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  1. oooo... This looks fun Jim! I would be really tempted to stretch out that front end a quite bit to get that long sleek look. Great start and super clean section job!
  2. Thanks guys! Just a little update, this paint is crazy time consuming, and I'm taking big-long breaks to avoid frustration.. haha. I got one entire side done, so there is some progress... I have kind of re-thought my plan for this, once these shapes/shading is done, I'm going to back mask them and shoot the Mazda Soul red around the perimeter of the panels. Then a couple of light coats of 2K clear, this will seal up all of this hard work before spraying the rainbow kandies. Once its sealed if I mess up the Kandy I can wipe it off with thinner and not destroy the panel shading. Hopefully that works... I like the look so far, its similar to the "endless line" technique but with a twist.
  3. I am also hooked on these... great concept, excellent execution, and honestly some of the most entertaining videos I've seen... I joined their facebook group, and rumors are that 2D and 3D are the same person with a voice filter, which makes this all even more impressive to me. Also #RIPMCLYDE
  4. Outstanding work jim! Ive been following both of these on instagram, but the larger images on the forum really show how amazing this is!! Nice job working the masks and alignment to get that pinstripe... very good idea ill have to borrow at some point! 😁
  5. Now we are cooking! The tamiya black stuck!
  6. Thanks guys! Well this update is a success and a fail... Good news is the shaded shapes look like they will be doable, the bad news is the paint I used for the shading didn't stick to my sanded clear and came off when the mask overlapped. At least its something I found out early on, I would have been bummed if I had already done the entire thing and this happened. The shapes drawn up in adobe illustrator, cutout of Oracal Masking Material with my Silhouette cutter. I didn't want a pure/solid black, so I cut some Splash Paints Beluaga Black 50/50 with the Splash 1k Clear... The look worked, but the chemical/mechanical adhesion failed.. Im gonna try some tamiya black thinned with lacquer thinner tonight, Ive had luck with that in the past. You can see where the paint lifted when the masks overlapped, Oh well...just need to wipe it off and start over..... At least it looks like the basic concept will work!
  7. Thank you guys! I appreciate the encouragement and interest! I got the body all wet sanded and smoothed out over the weekend, then masked off the panels... hopefully tonight I can start on the shading/kandy.
  8. Thanks guys! here are some up close shots/vids of the ... umm.. impala.. I guess? πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ IMG_2906.MOV In the words of Benny from the Lego Movie....
  9. Yeah its a really clean mild custom this way... 54 headlight and taillight bezels, fender skirts and stainless β€œbloomers” all this is done with no cutting or major alterations to the body.
  10. Which one? The 1/8th or the 1/24s? .. haha.. i should really help him set up an account on here.
  11. Dads doing well! Retired yet busier than ever.... hopefully we have some shows in the fall, the last few models he has completed have been off the charts cool.. he is making me step up my game. Thanks Martin! I don't know about the home stretch but it always feels good to get some paint on a project... and even better when that paint turns out good and crazy sparkly. That Chevy is one of my dads, a 1953 Chevy Bel-air Hardtop - Straight 6 - 3 on the tree ... It was actually my grandfathers and when he passed my dad bought it off my grandmother. Its a crazy nice car... Since my dad has had it we have done some interior work, replaced and rebuilt the engine with a 1960 model, split manifolds and 3 carbs. He has even made a house number out of a spare fender, with working lights... looks like a buried car.. haha.. Its just one of his crazy collection. That red olds is another one.
  12. haha... yup, back in the basement at 40... haha.. Those are dads and they are fantastic... he is on the home stretch with those.
  13. Thank you guys!!! I officially moved out of my house and back into my parents basement... I'm pretty sure this will be good for modelling until I find something new, hopefully in the next couple months. 🀞 I shot a light coat of Splash paints silver on the body, then my custom metal-flake mix... This is the Painthuffer Metalflake Micro Silver Dry Flake (.004x.004") mixed 50/50 with TCP Globals Ultra Micro Dry Flake (.002 x .002) in some intercoat clear. Dad and I managed to have a little urethane clear session yesterday.. and everything turned out pretty good, After the flake the body looked like 80 grit sand paper, but once it was buried in clear it smoothed out pretty decent and Blings super hard! (Sneak peek of my dads Bronco and Offy Midget project, as well as probably the most expensive paint drying stand ever... 🀣)
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