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  1. Thank you guys for all the kind words! I really need to do an under-glass photo-shoot and post some finished photos.
  2. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    I think iBorg was referring to repercussions to the companies owed, not the repercussions to the hobbico organization... The erased debt is going to leave all of those company's out to dry... some may not be able to handle it... some may choose to not come back to a market that burned them... its a bummer regardless... hopefully it all works out for the best.
  3. Buckeye Classic 2018

    It was great to see you guys! hopefully see you at the next show!
  4. Yeah I would have to agree with what everyone else has said.... personally i would go with a .010 skin, then add detail and structure to the inside and outside. My cutter will pierce all the way through the .010, my only concern would be tracking over that length and the roundness of the holes... my cutter seems to make everything oblong, so i have to chase holes with a drillbit. since the are oval holes that will be tricky.. would be a very cool/rewarding project tho..
  5. And here are some photos from the show: (thanks glenn marek for the photos!) more show photos at this link: https://public.fotki.com/Donald-Splitstone/model-shows/2018/8th-annual-buckeye-/
  6. Thank you all for the comments and compliments! I really like how this turned out, I finished it up at about 2:30am Friday morning. Luckily I took Friday off from work.... Saturdays show was awesome as usual... I really commend the Buckeye Scale Auto Club for putting on a top notch show every year.. Great/fun group of guys as well. I was honored to bring home the Ohio Challenge for the 3rd year in a row... Next years build off is based on the Revell 85 Olds Cutlass, so everyone get building! Here are a couple photos from the completion of the build:
  7. Cobra in a crate

    probably adorable.... haha ... Love the cobra crate ray!!
  8. Grabowski's "77 Sunset Tee" found

    Yikes... no coming back from that..... i still say the kookie car is easily reversed to its previous glory... although i would have a hard time sanding off a true Watson paint job... but that's just me.
  9. Grabowski's "77 Sunset Tee" found

    Eh.. it was a different time... I read somewhere online... that all of the "showcar" parts were add-ons, and Jim saved all of the take off parts... i don't see any permanent/structural damage from the over the top pieces stuck on it... grab some headlights, intake,headers, non-dual rear tires.. and remove those wonk seats and its back here-ish. Its amazing that both of these cars have surfaced after so long... and still looking pretty decent and complete...
  10. Thanks David and Bob!! A little Wednesday night update... 2 days to go here... Chassis permanently attached. Previously mentioned steering shaft made, chromed and installed.... its not a functionally correct piece... but at least there is something visually connecting the column to the steering box. I used micro O-rings at the bends to simulate u-joints with boots. Then it was on to the header install... which was some major "ship in a bottle" action... i scratched them up pretty bad getting them in there, luckily some creative brush work and molotow chrome saved the day.
  11. thank you guys! i don't know about all that... John's work is phenomenal and he would have had this done months ago... haha Last nights update... interior is done! Then i made and installed the fuel "logs"... that was fun... I got a bit lost building a steering box and shaft.... that probably wont be visible at all... but it will be there. Tonight's plan is joining the frame and chassis, installing steering box and then exhaust....and buffing out the body.
  12. Thanks guys! its coming along... i'm going to try and do an update-a-day here this week... just for fun-sies. Last night I managed to get the carpet (embossing powder) down also test fitting everything: Then i knocked out the grill detail, headlight lenses and bulbs... that was fun... I used the lenses from a Revell 1966 impala kit, they looked a bit crisper than the comet ones, and fit like a charm. They are GM, T3's but i doubt anyone will notice... haha.
  13. Hey guys! Thank you for all the positive words! The clock is ticking on this one, and I spent most of the weekend thrashing away.... good news it seems pretty manageable to get together by Saturday... just assembly at this point. Here are some weekend highlights: Body decal-ed ad cleared.... need to buff it out. Interior pieces piped... and detailed. Turned all the pulleys on the lathe... made belts from printed paper... Turned the engine coupler.. wired engines.. and assembled it all to the chassis... Still need to add some photo-etched bolt heads here and there to make it pop. note to self... no more multi engine/ multi blower builds... hahhaa
  14. Thanks guys! Looking forward to seeing everyone in a week and a half... yikes... I'm progressing... got the base-coat shot last night (Custom Shop, Magenta Pearl from TCP Global) Tonight, I'm going to knock out the little bits of BMF and then clear, it should realllllllyyyy pop then.... In the down time of the paint and body work, I'm steadily working on the chassis/engine assembly and detailing. Here a few teaser photos... hopefully more soon.