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  1. mack valueliner

    Hello! Excellent truck turned out! And in color, and in the configuration. I say this because I myself had to collect it myself. Now, if it's interesting http://trucksinscale.com/galereya/mack-valueliner-2 I'd love to take a picture of my truck along with yours.
  2. 1974 Dodge Bighorn - Done!!!

    PAT! Excellent performance of one of my favorite trucks! There is everything that should be on it !!! Bravo! I also collected this model. So I can judge about the level of your work. If you are interested in this: http://trucksinscale.com/galereya/dodge-big-horn
  3. jacobus Dodge on the basis of long looks much better. And in such a coloring.
  4. '57-'60 Ford T 950 Super Duty

    Hey, Tommy! Very interesting project. And a very interesting track! A tank for him to be? How about a photo? What you get as a basis? From a truck frame? Good luck!
  5. It seems that put too much soil. This is especially noticeable in the fuel tanks. Rinse well using a toothbrush and toothpaste. It should help. Otherwise, do not get a good paint. Good luck!
  6. Hi Dan! It seems that the dump-your weakness! Great look !!! I also love these trucks. Here are my, if you're interested. http://www.autoinscale.com/?section=article&id=1142 http://www.autoinscale.com/?section=article&id=1171 http://www.autoinscale.com/?section=article&id=1295 I would like to see more such tracks in your performance. Good luck!
  7. Bravo KJ! Great truck turned out! Very neat work! Especially liked the combination of decals and painting cabins and frames. Here are just a center of the disc had to be painted in the color of the frame. Disks have more "played". Congratulations!!!
  8. B.R.B.O. Dodge CNT 900

    Pat! Thank you for the clarification. I got it.
  9. B.R.B.O. Dodge CNT 900

    Pat St-Martin Excellent model turned. A good combination of colors. And the mechanics on the wings and the bonnet was surprised and pleased. It seemed that a little shorter it was necessary to make the tailpipes. But this is only my opinion.
  10. Dodge Bighorn "Shortnose"

    Hi Dan! Excellent color and excellent quality of the painting! Good idea about the bars. But there is quite a complex pattern on top of the grid. How it will simulate?
  11. Dodge Bighorn "Shortnose"

    Hi Dan! What paint you painted the cockpit? Very nice color!
  12. Kenworth Bullnose (Illini Replica)

    Hi Michael! I had to collect the same truck, so I am very interested to watch your work. However, my truck was here from this manufacturer. http://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=158&t=65358&st=0&sk=t&sd=а Here is my assembly, if you're interested. http://www.autoinscale.com/?section=article&id=1252 Good luck! I watch with udovolstvie.
  13. Kenworth Bullnose (Illini Replica)

    Hi Michael! And the engine will be put? If so, what? As a result, you want to get a truck?
  14. Dodge Bighorn "Shortnose"

    Hi Dan! A front grill will not be cut? To paint its chrome? Paint "Alklad"? Wipers too would change.
  15. Dodge Bighorn "Shortnose"

    Hi, Dan! On this track, I would put the other tires. More relief. The more you have the opportunity. And this does not looks. IMHO.