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  1. Impalow added a post in a topic 1969 Camaro Z/28 (19 June *Interior/Exterior*   

    man...  NICE work!   as usual... but still... wowza!
    Oh and joe and tim..not that you asked me....but...lol
    Ive had good luck with the SuperGold BSi glue... its nonfogging... so no worries about the white haze..  I use it for almost everything after paint.
  2. Impalow added a post in a topic 1st gen Bronco Leadsled Kustom?   

    Thank you guys!  
    Messed around with the bumpers a bit more last night... the front is pretty much there, the rear needs some more massaging but seems close.    Probably going to work on the windshield frame angle and chop next. (its just sitting there in these pics)

  3. Impalow added a post in a topic 1st gen Bronco Leadsled Kustom?   

     Thanks guys!  i am having fun with this one... slow progress but fun!
    Just a little one Luke....
    I managed to cut out the inner fenders and make some wide whites fit.
    just in case anyone was wondering (lol) you can take 1/4inch out of the foose FD-100 Grille and it fits the bronco like a glove!  
    Now i have to figure out what to do with this foose truck without a grille, guess that will be a future project..haha..

    I think im going to use this old amt 1958 impala front bumper.. it seems to have just the right amount of character and wrap around. just needs some reshaping and to be a bit narrower.

  4. Impalow added a post in a topic 1st gen Bronco Leadsled Kustom?   

    Thanks guys!!! im not getting much done on this... so updates will be sporadic... but oh well its spring/summer.
    Im going to just make my own new frame from styrene rod and square tube... Ive been wanting to make something with cantilevered airbag suspension, so i figured this might as well be the one... I want to try and keep the interior somewhat skeletal on each side of the bike, so you can see the rear suspension.  I need to cut the inner fender wells out of the front, then make body mounts.. then i can start working on the frame design.
  5. Impalow added a post in a topic 1st gen Bronco Leadsled Kustom?   

    Thanks guys!  its going to be a fun one..
    Yeah.. the plan is to scratchbuild the bike.. my current plan is to use a hopped up ModelA Flathead 4cyl in the bike, and Flathead v8 in the bronco... subject to change, but seems like it could be fun.
    Thanks Rob!  I agree the skirts aren't 100% there yet.. Im still going to add some trim and some other detail to them.
    My inspiration was from the old cruiser skirts which mostly share the same basic shape as the bronco rear wheel lip.  softening the edge a bit more, adding some trim and rock gaurds should make them look really close to these:  (its also getting a wrap around bumper and continental kit)

    Here is a bit of progress from the weekend.. although not a ton... I did get the tailgate fitted and blended.   The center cutout will be for the bike to roll up, the continental kit will fold down to make the bike ramp and fill that area up visually. 

  6. Impalow added a post in a topic 1/16 Ed Pink "OLD MASTER" Dragster   

    Awesome work as usual Clay!  Nice to see you posting here!
    Tim, Chris and your brass-work make me almost want to give it a whirl myself.... almost... haha
  7. Impalow added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    1st gen Bronco Leadsled Kustom?
    We decided to do a same kit build this year in our club (NorthCoast Auto Modelers) and everyone picked the bronco as the kit. For some reason, the low rear wheelwells on the early broncos make me think of 50s customs.  I decided to fully embrace this, and make a bronco convertible lead sled.
    Here is a somewhat crude photoshop of whats going on in my head on this one (not the color and patina.. actually thinking a baremetal body).

    So first things first it needed to be a bit longer. so i had to buy 2 kits... and combine them.

    Added about 5/8"behind the door opening... and about 1/4" to the door to get the proportions all to work.

    then i needed to tackle the angle back... so i used the front fenders from the scrap body.

    After some sanding and some fenderskirts this is how it looks now:

    working on finishing off the slantback with the extra hood... hopefully that happens tonight.

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  8. Impalow added a post in a topic Bartoletti Transporter and the Daytonas Coupe... Last Update 5/28   

    I've been watching intently... awesome work all over!  Thank you for sharing!
  9. Impalow added a post in a topic 1:24- 1:25 Scale Woodlite Headlights -NEW LOWER PRICE -   

    New Pricing on these...  thanks to shapeways lowering the prices.. we are at 6.00 and 7.00  for the 2 options..  I have ordered both.. and they look close to the same to me... so I would save the dollar and go with the 6.00 frosted ultra detail.
    The marked red is the 6.00 option..  clear is the 7.00.. Straight out the bag.. no cleanup

    They look great with some alclad chrome on them

  10. Impalow added a post in a topic Pay It Forward   

    Got my Beatnik from Jon yesterday!   Thank you sir!!
  11. Impalow added a post in a topic TWO sealed kits left to trade! Ferrari California-Corvette ZR-1   

    Chevelle Traded to Mike!
  12. Impalow added a post in a topic TWO sealed kits left to trade! Ferrari California-Corvette ZR-1   

    Mike that would be awesome.. I don't need the engine, it's for my next gasser project...  do you have the wagon or the bubble back?   I think I am going to need both for this project so it doesn't really matter, just curious...

  13. Impalow added a post in a topic Pay It Forward   

    It's yours!   Shoot me your address in a DM and I'll get it shipped out tomorrow 
  14. Impalow added a post in a topic Pay It Forward   

    Thanks Jon!! 
    I have these.. all sealed ... pick one or two if you want! 

  15. Impalow added a post in a topic Pay It Forward   

    I'll take that beatnik!  Let me go take a pic and I'll post up my offering.