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  1. Impalow added a post in a topic 1st gen Bronco Leadsled Kustom?   

    thank you guys!!!  I haven't made much progress lately... just little things, and trying to think ahead.
    I decided to go with an engine driven air compressor for the air suspension... I personally have never been a big fan of the exposed electric compressors, even on 1:1 stuff... so i felt conflicted about making them and having them exposed on the bronco.  So i decided to grab the york A/C compressor off of the AMT 1962 thunderbird kit.   Then I made some brackets/ a finned head and added a bit of detail to the bottom... mounted it on the flathead where the generator would normally live.

    then i was able to tackle the exhaust.... planning on some side pipes here... but getting it from the engine to the side pipes was a bit tricky.

    Finally I did a mock-up for our club meeting last night... which was the bronco build deadline... oops...  haha...  oh well, its probably going to look something like this Saturday at Toledo!   hope to see everyone there!

  2. Impalow added a post in a topic Li'l Gypsy Wagon   

    Holy cow!!  this is amazing!   great craftsmanship and imagination in sourcing parts... I love it!!    Outstanding job!  
  3. Impalow added a post in a topic 1st gen Bronco Leadsled Kustom?   

    Thank you!  yeah that was bothering me too... and I did try doubling up the stitch.. but then it got really messy around the outside. When i finished it them up last night, i decided to double up the corners and then pull the cross stitches perpendicular to the frame, instead of at the angle... still not prefect, but I'm happy with them.. 
    Now back to the rest of the model,I kinda got derailed, trying to prove to myself I could make these seats.. haha.

  4. Impalow added a post in a topic 1st gen Bronco Leadsled Kustom?   

    thanks guys!  So last night i tried my hand at the stitching. 
    First up was the .0075 Detail Master Detail Wire... although it worked... it was sort of big and clunky.  Didn't look quite where I wanted.

    So then i remembered i had some .0050 rigging wire that the aircraft guys use.... this seems better and more like what I imagined... The only issue was my first try I used to short of a piece of wire!  so i had to strip it and I plan on re-doing it tonight.   Its time consuming but hopefully will pay off.

  5. Impalow added a post in a topic 1st gen Bronco Leadsled Kustom?   

    Hey guys!   I do have an update!     Sometimes when I'm struggling to get over the hump and get motivated on a model, I need to paint something to get back in the groove.  Since I was excited about the seats, and they are basically stand alone pieces, I chose to go ahead and finish them up. 
      First thing was to finish up the seat tracks.

    I painted the panels in two tones, and added the kit upholstery decals to the inserts.  ( i went back in and patched the tip back onto the door panels, the back seat decal I used was just a tiny bit short for the door panel insert.)

    Then I alclad chromed the frames:

    Last up was to add the grommets into the leather seats....  im going to try and get the parts married and laced up tonight with .0075 wire... Wish me luck, Im a little scared on this one!

  6. Impalow added a post in a topic BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - Few Mock-Ups - New Pics 10-17   

    Doooouuuuudddeeee.... It so cool to see you getting color on parts!   That magneto and those calipers are just over the top!    Great work as usual Tim!
  7. Impalow added a post in a topic 32 Ford Phantom Vicki - Custom Coupe   

    Very nice job Jim!   All the proportions work soooooo much better than the original kit. Outstanding!
  8. Impalow added a post in a topic What it's like to be an engineer dealing with "normal" people...   

    hahaha.. as an industrial designer working with marketing departments this hits home big time...   
    Client-"We need the product to appeal to men and women equally"  
    Me- "So it needs to appeal to everyone?"
    Client- "no not everyone, just men and women"
    Me- (slams face into desk)
    In my 14 years.. this or something similar happens at least once a month.
  9. Impalow added a post in a topic 37 Ford street rod   

    I dig that color!   Nice clean job!
  10. Impalow added a post in a topic Revell 62 Gasser Vette   

    Nice work Tom!  Cant wait to see it in person!
  11. Impalow added a post in a topic 1st gen Bronco Leadsled Kustom?   

    Thanks guys!   I managed to get some time in on the seats and door panels last night.  I remade the seat frames in a smaller diameter "tube"  then designed the inserts and sent them to the cutter on .010 styrene.   Then I layered the pieces together and bent them to shape, once the glue is dried completely im going to cleanup the edges and drill the holes around the outside.   Plan is to have these a light natural leather color, with a darker flannel inset.

    I've been struggling big time with the colors on this build, but I think im finally settling in on a factory looking color option, the 1972 Ford winter green with a 2 tone tan/beige interior and maybe some gold accents.  I'm going to get some paint mixed up and start getting color on some of the pieces.
  12. Impalow added a post in a topic Pay It Forward-Round 2   

    ive missed this... glad to see it up again.   Count me in!
  13. Impalow added a post in a topic K&R Kustoms+Rods "barn find" dry lakes belly tanker   

    this is outstanding!   Nice clean weathering work!  And outstanding scratch-building!
  14. Impalow added a post in a topic 1st gen Bronco Leadsled Kustom?   

    Thanks bob!
    Its been awhile since Ive updated... but mainly Ive been working on body cleanup, and fiddly little things that are time consuming but aren't very exciting.
    I managed to skin the entire inside of the "bed" area with 2 pieces of .010 styrene, the first one was solid and the second had some structure elements in it for interest. Once this was installed i had to modify/remove the air tank mounts on the frame, things just got too tight back there.   I'm going to make some new brackets that bring them inboard a bit more.

    Then I played around with dashboards until i stumbled on this one from the old parts box... anyone know what this is from?   its molded in a metallic gold... needs some cleanup and repair, but should be pretty cool

    Finally I started on my skeletal tubular seat design..  the plan here is to have a "leather" piece with a plaid insert suspended in middle of this by thin wire woven around the outside.... hard to explain.. but hopefully it will work.

  15. Impalow added a post in a topic 1935 Auburn Speedster - The Abysmal Lindberg/Pyro Kit Completely Reworked   

    This is absolutely amazing.. Fantastic work resulting in a beautiful model.