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  1. Hope this shows up soon, there were several of these at NNL 22 in Milwaukee over the weekend, but no one knew anything about them..
  2. I have not looked at the models I brought to see if they survived.. We started last Monday from St Louis, and stopped at attractions, hobby shops and craft store on the way.. We traveled a lot of blue highways, and bumpy roads..
  3. Is the show at the Exposition center the swapmeet for the NNL, or is this something different? I will be there Saturday, but I have a very short window on Sunday, because we have to drive back to St Louis..
  4. It comes down to.. the front fenders are attached to the body to make it easier to align the hood with both the body and fenders. The rear fenders are separate, because it is easier to make the tool that way, and there is no alignment problem there..
  5. Pre-build methods ? Something gives me an Idea ( MCMs new trailer contest) I daydream about it , going back and forth to work in the car ( which trailer? which dragster? could the sedan delivery pull the trailer? will the engine from car fit in the dragster?) I spend about a week, studying this in my head.. Then I go to my stash, see what kits I have of the ones I picked out. Spend next three months searching swapmeets for missing kits. Open the boxes, lay the parts out, stare at them for 2 weeks. Assemble the engines and chassis, prep the bodies Then it sits on the bench another three months while I agonize over colors. In the end.. build time to make the contest runs out, all the parts go in a plastic shoebox to be finished at a later date..
  6. I would not really be interested.. I only build subjects that are pre-75.. I would like to see a kit of a 57 Studebaker 1 ton pickup though...
  7. In the reviewers comments at the end of the review, he takes Revell/Monogram to task for not including redline tires. The first car to have redline tires was the 67 GTO. They were introduced there, and exclusive to GTO for 67. Only available on the car or GTO replacements only at Pontiac dealers. A 64 GTO would have come from the factory with 7.75 x 14 bias ply tires bw or narrow ww. New cars did not receive radial tires until the late 70s or early 80s. What this kit really needs is a decent set of headers..
  8. Building one of these now...did not have problems with rear suspension. How ever I do have a problem with the back of the front fenders fouling with the battery boxes when you open or close. Bottom edge overlaps almost 1/16th of an inch. Thinking probably a spacer between grille and hood mounts.
  9. back in the day( 1960s)..that was an advantage to being a subscriber...you got your magazine 2-3 weeks before the newstands..perhaps if you went back to that.. you would have more subscribers....
  10. You would be far ahead starting with the AMT Autocar A64B and move the axle forward and build a new hood.. you could also use the Diamond Reo kit, or the White road boss as well with the dash from either of the autocar kits..and again ..build a new hood..
  11. The box is the same in both kits.The frame in the C-600 box truck has long straight rails like the Louisville and a much longer wheel base than the C-600 Stake truck.
  12. Back in the late sixties early 70s when that kit first came out, Phil Jensen did an article on lengthening the frame and making a flat bed stake truck. If I remember correctly he removed the helper spring and modified the rear main leaves to get a better stance...
  13. I'll be there as well..would like to meet some folks overweight gray haired guy who builds trucks. Black bigfoot t-shirt, or red or blue hawaiian shirt or both...
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