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  1. well kinda... Im still working on finishing up some nearly done projects, but I've been gathering parts... I have this fun idea for a detachable half top using the 1960 Starliner roof, but i want to do the skin in transparent greenish glass. So the plan is to cut up a couple starliners, one will be the buck to vacuum form the clear roof, and the other will be chromed the "skeleton". The roof width is dead on, but the rear glass area will need to notched around the front tire of the motorcycle. Should be a fun challenge, and really stunning if it comes out how it looks in my head.
  2. Thanks guys! It was a really fun build!
  3. Flintstone Flyer Too....x3

    Congrats indeed! That is one fantastic model! It was good to see both of you guys!
  4. Here is one i just wrapped up... mostly/somewhat out of the box...well for me... haha All the kit chrome was stripped and redone with molotow. Front fork reconstructed out of brass 1958 Impala headlight and tailights (frenched) Painthuffer metalflake .004 Micro Silver flake basecoat with 4 colors of the splash paints candys faded together. Candy fades done with Badger Sotar 20/20 airbrush with fine tip. Dollar Store stuffed dog hair interior lining, detail wire piping and photo-etched bolt head "buttons" The bolt heads were colored red with a sharpie before application. Red transparent fishing line for fuel lines, and various RB motion, and photo-eched bolt heads and washers. Front wire wheel is a toms modelworks photo-etched center with custom lathe turned rings Rear wheels are from a testors/fujimi ferrari modified with rings for extra depth and topped off with lathe turned brass bullets Exhaust mostly reconstructed from aluminum/brass tube Finished photos and some in progress photos..
  5. Vintage Built 36/40? Ford Wild Custom - Box Find

    Thanks guys! it is a really fun piece of history! i whopping 15.00, i only kick myself because there was a work in progress piece obviously by the same builder in a box next to it, i should have just offered 30 for both.. but i didnt think of it at the time, hopefully it reappears at the show in fall. It was a twin engine inline hot rod that looked to be based on the orange krate, heavily modified and mostly wood putty... would be fun to finish it up for him.
  6. Tooling around the swap meet section at the Detroit Modelers show i came across this gem, I couldn't help myself.. I had to grab it, take it home, clean it, buff it and reassemble it. Makes a great addition to my showcase, and is a great piece of modeling history.... it cleaned up so good and actually kind of has a bit of shine left. Someone really spent some hours and putty on this one. The interior is wrapped in brown corduroy, with all sorts of vintage parts. The vendor I purchased it from didn't have any details of its origin. I think it started as an amt 1936 ford, maybe a 40? I would love to know more about it. anyone have a rough idea of when it was built? maybe based on the part availability? after some cleaning..
  7. Nail polish is fantastic in my opinion... but you do need to put it over a primer as others have mentioned... Tamiya white primer is my personal choice. I also use automotive urethane clear overtop of it, and it works just fine... you can also just polish it since its usually just lacquer. Here are some examples: Wet-n-wild disturbia Wet-n-wild Lime light and various purples. and then this i used the wildshine colors..
  8. Thanks tom! Its a tiny little thing! It was great seeing you! are you heading to Detroit here in a couple weeks? I'm trying to get a custom trike done for that.. Here are some photos of the bike sitting on a couple nickels, Glenn Marek took these at the Columbus show last Saturday. Much better than what my phone can pull off.
  9. Thank you all for the comments and compliments! hahaha.. you noticed that huh... probably not at this point... the designer buggered that up a bit... and the frosted 3d printed material is super brittle and i was scared to drill for some foot pegs. Thanks Chris! yeah just a ton of Microsol... I did try using the "amber" Scale motorsports carbon decals first, and the SOL just didnt touch them... I went to the standard gray carbon and it sucked down nicely. Thanks Luke! Yeah that was a pain! the worst part was the adhesive (vallejo matte varnish) I used to put the grommets down plugged the holes for the lacing... so i had to develop a technique to use less adhesive, and center them on the hole in the "leather".. the ones on the lean back portion are on both sides... I ended up doing all the grommets at least twice... it was certainly a challenge. It is actually an oval.. I used some thin wall brass round tube and squished it carefully in some soft jaw pliers.. It took a couple pieces to get one that was clean without kinks, but its a very short section, so that technique worked okay.
  10. 1000hp is the new 400hp.... seriously... every custom build lately seems to be claiming 1000+hp. Regardless, sweet nova!
  11. Thank you guys! Your comments and support mean a lot! This has been a really fun challenge.... and this little part is done! now back to making that ramp for the bronco... at least i have a nice little stand alone model for the Columbus show tomorrow.
  12. Pennsylvania Hobby Shops

    Agreed! That place is insane.... no clue how they keep that investment in inventory... we are talking floor to ceiling stacks of expensive R/C stuff as well. Its a hobby lovers dream, something for everyone!
  13. Thank you guys!! im almost done with this bike! Here are a couple photos of in progress... the seat lacing was especially tricky on this one... everything is just so tiny. and all wired and plumbed.. and where it sits now.... just need the tanks and driveshaft and this puppy is done!
  14. Thanks guys! im still plugging away on this little guy.... Hoping to have it done as a stand alone item for the Columbus show in a couple weeks... then back onto the bronco hauler. Here are some progress shots: And starting the engine assembly... those RBmotion manifold bolts were fun...
  15. Fantastic work J.C.! I'm digging that mock-up a lot!