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  1. papi62596 added a post in a topic Baby moons from plastic lid   

    Looks great. I guess now I have one more reason to stop there.
  2. papi62596 added a post in a topic Scratch Built Magneto   

    All I can say is NICE!!!!
  3. papi62596 added a post in a topic Real wood pickup bed how-to *Pics*   

    Great tip! I'll have to give it a try on my next truck kit.
  4. papi62596 added a post in a topic paint, what i have learned   

    Thanks for the information. I've used mostly Dupli-Color paints for the last few years and like the fact that they dry very fast. I also use their clear without any problems. I haven't used any Tamiya paints, but have only heard good things about them. We used to have an automotive paint shop here in town that would mix up any color you wanted and put it in a can, but it went out of business a few years ago and now I'm stuck with what's on the shelf unless I airbrush a certain color on my model. The main thing is to find what works for you and your budget.
  5. papi62596 added a post in a topic Interior Detailing - Flocking How To (dial up warning!!!)   

    Thanks for the great tip. I'll have to see if I can get my hands on some of the film cans since they're harder to come by now a days. If not I'll try the salt and pepper shakers everyone is talking about. Would an old spice shaker work or are the holes to big?
  6. papi62596 added a post in a topic Weathering corrigated steel   

    Looking GREAT!! Keep us posted.
  7. papi62596 added a post in a topic Hudson gasser!   

    I just picked one up at the Sylvania (formally Toledo) NNL and thought about dropping mine into the weeds, but now I'm not sure. LOL. Keep us posted!!
  8. papi62596 added a post in a topic Excellent tutorial site   

    Thanks for the info.
  9. papi62596 added a post in a topic Little putty tip   

    Great tip!! I've been using those for years.
  10. papi62596 added a post in a topic Paint Strippers - What to Use?   

    I've been using Purple Power and Castrol Super Clean (just Super Clean now) for years and love it. I did find that sometimes it doesn't work to well on removing automotive paints (after Castrol removed their name from the brand), but after scuffing the paint and several dunks in the pond it seems to work. I used to use Easy-Off oven cleaner and still do for some paints, but usually spray it outside. I've never used DOT3 Brake Fluid, but know people who swear by it.
  11. papi62596 added a post in a topic Home-made paint booths seem to be a popular subject   

    I made my 1st paint booth from plywood and muffin fans (large ones) that they were throwing away at work. It worked great, but I now use a Pace Paint Booth that I bought off someone that won it at a swap meet and didn't really want it. He paid about $25 for tickets and I got it for $75 and love it. Not a bad deal for a booth that costs over $200 from Pace. I'll probably be looking into building a biger booth or seeing what Passche or Pace have to offer when I'm ready to upgrade. The only thing that I found bad with my Pace Paint Booth is the filter size wasn't a standard one is hard to find around here, but I'm able to find them on the internet at a premium (expensive) price . The way I got around that was to buy filters and modifing (cut them to the size I needed) them to fit my needs. With them being pleated filters with metal wiring that wasn't an easy task, so I made about 5 at one time.
  12. papi62596 added a post in a topic Model Database ... the easy way   

    Once upon a time...... I actually went through all of my model kits and wrote down manufacturer, kit number, scale, model description, condition and purchase price then put it into a Windows Excel program. Over the years I updated it whenever I purchased a new kit. I haven't updated it in years and now it's a mess. LOL I guess I'll have to take a weekend and get the list updated. LOL
  13. papi62596 added a post in a topic Non-Tip Tenax Holder (Cheap)   

    Thanks for the great tip. Now I wont have it all over my bench when I try reaching for something else. LOL
  14. papi62596 added a post in a topic Latest Model Cars mag.   

    Just got mine a few days ago and still haven't put it down. Geat job on this issue.