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  1. Something kind of cool happened for me recently... wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience? I finished my custom foose truck with chrome reverse wheels with "color chrome" centers..... its a look I've loved for a long time and remember seeing in various vintage magazines. When it came time to upgrade the tires on my 1:1 scale impala, I decided to just copy the look... I cant guarantee I would have thought of this if I hadn't just built the truck. Its an odd combination for the car, and something I hadn't seen before anywhere, yet I was quite confident it would work based on the model. Also I love how a vehicles perceived image can be changed so much by wheels and tires... I'll keep the wires so I can easily swap back and forth from mild custom to lowrider when the mood strikes me.
  2. Yeah the 6 lug thing is kinda a bummer (even on the 1:1).... although in this other photo I found, the wheels look like 6 lug smoothies painted white. You can probably source centers and make a lip? That is if you want to make more of a replica... either way consider me subscribed to this one, I love these trucks!
  3. JDM Legends

    Thanks Trevor! The Z is a 1973.. it has an LS2 putting down 380 at the rear wheels, full custom cage and all trick suspension.... We built it for a friend 10 years ago, last year he decided to part with it and I snatched it up... its very fun and terrifyingly fast. The 510 is a 1972 and we are going for mild street toy... flares, roll bar, L-series engine with sidedrafts... pretty standard hopped up 510. The 620 truck is a 1976.. and a recent addition to the stable... lucky craigslist find. We also have a 510 wagon and 4 door... mainly because my dad has always deemed it necessary to have one of each 510 body style... although we have never managed to get an sss coupe. its a sickness..
  4. JDM Legends

    much like Jesse... my current garage situation looks like an episode of this show I haven't had time to watch... haha... but i will get around to it eventually. Datsun 510 (dads) and 240z (mine) full rotisserie builds.. life long datsun family.. my dad raced them in the 70's , 80's and early 90's (hence all the trophies) We also have a similar shop truck situation...
  5. Ive been watching on instagram darren.... this is all fantastic... Consider me a huge fan.
  6. A couple I lust for on a regular basis.... Clean Rivy custom: Nutty gocart mini cooper:
  7. Thank you guys for the kind words! I really appreciate it. Thanks Dan! but if you would have seen it up close after I sprayed that gold flake... It almost went back in a box to never be seen again... it looked like 80 grit sandpaper.. haha.. It was just the value line urethane clear from the local paint store, I always use the cheaper clear... they try to up-sell me with the premium stuff by telling my it has a higher build, and better UV protection.. neither matter for model car stuff... in fact I think the thinner stuff is a plus... keeps it from having the "dipped in goo" look.
  8. SurfStar '63 'vette

    Oh man Chris... This is fantastic! I cant even find the words to tell you how much I dig this.. The offset cabin and opening the wheel-wells up is a fantastic choice. Show Rods are so much fun.
  9. This thing is so cool.... Great work Tim!!!
  10. Thanks john! It is just detail master red ignition wire, i have used a bunch of different types of wire... tend to go with "the smaller the better" for piping, even the red I used is still too large, if you look at it as 1:1 scale.
  11. Thank you guys! It was an honor to bring home that award! That wasn't really the original intent of this build, at all... it was just a paint experiment that happened to go really well... then a slight thrash to have it done for the show.
  12. NNL East 32 Report

    Thank you to the Tri-State Scale model club and Tom for putting on an excellent show!! Met a ton of great people, this is one of the highlights of my year. Such a great time, so many amazing builds the day goes so fast. Loved the addition of the slideshow/model images with the awards. See you next year!
  13. Thank you!! The exhaust is K-S Aluminum tube hand polished with Auto Wenol Metal polish... This stuff is fantastic, and shines stuff up quick and easy. https://www.amazon.com/100-tube-Auto-Wenol-blue/dp/B002CBUD0M/ref=pd_bxgy_201_img_2?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B002CBUD0M&pd_rd_r=HWW0Q8V2TWZYSYJC3TNZ&pd_rd_w=pSbc2&pd_rd_wg=VdFKX&psc=1&refRID=HWW0Q8V2TWZYSYJC3TNZ
  14. All Done!!! Thanks Craig!! Its actually just a piece of 1/8" brass tube... I needed something to transition from 3/32" solid rod to 3/32" tube, so i made these hangers... They looked a bit bland so I tossed them on the lathe and kissed them 3 times with a rounded bit..
  15. James you will have a blast! Looking forward to meeting you and seeing your stuff in person... oh and just bring all the things... more models = more better.