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  1. Thanks guys!! That Falcon is awesome! Im really enjoying all the non traditional stuff I get to do on this one... its crazy fun!! I did a better mockup and added the control levers... they are made from some edgeglow acrylic rod, commonly used in gun sites. Just some trim to add in here and its on to the ramps.
  2. You guys are fantastic! I actually combined a couple of the ideas here... since the vehicle needs to stay 70s period correct, i made the “projector” for the HUD into a tube style tv, in a housing with some traditional gauges on the front all mounted on a swing arm... the cutter made the HUD pattern perfect on some .020 styrene, I cant wait to try it on some clear... all scratchbuilt, still needs some clean up... but I like it!!! thank you all for the help getting over that little hurdle!!
  3. Ya know what... that's a fantastic idea... from some quick research it looks like they were using heads up displays in military and commercial jets in the 1970s.. hmmmm... military surplus HUD... now to try and figure what that looks like..
  4. wait really? how bad is it? I would love one of those.
  5. Thanks guys!!! I absolutely love that boom box! I managed to get some quality bench-time over the weekend to further develop the interior... Filled the seat backs, added tub detail, reworked the floor area, scratchbuilt the base for the hand controls.... Most of this is just roughed in, and needs clean up, but its starting to gel. The dash isn't going to work as I originally was thinking, so I'm gonna have to come up with something new/different... just not a lot of real estate in that area... thinking maybe a floating pod or something. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy... its a good time to be a modeler.
  6. This continues to be absolutely awesome Jim! It looks like you were able to get your cutter to score some styrene sheet? I love that scoop.
  7. Oh and for sure SuperFly! 👍🏻
  8. Thanks guys!! I hopefully will have more updates in the next couple days... body work is all done, then added all the trim back on with some styrene strips. I still need to scribe the lines for the hatch/front door then its ready for paint. I was rushing to that point, but now with East being delayed.. im gonna get the rest of this a bit further before paint.
  9. Oh thats fantastic! I don't want to start any rumors but I did run into Mr. Foose crusing the Model Car vendor Area at Detroit Autorama last month.... 🤣
  10. That's what I'm talking about! I can see some off these being starts for some strange customs... So wait... Thats a 69 fastback rear with a 71 front? It just came like that? and is that from the box pictured above?
  11. So has anyone ever made something acceptable from one of these? I'm not going to lie.... every time these threads come up, I see a challenge... 🤣
  12. Thanks for the photos Gerald! I loved your builds! Congrats on your awards!
  13. couple that with the fact it was built over 20 years ago and the styling still holds up... very very well.... its amazing.
  14. One for me that sticks out is Doug Whytes 1953 Stude... I remember reading, and re-reading the magazine features on this build in my early to mid-teens. (93-95?) It was a major inspiration for me, its the reason I have a lathe, a vacuum-former, and quite possibly a small part in my decision to pursue a career in automotive design. I was luckily enough to see it in person at the 40th Toledo NNL after party, as well as talk over its intricacy's with Doug himself. (you can actually see the previously mentioned Dodge Fever in the background, that sure was an amazing event)
  15. Thanks guys!!! This one is a lot of fun! I have a plan!... but nothing set in stone yet... here is my inspiration. Going to use my larger silver flake as a base...mask the panels, some faded shapes and perimeter shading, then rainbow candies, then back mask the panels and some HOK bright red pearl for the perimeter areas. Although this has been my plan all along, I'm realizing I don't have much surface area on this thing to try and pull this off (really the only spots for the panels are sides and the short roof, maybe the hood) So I may have to drastically simplify... but the basic colorful idea should be achievable. Bright and sparkly!
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