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  1. You could also try cutting off the spindle itself (the plastic peg that goes into the wheel back. This might have a different name but I'm super tired right now) and attaching a piece of plastic or metal rod or tubing of equal diameter slightly higher and/or elongating the holes in the wheel backs a little bit. It's more of a long shot, but maybe custom lowered spindles from other AMT kits from the same era might fit in place of the Starliner spindles. Not sure if there are any other options besides cutting up the stock spindles or scratch building brand new ones.
  2. Flip the spindles upside down, maybe?
  3. Flat Head finned head ?

    I like the detail on the MCG heads a lot, but if building a Revell based flathead, they are a little big for the block. The Revell 40 Ford Street Rod has Edelbrock heads similar to the above and the '48 Ford Custom Coupe has finned Navarro heads.
  4. 1957 Dodge D500 Custom Royal

    The details on this car are spectacular and your work looks very clean. I also have a couple of sets of the Pegasus hubcaps,and would love the chance to get resin copies of your hubcaps, as well, especially considering that The Modelhaus has effectively shut its doors. May I ask what tires you're using?
  5. You nailed that patina. Gorgeous.
  6. lets do our own 36 coupe chop

    Very nice. Did you fill with superglue, epoxy, Bondic, or other?
  7. My latest beater

    That's pretty cool, Mark. Very realistic. Excited to see more.
  8. 1/25 AMT/Ertl/Round-2 '56 Ford Racing Seat Wanted.

    I have one I can spare. PM sent.
  9. Revell 70' Dodge Charger 500 update 22/12/17

    Is it from the regular 1969 Charger decal set? Keith doesn't seem to have a picture of it on his Fotki, just another pic of the R/T sheet.
  10. Revell 70' Dodge Charger 500 update 22/12/17

    Looking good, man. The correct tail stripe, is that paint or a decal? If it's a decal, please tell where you got it.
  11. 1940 Ford Reverse Box Art

    That shine on that paint job is so deep, you should be careful you don't fall in. The box art is a really cool idea, too. Very impressive.
  12. 32 Ford Jet Rod

    That thing is wicked cool. Kinda has a 2000 AD feel mixed with the Fifth Element. Bug or Vette, can't wait to the followup model!
  13. Revell 69 Vette

    There should be storage pockets. There are on the dashes of both of my Revell '69 Vettes (neither are the latest issue). What the heck happened? Good looking build, BTW.
  14. Revell Lightning truck parts

    PM sent
  15. Revell Lightning truck parts

    I might be able to help with that, Zen. Gimme a few days to check.