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  1. Absolutely beautiful work as always Randy! That engine is truly a piece of jewelry. Hope you are doing well!
  2. Once I knew that I could print the inter-cooler grille I went back into the 3d model and made some adjustments for better fit, scale and cleanliness... got a new one printed last night and it actually fits!
  3. And finally after about 15 pairs of seats and adjusting the model umteen times.. we have the final seat prints! I cant wait to get these in primer!
  4. Thanks guys! The tires are dirt track items that come with the gold line decals, they are extremely delicate and hard to keep round when applying.. but look so good when done... https://www.modelroundup.com/product-p/ppp-grfm.htm (note: they come with one small pony tire, so for a true set of bigs and littles you would need to buy 2 sets, and you will have a couple extra bigs) The color piping on the seat is just detail wire, carefully put on with some CA glue and then dull coated.
  5. Okay guys this is starting to feel like cheating... this was an intentional stress test on the printer... i cant believe these turned out.. 😳 and this nice.
  6. Thanks Jim! There are a few decent programs and youtube how-to's out there... I use a program called FormZ not because its great, but because ive used it for 20years now... Its more of an architectural rendering program, but gets the job done and I can export files in the correct format for printing. At some point I know I am going to have to learn another 3d program for work, but I have been super lucky to be able to use it for that long and become pretty proficient. Luckily most of the other 3d programs I've dabbled in seem to build up stuff similar, its just a matter of finding where the tools are. One really nice thing about FormZ is that it has a very powerful rendering engine built in... Here are a couple examples of my work renderings out of FormZ, these are done as a visual representation and not a full engineering model, so I get to keep things loose and not worry finite details. Shameless plug.. but... if anyone needs any Exhibit or POP display work check us out https://www.pfidisplays.com/ Back to the fun stuff!! haha I was able to get some paint and 1k clear on the chassis this weekend, all ready for a lot of carbon decals😬! I absolutely love the Splash Paints Rubystone Red color... its so unique and lighting really changes the tone from a deep magenta to a bright pink.
  7. Oh yeah! that looks fantastic! Are you considering some floating headrests? If so.... I have had luck making them from the tips of 2 spoons joined together (also thanks @Tom Geiger That award is one of my most coveted and hangs behind me at work! I'm still amazed at the success of that particular model)
  8. Finally made some seats I actually like.. I kept trying to modify 3d models from thingverse, and i just wasnt digging them. Nor was I crazy about the kit seats ive been using for the mockups... so I finally just modeled my own seats in the computer.. these are my own design but heavily inspired by the Singer Porsche Recaro seats. They are a little blocky (limitations of my 3d modeling ability) but I think they will work! one thing ive realized that with the printer I dont have any excuses for parts not being exactly what I want.. which is scary yet liberating... then I got everything ready to prime!
  9. Thanks guys! I think I got the air ride all sorted out, should be able to get this chassis in primer now! Oh yeah! Rubystone Red with a Burberry interior!!
  10. Thanks guys! Was able to finish up fabrication on the front air suspension, and the intercooler piping this morning.. then printed up some new tires at a higher resolution and with the better resin. Need to finish up the rear air suspension and some sort of rear motor mount, hopefully in the next couple days. Then its on to cleaning up body work, and paint! Can not wait to start that! Here is a shot of the rear turbo system: and here is a quick tilton pedal box I printed while working on the other elements. I was actually able to download the 3d model from tilton and just scale it down to 1:24th scale
  11. The best experiment so far are these 3d printed exhaust flanges... look way better than the photoetched options in my opinion, also way easier to work with..
  12. Thanks guys!! Been making some progress on the turbo system... quite inefficient in real life, but it looks cool.. hahaha! all the bluish-grey pieces are off the new 3D printer!
  13. Thanks guys!! Hey Anton! sorry your question got lost in there! Its a water washable UV cured resin from elegoo!
  14. Thanks guys! I'm really excited about the possibilities with the printer... my goal is a future build with hardly any kit parts, of a car that was loosely designed but never built .... the Tucker Carioca... Between that and my Dad building a 1:12th scale replica of my 1:1 LS-Datsun Z this printer should technically pay for itself over ordering Shapeways prints. I bought the package set with the wash/cure station... It makes the workflow easier and cleaner, although I can see its still pretty easy to make a big mess... I think the parts need a final cure of some sort, I know guys just set things out in the sun.. but winter in ohio, the sun is missing. This setup seems more control-able, however I am only one night into it... I did make more usable parts in one night than I did the entire time I had the FDM printer I bought for the same price in 2015.. 🤣 Im already thrilled with it!
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