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  1. Great looking build, I was thinking about picking up this kit too.
  2. These are great kits, nice progress so far.
  3. Guys I am after bottles of Model Master Bottles of Black Chrome Trim if anyone has any to sell. This is about the best stuff I have found for a satin/ low gloss black sheen.
  4. Looking for a glass set for a late 80's AMT Firebird
  5. Looking for a set of glass for an AMT 1967 Camaro Z28
  6. I just finished this kit myself, it builds up really nice. Good job on yours.
  7. Top notch decal work on that, nice job.
  8. I just picked up this kit for $20 ! This is incredible motivation for my build.
  9. Looks great ! Makes me want to build mine.
  10. My favorite line of models ever ! Dont forget you can get some as reboxed Testors versions too. I have most of these except I have never seen the Ferrari 365GTB Racing kit.
  11. 356Nut those builds look outstanding ! I have 3 of those kits myself to build.
  12. Yes the white one in the picture, not the old micro bus.
  13. Did you sell the one with the Porsche 917 on the cover ? Id love to have it.
  14. A long shot here but I am after missing parts for the Revell VW Camper Van ( Vanagon ) Wheels & TIres Taillights Camper top
  15. A long shot here but I am after missing parts for the Monogram Pontiac Fiero Kit. Belt assembly Front wheel spindles Side mirrors Shifter assembly
  16. What is the correct blue to use for the 53 blue flame Corvette motor ? Does Model Master , Testors or Tamiya make something close ?
  17. Thanks I was pretty excited to see that BMW is an M3 model which I believe is the rare Dragon kit.
  18. lol This shop is 10 minutes from me, those NASCAR kits have moved with them to 3 different buildings.
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