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  1. Oh yeah mid-engine for sure!! Im planing on a 348/409 with the uneven fuel injector stacks coming through the split window! I got the bottom of the body cut off at an angle so that really helped the proportions. Then I grabbed the engine from the revell 58 impala, and the transaxle from a penske pc-8 indycar and started working out the packaging.
  2. Thank you guys so much!! I really appreciate it! I’ll probably just 3d print the chassis and everything.. cause that’s what I do now.. 🤦🏻‍♂️ By the way… This thing is a straight up fever dream.. hahaha!
  3. Thanks you guys!!! I got this far tonight before bedtime, lots of cutting and tweaking but its starting to take shape!! Still lots to do! Thank you!! Its a wild one! Plan is to go full detail, and part out some old indy kits I have laying around! Between that and my 3d printer I should be able to make it work, i hope! excellent idea! At some point I'm going to wedge cut the bottom of the body off, a lazy mans section.. so they may just go away naturally… but If they dont then, they will probably get sanded off!
  4. Yup! with all the compound angles going on with the rear portion of the stingray roof.. instead of chopping/narrowing I'm just going to use the 1:32 scale roof as a donor... That is at least the plan at this point, hopefully I can pull it off!! Currently the body is a bit too narrow for even the 1/32 roof, so I may have to do some trickery.. but I do have some ideas.
  5. Thanks guys!! Its nice to be back slashing up some plastic! Got this little guy narrowed and started filling the wheel openings!
  6. Absolutely beautiful Tim! That roof fits perfect, and I love the color!
  7. hey guys! remember this thing? I'm finally starting to get some bench time in again! I really want to get this one wrapped up before all the fall shows. So I started working on the "payload" for this hauler... taking all the ideas tossing them into a blender and this thing came out.. Relatively crude Photoshop but i think the idea comes across.. Early 70's formula car chassis, with a rearranged 1963 corvette body... narrowed, shortened, cab-forward'ed and open-wheel'ed. Obviously not white... thinking some sort of complimentary paint scheme. My own design 3d printed chassis, clam-shell opening body.. thinking 348/409 mid-engine with Can-am stacks out the split window... Something about this just feels right, and should be small enough to fit on the back of the hauler (well I'm designing it to make sure it fits... haha) Again I say the last thing I need is another WIP but this part of the main project so... here we go! Ill probably start a separate thread for this once I get a bit farther down the road... but figured I'd post here since its directly related to this project!
  8. Thanks you guys! Funny story, I actually got to meet Mr. Dore and share photos of this build with him a few years back at SEMA. We had a 5 min conversation about the different techniques and ideas used, he really seemed to key into the idea of elongating the stock body using the custom luggage/trunk. Really nice guy.
  9. hahaa... not to mention the 2-3 test prints to get the orientation the best.. I know for a fact I couldn't be efficient enough to ever make a profit on anything I model/print at home. I give Joel "iceman" a lot of credit for making modern aftermarket items, and now even some complete kits available.... his service is always quick and he delivers what is in his photos. Resin 3d printing can be a fickle and time consuming process, for him to be running a printer farm and selling to the public is no easy feat.... more aftermarket = more better...
  10. Clean!!! I love it! Awesome work Dennis!
  11. Man, that is a beautiful 510! Outstanding work! Ive been helping my dad get his together, he has had this shell bouncing around for over 20years... he wants to drive it on his 70th Birthday in September, so we have a ways to go.. but should happen. Awesome Stuff Claude! Ive been a fan of your scale work, and had no clue you dabbled in 1:1 scale stuff! I agree thank you @tim boyd so cool to see the 1:1 work of some of my favorite builders. I have a few 1:1 builds with my most recent being this one that scored me a Top 40 at last years SEMA* - Battle of the Builders and a Top 10 in the Sport Compact Category. (*2020 was a Virtual SEMA) Here is an article about it from Holley = https://www.holley.com/blog/post/this_ls-swapped_1973_datsun_240z_is_the_epitome_of_show_and_go/ I also have this old thing that I bought in 1997, when I was 17... and have owned for 24 years now. Lots of work over the years, interior, air suspension, power brakes, power steering, etc.
  12. Does this count? 😂🤣
  13. Here is my "little" dude and roommate for the past 10 years... a fantastic giant/little companion.
  14. Thank you guys! I managed to get some more time on this yesterday evening... Got the coil packs wired, made wire loom tee's out of left over MAD Plug boot material, crank trigger pickup.. After that I went off with the AM Works Screw Heads on the cam covers. Lots of tedious little work but I wanted to see if I can pull off a more modern ignition system for future builds. Although its a far cry from @Randy D's beautiful Porsche engine, I'm pretty proud of the results, I can't wait to get the turbos permanently on it along with the rest of the plumbing. Now if I could just stop dragging my feet on the bodywork. 🙄
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