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  1. I bought the same set off amazon, they are a nice set for what you pay for ,plus some of those at different positions really come in handy,make me wounder how I got along with out some of them.L.O.L
  2. I just bought a 66 nova prostreet that round 2 has ,,i have nothing but problems with this car its molded in blue and it seems to me the plastic is really soft, tryed to open up the panel seams a little and it just seemed like it wanted to stick to the plastic instead of cutting it (meaning the panel scribbing tool)if that makes any sense, and tryed to primmer body ,what a joke, always have used duplicolor and used thin coats on every model have built and never a problem ,but this time with the nova this thing crazed like crazy,stripped the primmer off to bare body and you can see the crazing on body,tryed rustoleam primmer same thing ,crazing ,now strange thing ,went back to duplicolor ,this time i used red oxzide primmer and guess what no crazing?? Yet. and the seats ,another joke ,to big, dont even fit in the interior bucket when you put the sides on, i built this model many many years ago in fact i went to look it over and the seats are perfect in the the older version of that model to me was perfect. and i also bought the 57 chevy they have it is also molded in blue ,the version that has the molded in exhaust on chasis, and same thing with the panel seams ,the plastic is SOFT. SO FOR ME im going to avoid ANYTHING from round 2 from here on out.
  3. bauercrew


    Hey guys not much to look at ,but i figured i post it any ways,been a very long time since i used any paint other than the craft paint but decided to try the one coat stuff from testors,man that stuff comes out thick,and smelly as heck,but thats why i switched to craft paints l..o.l,i will be useing that paint again in near future but i may have to try that clear that they have for one coat,sorry bout white dust on tires,and yes i missing the grill decal,that thing just shrivelled up as soon as hit water?
  4. Thanks Randy i have been looking but no luck ,shame cause this is some nice stuff
  5. Hey everyone just an update on the order i placed with dirt modeler,recieved it today,very nice stuff along with a note explaining for the delay,,,NEXT question is ,dont laugh but HOW the heck these go together,i orderd the drag car suspension mounts for pro street aplications,like i said VERY nice stuff just dont know how these pieces go together so if anyone knows please let me know
  6. Hey everyone,I thought I would try there one coat laq paint l tryed the mystic maroon ,I think that's what called,it layed down beuitifully,question is do you clear coat this or do you polish it out as is,and if you do can you use other clears or should stick with there one coat clear,I was under impression that paint with metalflakes need to be cleared before polished out
  7. has any one done any business with them,i placed an order with them almost 3 weeks ago ,money was taken out of account instantly but still haven't received goods,tryed contacting them through e-mail but again no response??
  8. I did a review on the California air here on this sight, but a little bigger version,,very very happy ,and quiet
  9. Hey guys here is the revelle wagon sorry not much to look at kinda borring but it does look good in BACK part of display case,this project started out as doing bone stock wagon but soon found out i needed more items to acomplish this ,like different hood and different motor ,and ect,just wasnt willing to buy them, as we all know just the models alone are expensive enough
  10. I am a California air user did a review on one here on this site , thing super quiet still going strong .cant say enough about it ,would buy another if and when need to,and no I don't work for them ,for me it just been a great air brush compressor,wouldnt use for any heavy air tool use but for air brush GREAT tool
  11. Calling it done,tryed a few things,used carbon fiber decals for wing,mirrors,decals from i believe a corvette model just dont remember which one ,was going to use the stock box original decals BUT as soon as they hit the water ,them things just went to BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH,never seen decals just shrivel up to nothing ??
  12. got some more done still got to decide on paint ,wanted to still use the decals that came with kit ,but to be real honest ,im a little bit intimidated by these decals cause they go around the front and rear in one piece (this is the MAT & Debbie Hays thunderbird) Plus i didnt want to paint it pink,lord knows i have enough pink cars in cabinet now thanks to my grand-daughters ,but this is where she sits now
  13. started to pluck-a-way at this one not much done still got lots to do on it interior,did cut the head rest away and added pins ,think looks better than just a blob of plastic like original one piece
  14. thanks guys for the comments means a lot
  15. Still got a lot to do ,sorry about the dust ,i just cleaned out the booth,funny how camera picks out the really bad things,just your basic craftstore white,i did buy the tamiya panel accent stuff,bought black and grey and used grey ,must say i like it alot better than trying to mix up my own,just too lazy i guess
  16. Thanks guys ,SORRY about THE SHINNY paint, you should have seen it BEFORE I WET SANDED IT Thanks Bill
  17. Finally calling done,SORRY nothing exciting to look at, but overall really enjoyed this kit was really nice,went together very well may have to visit Ollies and get a couple more or at least one
  18. not much to look at ,sorry but here it is still undecided about the color want to keep it simple, the cab inside will be two tone , dark brown ,and a light tan,didnt think i would like this kit but its kinda growing on me ,surprised the engine was that detailed.
  19. Boy here is an old one i did years ago,, was scheduled to go into the round file cabinet ,the decals on this thing wrinkled up big time ,got frustrated and finished it put back in box where it stayed for long time . tech question for you camera guys,any idea why im getting color shift when i open raw files in adobe to do any adjustments or do none at all, and when it go to editor mode it changes drastically ,,,,,,strange thing is it is ONLY doing when i photograph the models,can take pictures of anything else and there is no color shift
  20. Hey Steve ,,,no harm done,,,i will admit im one to build pretty much box stock MOST of time with out research ,and most of time I build with no specific goal lots of times I will be working on one part of model then change my BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH mind about something else on model and total go in different direction with it . AND to be honest I really didn't have ANY intentions on posting ANY of my finished builds because of the caliber of builders on here,BUT I love Photography and thought give it a try,so im getting just as much enjoyment trying to photograph the models Bill
  21. Ok about the side mouldings I did not do any research but after the fact I did look at the REAL CARS I see what you mean (it is higher up on fender on model)so I checked ALL the models and they are all the SAME way as this model, I did buy them all at Ollies I bought 5 of them,i wounder if that's why they were so cheap because it was a defect ????? and the more experience modelers may have been able to fix it im not going to try I don't have the patients to try to modify models since they are expensive to begin with . so I got 4 more to continue on with later on ,,all in all this kit was fun and went together with NO fitment issues anywhere,,,just wish It came with the dog dish caps ,,oh well looks like I will be casting me some more dog dishes,,,really liked that look
  22. Well here is a BIG screw up ,,,,tryed my first darkening the door panels lines and trunk,,sorry guys any suggestions ??? was going to start over but said heck with it ,,,will just go ALL the way in back of cabinet,,also for a first ,,tryed that double faced tape someone mentioned on here for windshield works great also used it for the hood scoop also front bumber, man this stuff is STICKY ,,,SO THANKS for whom ever suggested it
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