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  1. Fires destroy 2 resin casters

    http://www.thedrive.com/news/24870/california-wildfire-claims-vintage-car-collection-including-1-of-1-1948-norman-timbs-special The entire situation is gut wrenching.... my thoughts go out to all effected..
  2. Hey everybody! long time coming update.... unfortunately no real update on the actual truck, other than after the NNL I pulled it out of a box and started thinking about it again. My plans are to try and get this done for next years final toledo NNL. The real update here is on the motorcycle, I was all set to build it using the layered die-cut styrene technique, but then had a change of heart. I had recently designed and 3d printed a set of wheels on Shapeways, and i couldn't believe how much more reasonable the prices were. Especially for the frosted detail plastic. So I took the basic side profile for the motorcycle, tossed it into my 3D program and started to develop the rest of the frame and accessories. After a couple hours I had a decent frame, fork, split tanks and shaft drive diff. Uploaded to the site and I was amazed that shapeways only wanted 12.00 for these 5 pieces, much more efficient than the hours I was going to have to deal with layering styrene. The results really speak for themselves... I think this partnered with scratchbuilt elements should work just fine for a 1:25th scale Ford banger powered boardtracker! Here is the 3d model: and then the print straight out of the bag... its insanely nice.
  3. The ROG, lot of kool cars

    My favorite TROG story this year is Gene Winfield stripping down his roadster and running it at the young age of 91.... he also taught a metalworking workshop at Rob Idas shop that week... I only wish to be that cool when I get to my 90's.
  4. This thing sure has an aggressive rake.

    Per instagram the car is currently at Roy Brizio's shop and to be restored to its original version. https://www.instagram.com/roybriziostreetrods/?hl=en
  5. Think this has ever been offroad?

  6. Scale vehicle inspiring a 1:1 vehicle

    Thank you guys!! I really love the new look! Thank you! No Model of it yet... I started one back in 98 before the revell kit came out.... now ive been stockpiling kits, but the real car is never done, so I never know when to start building. Thank you!! yes that drove me crazy! Its a subtle thing, but removing the bumper guards and painting that makes the car look about 10ft wider and sleeker. Thank you!! no I didnt make it... I purchased it several years ago... along with all the other laminated knobs... its about the only one left. The interior is my baby on this thing.. lots of work in here. (the center console is also model inspired AMT 1956 ford? I think? ) Oh wow! that is beautiful! Fantastic job on that... A little part of me wants to try that on something someday.
  7. Thank you all for the kind words!!!
  8. Thanks Bob! they are the steel wheels from the AMT 1962 BelAir 409.. Just shot them with the Molotow Chrome via airbrush. hahaa.. Thanks tom! I have to say I had quite a few people say that the "guy in the yellow shirt" looked better this year too... maybe we should shave more often? hahaa How crazy was that? Wadsworth was well represented in new jersey..Must be something in the water. That was Mr. Bill Borgen.
  9. Hey guys I have uploaded a couple new things to my shapeways store... http://shpws.me/QgcJ The slicks from my comet showod, and an amazing set of RotiForm ZRH wheels.. I was working on a Lambo and couldn't find the right wheel combo, so i just made them... and figured I might as well share with the class.
  10. Something kind of cool happened for me recently... wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience? I finished my custom foose truck with chrome reverse wheels with "color chrome" centers..... its a look I've loved for a long time and remember seeing in various vintage magazines. When it came time to upgrade the tires on my 1:1 scale impala, I decided to just copy the look... I cant guarantee I would have thought of this if I hadn't just built the truck. Its an odd combination for the car, and something I hadn't seen before anywhere, yet I was quite confident it would work based on the model. Also I love how a vehicles perceived image can be changed so much by wheels and tires... I'll keep the wires so I can easily swap back and forth from mild custom to lowrider when the mood strikes me.
  11. Yeah the 6 lug thing is kinda a bummer (even on the 1:1).... although in this other photo I found, the wheels look like 6 lug smoothies painted white. You can probably source centers and make a lip? That is if you want to make more of a replica... either way consider me subscribed to this one, I love these trucks!
  12. JDM Legends

    Thanks Trevor! The Z is a 1973.. it has an LS2 putting down 380 at the rear wheels, full custom cage and all trick suspension.... We built it for a friend 10 years ago, last year he decided to part with it and I snatched it up... its very fun and terrifyingly fast. The 510 is a 1972 and we are going for mild street toy... flares, roll bar, L-series engine with sidedrafts... pretty standard hopped up 510. The 620 truck is a 1976.. and a recent addition to the stable... lucky craigslist find. We also have a 510 wagon and 4 door... mainly because my dad has always deemed it necessary to have one of each 510 body style... although we have never managed to get an sss coupe. its a sickness..
  13. JDM Legends

    much like Jesse... my current garage situation looks like an episode of this show I haven't had time to watch... haha... but i will get around to it eventually. Datsun 510 (dads) and 240z (mine) full rotisserie builds.. life long datsun family.. my dad raced them in the 70's , 80's and early 90's (hence all the trophies) We also have a similar shop truck situation...
  14. Ive been watching on instagram darren.... this is all fantastic... Consider me a huge fan.
  15. A couple I lust for on a regular basis.... Clean Rivy custom: Nutty gocart mini cooper: