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  1. Thanks guys! not a huge update... but I was able to get some clear on this again... probably the best spraying of clear Ive done, really leveled it all up... almost a shame it needs sanded and cleared one more time... next update should be some Kandy!
  2. I see your points and I get it... maybe to a point I'm just jealous... to me... It's like they gave a baking show to someone that burns everything.. every single time. I will say some of his metal fabrication techniques are interesting, blowing the bubbletop was great and if you have seen on his YouTube channel the Bugatti clone he is building is impressive and relatively accurate to the original. I think part of what angers me with the show is they portray him as this wayward automotive artist that spontaneously draws inspiration from the car hes building. When in reality the car above is obviously somewhat inspired by this: I would rather see them give a little history, talk about how this car was lost in the wildfires... etc... but that's probably why I tend to lean towards shows like "Car Kings" But what do I know... It must be working cause I have watched parts of a few Bad Chad episodes.... even though by the end I am usually fuming.... hahhaa
  3. Back on track....😳 I think what bothers me the most about the bad chad show.... is the complete lack of thought or consideration of people actually using the "cars" he creates... like no thought of ergonomics or functionality... it makes my skin crawl thinking that people who may someday want to modify vehicles are watching this as inspiration. Take for instance this thing... No access to the engine without removing the body... no radiator cooling openings(its behind the seat)... the seating position is absurd.. knees at your chest to drive it.. face over the windshield... Couple that with the awful proportions of pretty much everything from the show... its infuriating..
  4. Yes! Thats kinda where my mind is headed... i was scrolling through Gary Campesi’s artwork the other day and saw these... which is what prompted me to explore the idea
  5. Thanks guys!!! im still trying to figure that out... but as of now im thinking a narrowed, open wheel, single passenger 1963 corvette split window... haha... That is subject to change however.. I'm trying to keep my focus solely on the hauler before I get distracted by that. 🤣 Did anyone see a blue interior coming? hahaha.... I made some inserts with ribbed styrene to match the seats.. Splash paints essential series Blue and Light blue... Then topped with a couple dry coats of blue pearl in Testors dull-coat, then a few coats of white pearl in dull coat. The shimmer helps get that 70's velour look. Lots of detail painting to go...but I like the start!
  6. Impalow

    '76 Pinto

    Pint-tastic! absolutely Love it!... Very nice clean work!
  7. Very nice as usual Richard! Glad to see you feeling better and building! Hopefully next year we can stat traveling to some shows again!
  8. Beautiful build! Your hard work and that kit really captures the car well! Fantastic work! Cool to see that re-realsed with the BRE chin spoiler or "Spook" as Ive heard it called. Ive always wanted to get 2 of those 4dr kits and make a wagon... my dad has this one I could use for reference.
  9. Thanks guys!! Finally got my workshop up and running and this thing back on the bench! I'm thinking some linear rainbow candy stripes there...I think that will look cool... if it doesnt, Ill have to figure something else out, its kinda an area for some extra creative freedom.. haha Back masked with old Gold BMF... doesnt stick all that well... which is perfect for masking. Then some Splash paints Mazda Soul Crystal Red... Had a much better time spraying it a second time, also the smaller areas were easier to keep the candy coat even. Next up some more urethane clear... another round of wet sanding... then rainbow candys and BMF trim!
  10. And here are some of the earliest photos I have of it... this is when it fired the first time with the LS.. 2008-2010ish Its come a long way..
  11. Thanks guys! I'm pretty proud of it, I don't think I could have done much better with my current budget and resources. Oh it goes quite well.... close to 400hp at the rear wheels and weighs in at just under 2400lbs... and gobs of torque..... its a blast to drive, and still somewhat civilized if you keep your foot out of, which is hard to do. Here are some photos of it the day I got it, matte black rattle canned... and grey self etch primer everywhere else. Then a few in progress shots... check out that roll cage!
  12. Thanks guys! I actually just found some in progress pics... you can see on the cowl where I did the ripped seam thing... Cowl Before Scotchbrite
  13. I haven't been around much due to finishing this bad boy up to get it entered in the 2020 SEMA Battle of the Builders.... virtually... (stupid Covid) This has been around a 12 year project for my dad and I. I took ownership in 2017 from my dads friend, who had commissioned us to build the car. At that time the car was running and driving with the LS, but in primer to shake it out. Upon me buying the car, we stripped it down completely and put it on a rotisserie for a full paint and rebuild. Just finished up the last parts last Sunday, and had a professional photo/video shoot last Wednesday. The detail shots below show the danger of Model Car guys building 1:1 scale cars..🤣😂 Some of the Highlights: Full custom rollcage and chassis reinforcements 2006 Pontiac GTO LS2 and Tremec T56 99 Camaro Fuel Tank Davies Craig electric waterpump and controller FAST intake and fuel rails Sanderson Headers Custom air box and intake wrapped in DEi reflect-a-gold ATi super damper Griffin Radiator Braille Battery Fidanza Flywheel with LS7 clutch Infinity Q45 Limited Slip Differential Techno Toy Tuning Suspension front and rear - custom powder coated Bilstein strut inserts with QA1 springs Ground Control Camber plates Wilwood brake 12.2 brakes with HAWK performance Competition DTC Rotors Tucked brake lines and harnesses Evo8 Recaro Seats Custom Fabricated Aluminum dash and center console wrapped in Suede Real carbon fiber accents/inserts and tube protectors Fabricated aluminum floor panels painted with Steel-It stainless steel paint Rota RB wheels Carbon fiber bumpers, door handles and taillight panel here is the video:
  14. Thanks for the mention @CabDriver This is bare metal foil applied inside and out of a model T.... once applied i scuffed lightly with a scotch brite pad, and used krylon matte finish on it. The best tip I have, and I read it from someone on here, is to rip your seams at the corners, instead of a clean knife cut... the ripped irregular edges don't catch the eye as much. It actually wasnt "that bad" once I got going.. Go directly to the unpainted plastic and use the door and body lines to break it up the BMF into smaller more manageable pieces.
  15. Very nice work on a not-so-easy kit!
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