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  1. Hey snake I see want to go into the craft paint ,,check my post I don't know how to link it ,but I have picture of the exact stuff I use,,it is a little expensive but the stuff goes a long way, I have tried the plain water for thinner but ended in a disaster, I love that cheap stuff I use it on everything including bodies,for me it was so nice to get away from all the smelly stuff,,and since its water based I use a hair dryer to dry the part and don't have to wait,,think the key is spraying LIGHT coats until coverage is what you looking for,,alot of people say whats the purpose if it takes longer to spray why not just use our regular model paints with less coats, thanks to that fact it don't stink I really enjoy modeling again,not to mention EASY cleanup,,,,,,It just takes patients and learning something new and a procedure that works for you.anyway sorry for long post hope you get the hang of it Bill
  2. here is a older kit think it was the hurst kit??? but anyway this is the wifes favorite car and color ,,so she painted it and applyed the decals ,and i finished it up
  3. Well guys here is another update on the said compressor ,been almost two years ,happy to say compressor is still working like a champ,and let me tell you I use the BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH out of this thing,since I got it I will spray just about everything for models, even small items,i think the reason is cause it is SO QUITE,and no I don't work for them just a users honest opinion,so would I buy another one ? wouldn't even have to think twice ,you bet, but I don't see anything happening to this one any time soon
  4. here she is guys ,not much to say if you seen in the other post,,just cheap craftstore paint job with duplicolor clear,my decals gave me a real fit ,,i guess there just old but they seemed like they were just wanting to crack, dang it ,just relized i forgot to put master cylinder on firewall ,, well here some pic hope you enjoy,sorry again to all the mopar fans about the funky three tone interior and white rims
  5. Thanks Casey ,wasnt sure what people intake would be especially the steering wheel ,,and yep i got the rims soaking now ,painting the center section white ,may be the outer part of rim alclad stainless steel ??? that part still up in air
  6. Ok guys heres what up next ,,,this was just a masking technique experiment with different items on the cab(hence the three diff colors) with different tape and different masking fluids,i can tell the decals are going to give me a fit ,seems like there dryed and brittle but will see,havent decided on rims ,,should i leave them chrome ,or strip and paint ,,what you think???
  7. Hey guys this started out as a pure white color,,,,,till i sprayed the clear coat ,never had this happen ,course this is only the secound white model i painted,,and it changed right before my eyes ,with the first light coat ,,,then it kept getting yellow as i went,,,i went in panic mode ,,was going to put it in purple pond,,but as it dryed it looks like it has a color change depends what angle you look at kinda weird looking paint job(but in good way)and my intentions was to go all out chrome everything ,,but the chrome didnt look right with THIS color paint, again weird? so sorry all you chrome lovers ,just had to black it out a little Dang forgot to put on exhaust tips,,,,guess what color there going,,,,,,,Black ,other than the mishap with the clear ,this model went together really nice,,glad i got 2 more of them in stash,,,,,,but looks like im staying away from white paint and yes im still useing the cheap acrylic craft paints and duplicolor clear, never had any issues with other colors??
  8. Hey there you just have to find out whats works, i by no means am a paint guy ,but i DO believe what steve says about using flat paints ,,thats exactly what id do with the exception i use strickly the cheap acrylics that i get from micheals craft ,something like 80 cents a bottle, it took me about a couple weeks to figure out the mixture but i just kept on righting things down and finally found that MAGIC ratio and the right medium,once done with color i hit it with a few coats of duplicolor clear ,let it dry in the dehydrator for 2 days ,then color sand it ,,,to me thats when the color comes out is when color sanding,,may be a few more steps than some others use ,but thats what works for me,,a big PLUS is i no longer have to deal with ALL the fumes,and that made everyone in house HAPPY,, If you feel like it do a search on here and everything i posted IS the cheap acrylic craft paint jobs
  9. Thanks guys ,,more to come
  10. bauercrew

    my 2017

    thanks guys ,,,yes i am very proud of her , she might be my painter from here on out L.O.L
  11. bauercrew

    the rest

    more to come later ,,,,have to figure out this photo stuff,,pics looked very nice ,,,till upload ????
  12. bauercrew

    my 2017

    sorry about the pink superbee but my 11 year old grand-daughter picked out the color and actually painted the body HER self so proud of her
  13. bauercrew

    my 2016

    i know im a little late
  14. thanks snake ,,,not to bad for the cheap acrylic craft paint ,the picture really does no justice
  15. bauercrew


    sorry all chevelle fans i know the wheel well molding not supposed to be as wide,
  16. Well decided to call it quits on this thing,,just fought me tooth and nail through out the whole build, still havent decided if i was going to display with rest of my models, sorry for the boring looking subject if anything came out of this was a try at the fade paint job ,also if intrested the paint is just craft store acrylic grey and black, spray with dupli color clear gloss
  17. Hi there everyone,started this puppy about 2 weeks ,first attempt at a fade paint , still got lot to do ,but this thing has given me a fit ,the roll cage was terrible seemed like all the connecting pieces were to small, the engine seemed like pieces were missing or werent right they didnt match what the directions showed,and that back wing ,,,,, myyyyyy god was that thing so tight trying to install,,,and finally the windshield ,,have no clue yet on how im gonna get that installed,, it seem to want to fall through the opening,barely any where to apply any glue,thinking maybe trying to glue some very small strips on inside of body maybe???anyway enough complaining,,,,,,for now,,,,but looks like tis model will be displayed WAYYYYY in back of cabinet ,L.O.L
  18. stop by there after work and picked up a few,going back tomorrow to get some more
  19. thanks guys ,no backseat ,little worried about color cause it didnt have that flashy look but it came out good ,im happy with it,dont know why pics lool so grainy ,dont look that bad on my end??
  20. here it is finished up ,nice kit ,going to get me couple more
  21. picked this up at ollies for 3 bucks , figured what the heck,let me tell so far that front bumper was a bear to get together
  22. Hey Snake ,i do it almost pretty much the way chris chapman does it, he has a great vid on you tube,the only thing different is i use the mentioned air brush mediums ,he uses water i believe,thats why i didnt do one,yes just follow his directions ,you have to play with mixture ratios JUST a tad bit,same with air pressure ,think he says he shoots at 20lbs,i have to shoot at 30lbs with my paashe h
  23. Thanks guys ,i thought the color might not be flashy enought (l.o.l)I put the tires on my lathe and put a brush in one of the tool holders and turn dial on cross slide until i got a little paint going,thats how i do all my tires now ,no more decals (l.o.l) snake no idont use primmer when i use those craft paints all i do is shot light coats then use hair dryer and repeat process until i get the desired color depth ,hair dryer works great and quick cause water base paint,i posted a while back the products that i use to thin the paint,i use a product called golden medium ,air brush medium and sometimes use liquitex flow aid,both products somewhat pricey but a little goes a long way ,plus it worth not having to deal with the fumes of the other reducers
  24. engine looks great man ,dont know how you guys do it,
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