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  1. This seems to have been on the bench for ever... built from the gasser/custom kit as a mild kustom shop truck. I built it as a kerbside model as I wanted to lower it and also the kit only has the 409 and that didn't fit with the style (in my head it's running a hotted up six, dripping with chrome...). I pancaked the hood, shaved the handles and emblems and added a frenched aerial, fender skirts and custom rear lights. The wheels are from the Monogram '53 Bel Air. The paint is Rover Nordic blue as I had a rattle can on the shelf from when I owned a 1:1 car that colour.
  2. The only model I've built so far this year... converted from the Heller 1/43 scale kit. Not meant to be factory pick up but something farmer Pierre made from a rear ended car.
  3. This is the Round 2 models re-issue of the AMT 'Vantom' kit, and it shows it's age, with sketchy instructions, no part numbering on the sprues and hit and miss parts location. It's my one and only build of 2018, and I actually started it on Christmas day 2017... but sometimes I don't touch a kit for a month at a stretch, and I rarely spend more than half an hour at a time on building. I added the roof spoiler and hood scoop from the spares box, cut the sides to fit the portholes from the inside and carpeted the floor with craft felt. Colours are Ford Tibetan Gold and Roman Bronze, and it'
  4. It's the old Airfix 1932 Chrysler Imperial built as a rat rod, the engine is the stock straight eight with home made carbs and header.
  5. Very cool and different project! I have a 'thing' for stationary engines, was that set up a factory produced thing, a kit or home brewed?
  6. It's about 4 3/4" long overall. According to the decals it's an Empi Imp, but the packaging just calls it a 'VW Buggy'. I'm not sure about the engine... Corvair maybe?
  7. This simple snap-together kit caught my eye in a model shop when I was on holiday in the summer. Built out of the box apart from felt 'carpet'. The paint is Plasti-Kote metalflake, the base is made from a piece of vinyl floor tile covered with builder's sand.
  8. Very cool! I love stuff like that, cars chopped into pickups, mobile workshops, wreckers... give me a 'working' vehicle over a low slung sports car any day.
  9. Back in the 80's, a guy in the UK built a lowrider out of a 1955 Peugeot 203. It was featured in 'Street Machine' magazine in August '85. Now I still had the magazine, and I still had a Heller 1/43 203 kit from when I collected model Peugeots... so with a set of wire wheels from ebay I set to work. I had to open out the rear window as the kit is of the earlier model.
  10. Just posting this as a heads up... my finished models have been packed away for about 10 months, all packed in boxes with polystyrene 'chips' type packing. last night I got them out to put back on display and found that the chips had stuck to the tyres on the rat rod I built from the old Airfix Chrysler Imperial kit (ex MPC). I managed to get the marks off with careful use of spray furniture polish, it was the only model affected. So if you have any older models packed away it may be worth checking them.
  11. A few pictures of my latest build... I had had a project like this in mind for a while so I was pleased to find this old Matchbox/AMT 'Budweiser' Model T van kit at an antiques place. There were a couple of parts missing and the engine had been assembled but it was usable for what I wanted to build. The packing case, barrel and sack are model railway parts, the fence posts are cut down bamboo skewers and I made the sledgehammer.
  12. I bought this old MPC snap-together police patrol car kit from a shop that usually only sells old diecasts and action figures. Although it was still sealed the glazing was missing so a roof chop seemed to be the way forward (although I would have chopped it anyway...). I started it some time ago but had to pack all my models and modeling stuff away as we had the house re-wired. For simplicity I did a pillarless chop, lowered it, shaved the trim and door handles, frenched lights and aerials and fitted '48 Ford bumpers from the spares box. The Appletons, Moon discs and lakes pipes came with kit
  13. This kit was a real challenge to build. Vague/misleading instructions, poorly moulded parts, lots of flash, poor or non-existent locations for parts... if hadn't been a Christmas gift from my partner it would probably ended up in the spares drawer. Anyway, I added an aftermarket distributor and leads, fuel lines and carbs and rear wheels from the spares box, the later because I manged to destroy one of the originals (don't ask). The grille is made from Christmas ribbon and the paint is rattle can Ford Purple Velvet and clear.
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