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  1. Moebius Comet... Wild Bubbletop Show Rod

    Thanks guys! This a really fun one.. the engines are going to be pretty crazy as well... thinking (2) blowers on each. fun stuff. Last night I worked on setting ride height (shocks) and made my rear links. Since the pinon angle is a bit wonky, they are a bit long, so ill be shortening them. But the RB motion rod ends are just awesome, probably overkill for this build since everything will be chrome... but eh.. oh well.
  2. Moebius Comet... Wild Bubbletop Show Rod

    Thank you guys!! Making some progress here and there.... hopefully more soon. First up I made some motor mounts, and worked out the engine placement. Then cut out the chassis pan to accept the frame and engines. Test fitting and opening up the "hood" so that everything fits.. will still need to notch the front for the blower belt... I also trimmed up the wheelwells/body openings, that should all make sense once the axle is in place. Then tossed some primer on the 3D printed tires... one coat and some light sanding .. really smoothed out the grow lines. The wheels aren't quite deep enough yet, im going to work on that. Then mocked up the rear end assembly... need to make links and shocks... but that is the Winters change from RepMinCo, with scratchbuilt spring/link mounts.
  3. Aftermarket Pro-touring parts???

    Or one of the older full detail C5R race cars... lots of good suspension pieces in there.
  4. The Supersonic has landed.

    Glad you like them!! They finish up quite nice... I really need to get in gear and model more stuff to toss on shapeways.
  5. "Berlin Buick": On the Bench 12/4/17

    so clean... so nice... great job as usual john!
  6. The Supersonic has landed.

    Oh man... awesome stuff Pico! This is outstanding... subscribed.
  7. 51 henry taildragger

    Ha! Thats awesome! I love seeing people change the perception of a cars "type"
  8. Check out page 2 of this... I have a silhouette cameo and use it for almost everything.
  9. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    I was wondering if this was going to show up here... could send ripples throughout the hobby... as well as many others we have an interest in.. They own TowerHobbies as well. Via Wikipedia The company distributes over 150 brands of hobby products including about 30 proprietary product brands. Proprietary brands include: Axial, ARRMA, Dromida, Team Durango, dBoots, Revell, Monogram, Top Flite, Great Planes, AquaCraft Models, FlightPower, Heli-Max, SuperTigre, O'Donnell Fuel, Duratrax, RealFlight, MonoKote, Carl Goldberg Products, ElectriFly, Coverite, Dynaflite, Flyzone, MuchMore Racing, LiFeSource, Tactic, VS Tank, Estes Industries, Proto-X, TrakPower and others. It is the exclusive distributor for Futaba radio control products in North and South America, for O.S. Engines in North America and HPI Racing, Italeri, Novak Electronics and Nine Eagles in North and South America.
  10. Moebius Comet... Wild Bubbletop Show Rod

    Thanks Don! I love that build, i remember watching the build log here on the forum! You are pretty much correct with how the scrapbook cutter works. What I'm doing in a nutshell is creating a body with traditional modeling hand work, then scanning a flat side view and top view of that body into a computer program. Then I draw/design the chassis and other components directly on top of those scans with lines.... because this is all done at full size, it minimizes the need to measure every little thing. those lines then become the cutting paths for the computer controlled scrapbook cutter. I feed .020 sheet styrene into the cutter and it scores it per the cutting paths trace all those paths by hand with an xacto until the parts separate. then layer and assemble by hand. Its still a ton of work, but it allows you to layout and see how things fit in advance of cutting, and also helps you make multiple pieces the same shape easily. here are a couple screen shots of my computer layouts from my last few projects:
  11. Moebius Comet... Wild Bubbletop Show Rod

    Thanks bob! So to layer parts like that: I usually rough up the surfaces to be glued with a sanding sick, both surfaces with approximately 150grit.. I do this before gluing anything really... it helps break the surface tension and lets the glue bite faster I just flood one side with the tamiya extra thin cement, sometimes on large parts I do a couple applications of the glue before stacking. then really quickly put the other on top.. like really quickly before the glue evaporates. Align the parts as best you can as fast as you can... you have a couple seconds to do this. Then clamp it between two flat pieces of wood ( I think this is the answer to your original question, but the other info seemed valuable as well) Let that sit while you prep the next layer... un-clamp and repeat for the next layer, once all layering is done I let it sit overnight before sanding and handling. I hope that helps... that is pretty much my procedure for all the layering I do.. It takes some time, but I'm getting warp free parts from .020 with this method.
  12. Moebius Comet... Wild Bubbletop Show Rod

    Thank you Kerry! Subframe/Floorpan/Whatever all done... Lately I've really enjoyed the challenge of keeping my raw styrene fabrication super clean and tidy... so this was pretty rewarding. At this point everything except the body is made from .020 Styrene Sheet and Evergreen Rods.. haha
  13. Moebius Comet... Wild Bubbletop Show Rod

    Thank you Mike! A couple nights of bench time this weekend... woohoo! Made my own new chassis pan... still needs to be trimmed to fit and modified for engine/transmission clearance, but its a good clean start.... I needed to make wheel tubs so i Vac-Formed another trusty pill bottle with .030.... then glued that into place... just a little trimming and finishing work to go.
  14. Moebius Comet... Wild Bubbletop Show Rod

    Thanks guys!!! Here you go Bob... they are pretty expensive... Hopefully some resin caster buys a set and makes lots of copies so everyone can have them for a reasonable price... (in writing) I would be 100% okay with that. https://www.shapeways.com/product/WU7HX3SEY/1-25th-scale-pie-crust-whitewall-slicks-drag-tire?optionId=64469255&li=marketplace I mostly use adobe illustrator to create my cutting paths then import it into the silhouette software to cut, however i have used the silhouette software to draw simple shapes and it works really good. You can create the paths in any outside software that allows you to export a .dxf file. I'm just more comfortable in illustrator, but autocad and some other design programs would work as well. Let me know how it works for you and if you have any questions. Im using the silhouette portrait cutter... The only major difference in the portrait and the other models is cut size, the portrait only cuts 8"wide.. which is fine by me... So far it will cut .010 styrene sheets all the way through... .020 styrene it will score and then i have to snap the parts out... basically prepare to lightly hand trace everything with an Xacto.. especially small intricate parts.. I recently purchased a couple 4'x8' sheets of .020 so i use it for pretty much everything. i havent tried .030... but i would assume it will score it just fine. i have used it to cut vinyl, and clear lay film for windows, works great. It is not the most accurate machine i have used(small circles aren't perfectly round), but for the price, it works great. I have used it now for a couple years and haven't noticed any dulling of the blades from cutting styrene, you should be okay.
  15. Moebius Comet... Wild Bubbletop Show Rod

    Thank you all and Happy Holidays and New Year!!! I didn't get much small scale modeling done over the past week... but i did order my slicks from shapeways and they are pure awesomeness!! Here they are with the round 2 racemasters i have David.... diameter wise they were correct... but I wanted the massive width.. probably not accurate to any 1:1 thing at the time... but what the hay...