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  1. Thanks guys! The first show went very very well! A little issue did pop up... the battery life on the headlamp/tail lamp battery was not so great. While it somewhat stayed lit all day within a couple hours the color bar effect had dwindled to flashing off and on and only the red color working. (I assume this has something to do with each color frequency demanding more power to produce the color light, I think?... I'm not sure, its over my head) I still had room for one of the larger cells in the rear compartment, so when I got home from the show I swapped out the batteries and rewired. Now the larger cell operates the Head/Tail and the smaller is for the flickering interior screens. Initial tests seem better, we shall see how it holds up Sunday in Detroit! So last night I started playing with dragsters... I scoured the vendor side of the Columbus show looking for a Hemi-Sphere/Garlits dragster, or the Tommy Ivo FED with absolutely no luck. There was a nice build up of the Tommy Ivo kit there, and I realized the length of the rear body work is probably a bit long, as well as the overall length being way-way too long. So I returned home empty handed and started cutting up a "Young American" kit I had, figure I'll just fabricate the rear body work myself. First thing I realized is this is going to have to be pretty short... So I shortened the front body work, then pie cut it to narrow down the width, then angle cut the bottom off to make it a little more low profile, like my inspiration. (not going for any sort of replica, just trying to hit an era and look, gives me some freedom to be creative.) I did glue the windshield/cowl on too far back in this mock up, and that was resolved after the photos. And it actually fits! Lots more work to do.. but its a start!
  2. This is so cool to watch! I built one of these 1/8 scale monsters when I was a kid since the f40 was one of my favorite cars! Yours is downright amazing, great design touches and truly unique! Great Work!
  3. The ramps were easy compared to an entire body... 🤣... That's the plan for that old bronco leadsled build... which i should be back to soon. Well after I finish a manx and build a dragster... hahahaha
  4. You betcha! No payload but that is the plan! Hope to see you there Tom!
  5. Hey Andrew! Thank you! My tools are really super simple, a few Qtips and a couple flat toothpicks.. (using the big round end) the main thing with the Bare Metal Foil is that the base surface is smooth and shiny to get it to stick well. Speaking of bare metal foil… covering these ribbed ramps was quite a challenge. 😬 At some point I should probably do a YouTube video showing all the weird stuff I do with BMF.. haha the “Impala” is pretty much done with the exception of the bumpers!
  6. Little more progress tonight! Exhaust and headlamp lens down!
  7. Todd is going to ride down to Columbus with me so Ill be sure to ask him!
  8. Plugging along... next Saturday is the contest and the list is getting shorter... Basically down to ramps, exhaust, headlamp lens... then permanently install the wheels and tires... oh and bumpers... I got them painted in Molotow chrome yesterday, but not in love with the finish.. My paint/ink may just be old... probably going to redo. Got all the BMF done, then started in on the wiring... Took a bit, but its all stashed away. I had to use two of the new smaller Lithium battery holders from Evans Design, One for the head and tail lamps, the other for the flickering interior screens. Seems to work okay so far. https://evandesigns.com/products/small-coin-cell-holder-with-separate-switch then worked on the tail light assembly and lens, these are two red "Pico" LEDS and boy are they tiny. The tailgate still swings up and has working lights, which was my goal/challenge. I made a ribbed styrene back panel and covered it with BMF, then put the lights on the edges to try and spread the light across somewhat. I used the same clear red film as the records to make the lens... but it looked a bit plain. https://evandesigns.com/products/chip-nano-pico-leds?variant=32158378885168 So I went ahead and used the scrapbook cutter to make an etched lens, and a .010 bezel... made it look a lot better and less plain.
  9. Thats the plan... im trying to get something finished to show... even if not, Dad and I will be attending. Hope to see everyone there... its been quite awhile.
  10. Hey guys I finally got my youtube channel up and running.. Some of this will be work on our 1:1 scale cars and working with SEMA brands, however I am going to also do a lot of scaled automotive content. My first scale episode went live last night and is on my 1929 Ford build from 2017, if you have 15 minutes give it a watch... all feedback is appreciated! Please like and subscribe too!
  11. you read my mind! Some thing like that, or a short version of this.. It has to have body panels to paint, and I love the rear bodywork coming up to the parachute. yes! I was looking at that too...the length is about right.... just would need to make my own body panels to make it look more 70's
  12. Alright... so i goofed up.. The corvette is going to be too wide for the back of this thing, I looked at a lot of options even notching the sides out, but everything I came up with just made it less cool. So I think that unfortunately is going to become a stand alone future build... Which I am not entirely unhappy about, I was battling myself about 3d printing the chassis since nothing else on this hauler project is 3d printed, felt a little like cheating... which is odd, but more of a personal internal struggle than anything. I did a mock-up and attended our N.C.A.M. meeting/hangout on Saturday,and was discussing with the guys my dilemma of a payload. That's when Todd Wingerter picked up one of his gorgeous front engine dragsters and set it on the back. It has the narrow width and low profile I need, now just need to build something to the correct time period! So here we go again! 🤣
  13. Hey Claude! Thank you! its just a Cheap Urethane Clear from our local paint shop. Its a bit thinner than the premium stuff which helps the prevent the "dripped in goo" look. That is great idea! I don't know if I have it in me to paint on this thing anymore...hahaha.. I have been gathering copper paint and trim for another project, I may need to try a spot on this and see.
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