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  1. Got this on eBay finally decided to tear it apart Notch done Motor wired up
  2. R3LISH


    She’s all done on to the next one. Waiting for a display case. What you guys think?
  3. R3LISH


    Yup. Born and raised. My parents live in Prunedale near crazy horse. Nice and quiet out there
  4. R3LISH


    Update on the woody. Got the frame done. Lowered it a bit interior done also
  5. Looking good, I’m also trying to decide on interior
  6. R3LISH


    Thanks guys. The inserts are the decals that came with the kit I used micro sol and micro set to place them. The outer wood color is model masters wood color sprayed through airbrush
  7. R3LISH


    Don’t post much, but have been busy building.Here’s the Woody I’m working on. Custom baby blue paint I mixed up and cleared with duplicolor paint shop clear
  8. While working on the GTO found time to work on my new project. First was going to be just a simple build. Then I decided to chop the top then sectioned it. Just started to work on the frame too.
  9. R3LISH

    67 G.T.O

    I'm undecided about the wheels. Thinking about painting the inside the same color as the car, just leave the outer part chrome. What do you guys think?
  10. R3LISH

    67 G.T.O

    Decided to build the blower engine, still wiring it up. Did paint it. Base coat Cleared and polished It was a pain trying to get the tai lights in but managed to use a file and not scratch the paint. The bumpers where not fun either.
  11. I'm working on one of these kits now, It's got to be one of the worst molded kits I've ever worked on. Some of the parts needed lots of clean up. Some I could not tell if I was trimming off the right stuff. Not a lot of parts to the kit and not a lot of detail on it.
  12. R3LISH

    67 G.T.O

    Worked on it a bit. Got the interior painted today. Still need to add some detail to it. Got the paint at auto zone its dupli-color vinyl & fabric paint.
  13. My current project just lowered it on some Pegasus wheels. Not sure about what color to paint it yet.
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