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  1. Wow you guys! I haven't checked this Thursday, thank you for all the interest and comments!!! This one has been fun so far, most of my projects (model or 1:1) have been almost completely planned out on paper or in my head from the beginning... I'm really enjoying the more free flow nature of this one... its pretty relaxing to be honest. I'm not quite sure on color or door configuration yet, my original idea was for this to be a curbside... that's changing a bit now, and recent modifications will probably make it a front entry like Bucky had suggested. All those cab forwards are fantastic.. The bug and that Avanti have always been a favorites of mine... They look more correct that way than the "right way" It also cool to see that someone has done this with a 63 before...I don't remember it, but makes me wonder if I had seen it and stored it away somewhere in my grey matter. Thank you all for following along and I look forward to seeing everyone in New Jersey! Okay so an update... and a further spiral into madness... 😏 After looking at the proportions, measuring some kits and asking some friends to measure their Roth built ups, I came to the conclusion nothing was going to fit on this with out some additional length... welp.. here we go... Then reattach... plus an extra inch... or 25" in 1:1 Now is where it gets odd... the extra length needed more tires... So going tandem was an obvious choice. But then...I wanted to skew the time period of the build a bit, move it away from the Deora time period.. and more into that late sixties, early seventy's time... the time when almost every show car had cut up wheel wells, flares, and firestone or goodyear gold lines.. well... flares to come.... but... Its getting there... more ideas are flowing... thinking dual corvair powered and a chromed out showrod chassis on the back!
  2. So the last thing I need is yet another WIP Thread... or Project.... but this one hit me as something I had to attempt. The Web/Internet theme for the 2020 NNL east is this newly re-issued 63 impala kit, this kit has the "advanced custom parts" and asymmetrical front and rear treatments. Upon seeing these currently and in past reissues, I have heard myself and others go "ewe, well there are parts no one will ever use" .. well... I decided to challenge myself to make something out of this for NNL East. My first though was an offset cab surf board hauler.. but then when I cut the roof off and set it back on in a Cab-Forward layout... something clicked... ShowRod Hauler! What if Ed Roth was given a 1963 Impala to customize as he wished to haul his various vehicles to shows... Maybe even keep the surf theme and toss a couple Surfites on there... Im not sure yet...but the ideas are flowing. Here is the current progress, A couple days into the fun... Front and rear treatments installed... roof removed... I shifted the asymmetrical portion of the grill/hood over approximately 1/4" to match the rear treatment.... it bothered me it wasnt the same. Then onto the roof.... removed 1-1/8" from the roof, reassembled and re-installed.
  3. That MailBox trike kit is really fun... The engine is spectacular, with some minor detailing (plug wires, fuel lines and velocity stacks) it comes to life quite nicely. I'm excited to build a few more of the trikes, as well as the kit bashing opportunity.
  4. So I haven't logged in here for quite awhile... like almost 6months(yikes), but I have been working on this project off and on. Hopefully I can keep some momentum on this one for awhile... I would like to at least have something fresh completed for next years show season. Here are some updates from the past few months! This is how it looked at the Final Toledo NNL if anyone saw it there... I shrunk the 959 windshield down, molded it in and built a targa bar... The Heller 934 sacrificed its dash, and I got that wing to fit much better. After Toledo I had a fit of motivation, and knocked out the next round of filler and molding. Then it got pretty crazy, working on the front end to make it less "smiley", making the chassis and suspension actually fit, correcting (ruining) the ride height and working out the aero items. I also scratch-built the interior pan, and used my silhouette cutter to make some side panel detail and a tiny piece of luggage. Last night i was able to shoot some primer on it, and check out how questionable my rough body work was..... and it is quite questionable... however it looks like it should be salvageable with some time and effort. I also scratch-built an exposed shift mechanism using a couple of ferrari testarossa a-arms and some beads and pins.
  5. Oh i have a couple.... I did weird things with mine.. as usual. haha
  6. Excited to see what you do with this one Dann! I built that kit last year and it made for a fun quick curbside project!
  7. My dad received his couple a weeks ago! I was so excited to see my little Model A had made the cover! Thank you Gregg! Truly an honor!
  8. Thank you guys! I haven't had much time to work on this, but I did start to get the wing fitted...still away to go on that. I ordered some of the 17" fifteen52 outlaw wheels from scale production... they are fantastic... I also got their stretched wall toyo tires, but they are a bit low profile for this project, I want the tires to have a little more meat to the sidewall. I went back to the tamiya 959 tires, and its starting to look pretty serious.
  9. This is one of those ones that pictures don't do justice... I had the pleasure of getting to drool all over its debut at 2017 SEMA.... its amazing. here are some of my detail shots.
  10. This is phenomenal Kurt! Just fantastic work all around.. I love the mixing up of the carbon styles and colors, really adds a lot of detail! How awesome are those S&S bolt heads? I really wish they still made those... my stash is getting low.
  11. Thank you for your interest and comments! It is starting to shape up a little more. The reversed 959 "hood" worked great for the lower front valence, its a little smiley at the moment, but that can be toned down as it continues to evolve. I always like to try and use something new on every build... and this time I wanted to try this Ames Apoxy Sclupt. https://www.avesstudio.com/shop/apoxie-sculpt/ Since, I had some big gaps to fill on this guy, it just made sense. Last night i was able to work the front fenders and headlight pods, and this morning it was cured rock hard... tonight i will try sanding it to even it out. So far I'm pretty impressed with the product. It smooths out really well with a wet finger, and is less messy and stable than my usual bondo solution.
  12. First up was removing the roof and about a half inch from the 959 chassis and body... Since the 959 is awd, and im building a "dune buggy" seems like a good idea to try and keep that feature. Then it was time to "sink" the manx body into those nice wide flares. Then to clip the front and rear off.... getting it back to normal Manx length. Picked up the rear end from a Heller 934 rsr with a bad body, and a tamiya 911 GT2 donated its wing... still to be installed. Then I sunk some round tubes into the fenders to make provisions to mount the Scale Production projector headlights. Trimmed off those bulky side skirts to make the nice hourglass shape more prominent, new skits made from .060 styrene and finally last nights update... Narrowed the 959 hood to make a new lower front valence... with a little trimming this should fit nicely.
  13. So here is a fun project that came to me on the drive to NNL East this year.... You know Rauh welt Begriff? the guy that is building crazy wide body Porsche's? https://rauhwelt-usa.com/roughworld/ What if he got a hold of a Meyers Manx? I mean a Porsche is basically a Volkswagen, and a Manx is a Volkswagen so therefore a Manx is a Porsche... I started this fantasy build by working up a quick concept sketch... that i then cleaned up a bit. Then it was time to figure out what kits I needed... I picked up an Elvis Manx kit and some Scale Production pieces at NNL East. I had this 959 kit laying around i bought for basically just the tires, seemed like a good donor.
  14. Thanks everyone for all the comments and compliments! They really mean a lot! This was a really fun one! Thanks guys! the wheels are on my shapeways store! https://www.shapeways.com/product/2NFZ7ATNA/rotiform-zrh-inspired-wheel-set-1-24th-scale?optionId=65456157 They used to be like 12.00 but the new pricing has jacked them up a little. Tire Sizes: Front OD = .762 x .4 Wide Rear OD =. 882 x .5 Wide Made for Aoshima tires: 18" Fronts from Work Emotion CR 19" Rears from Kranze LXZ
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