorry about the long explanation but I figured I would explain how the heck it happened
  11. bauercrew

    57 chevy

    First off let me apoligize to those dye hard 57 fans (including myself)for a botched job,originally was going to do box stock ,but things went down hill very rapidly,first off the front headlights were NOT going to fit this body ,they were TOO big for the opening in the body ,so i tryed to mold them flush to the body (in not one to do any kind of body work ,or mods ,dont have the patience so to all you body men you guys amaze me),then the same BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH thing with the rear chrome tail pieces TOO big would not sit flush,so again my attempt at some body work ,made them flush(or tryed to)then the bumpers,the flash on them were so bad ,so i said hell with it painted them same color as body,didnt even bother with the engine was so upset by then,this is THE ROUND 2 version of the 57 chevy with blue box art,i also had some major problems with the 66 nova from round 2 also,i also have the the 67 shelby gt-350 mustang,still undecided if i want to mess with that one knowing all the problems from the other round 2 models.with out futher a do here are a couple sorry ass pics of a icon (almost to embarresed to post them)
  12. looks good cobra, really like the hood ,how did you do that?
  13. I hear ya I bought the same one ,along with the 66 nova, and the 57 chevy from round 2,never again dealing with round 2,the 66 nova rear was too wide the rear tires wouldn't even fit under body, the seats were to big wouldn't fit in the interior bucket,plus the body seemed very soft when I put a very light coat of primmer on it ,it crazed like crazy,and the 57,the chrome head light buckets WERE not fitting in the hole of the body they were either to big or the cut out for the light was way too small,tryed to trim down the light but it needed to much trimming ended up going throught the light housing a little,so I just ened up glueing them on and blended it into the body ,so instead of building it stock now im going to have to go with some kind of custom job ,which is really way out of my comfort zone cause I never modified bodies before even if it just slapping some bondo on and the bumpers,,my god ,the mold lines were so bad just stripped those and again probably paint to match car....So just giving ya heads up if you got those also
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