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  1. Question: do the front and rear bumpers and flat hood fit on the '90s-tooled SS hardtop?
  2. I think the second set of wheels might work better with the overall style of the Astro-1, but they're both good.
  3. That's what I was thinking, too. Bit of a shame. Still looks great, tho.
  4. They're very similar. A laser printer uses a laser to melt toner to the paper, while an LED printer uses light emitting diodes to do the same thing. Unlike a laser printer, where the laser moves back and forth (side to side, really), the LED printer uses an array of LEDs to do an entire line at once.
  5. Because of the scale differences it's probably much easier to section the rear clip of the Boss and graft it to the GT500 body than it would be to widen the front clip of the GT500 (including grille and hood) and graft that to the Boss body.
  6. Coming along beautifully, Roger. The work on the chassis is great, and the scratchbuilt intake looks so good. And I really like that you went that you went with something understated and unique for the hood scoop/blister, instead of a big and boring outlaw scoop.
  7. Loving the new direction of this, Roger. Got a real mean dragster flair to it. Also, as far as the RMCoM Mustang upgrade set Ron and Rex are talking about goes, I asked Norm about it a few years ago, and he said the molds were shot, and he can't offer it any more. If someone wants it, their best bet is to scour Ebay or hope one pops up at a swap meet.
  8. The Revell '63 Impala Chassis does have some detail issues with the suspension, which look like they can be fixed without too much difficulty by swapping components from the '64 Impala and probably the '62, as well, but I don't have that one, so I can only guess about that one.
  9. I believe the old Johan kits were molded from acetate plastic.
  10. I haven't tried trimming them, but there's a 1mm tip, too.
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