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  1. not much here guys actually just trying out the new photo light box,, but dont think i posted this one
  2. bauercrew


    finally finished this one ,,,this is a nice kit ,,,,this one is going on top shelf in front im actually proud the way this one turned out ,,,,actually looks better in person ,i used the rustolium 2 xprimmer and the 2x rustolium gloss white,,then the 2x clear
  3. I also have one of those and use it a lot
  4. On the bench now so far this been a great kit going with the white body,,
  5. Well call me crazy but i ordered this got it put together ,,,this thing has enough storage for everything i have ,,,this thing is very high quality,,,lots of assembly ,,took about 2 hours, it is made by arttystation not cheap but get what you pay for and this IS NICE,they have other items that are nice also
  6. bauercrew


    Not much here to look at ,,,,first time trying tamiya spray paint this was the gold ,,,,man this stuff looked like BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH it was spotty in some spots like the metalic was coming out ,,,,,and the ts13 clears 😠 i sprayed 5 coats on it and still looked semi gloss,,,,,,so im contributing to operator error,,unfortunately i bout 6 cans of this clear and an assortment of the other colors for up coming projects,,,,,confused about these paints ,,,might be going back to just useing my cheap craft paints with the rustolium 2x clear ,,,thought i would change over to tamiya because i see all these guys and there fabulous paint jobs saying they used tamiya 🤨,,oh well live and learn,,
  7. Hey everyone here is one i finished few months ago,,,tryed something different not sure if you can tell but the valve covers are covered in carbon fiber i actually cut 5 seperate pieces for these things,when trying to use one piece it was a disaster,,,but the 5 piece was time consuming but they REALLY look great in person,also did the bumper ,grill ,and radiater tank on top ,and air cleaner.
  8. The only thing bad about the kit was that the trim for windshield and rear window was really tuff to follow or may be just bad eyesight 🥴
  9. Thanks,,,but i can just imagine if Ace-garageguy or Mr obsesion did one there are a lot of others on here also but those two just came to mind ,,,hey do you own a 340 duster?
  10. Lots of masking ,and a SHARP scapel blade ,,,,the seats had a LOT of raised detail so that made it easy ,,and i used craft store paint
  11. Hey guys finished this up finally this is a REALLY nice kit no fitment problems at all ,,,,,this kit would look GREAT with a more skilled builder ,,sorry about the color shift in pictures true color is 2 pic
  12. Been a while since i posted ,,, been in a real BAD painting slump ,,, but here what i got so far still needs touch ups here and there thanks for looking
  13. Mike : yes some of the colors look the same UNTIL you actually use them and compare them side by side ,,but to some people that might be close enough for them ,,but as i said i went and bought all three sets ,,,at least i know i wont be running out of metalic colors any time soon😁
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