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  1. Aoshima 1971 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R KPGC10 Tamiya 2000 GT-R Front spoiler Aoshima Volvo 240 GrA Rear wing Fujimi 17" Watanabe wheels Paint Tamiya metallic oreange
  2. 3 layer of tamiya dark grey primer and then 3 layers of Tamiya TS-20 metallic green followed by 4 layers of clearcoat
  3. Thanx and yes builds like this on old volvos is common here in sweden :). This would have suited great in Street Week
  4. Interior almost stock exept shifter, half rollcage and bigger transmission tunnel Exterior even here almost stock exept for small things telling something is going on Engine Fuel injected twinturbo big block with Lenco gearbox Alittle dusty on the pics sadly
  5. AMT Coca-Cola kit with USA-1 decals This was fun build just to do something different Every part made me angry when didn't wan't to fit right but that is how it is with AMT sometimes Built out of the box exept for decals and blower injector
  6. Ghost_33

    URAS ER34

    Aoshima URAS ER34, Aoshima 20" BBS wheels and tamiya TS-50 paint
  7. Ghost_33

    Savanna GT

    Fujimi Savanna GT / RX3 Front and rear suspension from Beemax Volvo 240. Wheels from RX7
  8. Hasegawa calsonic R31 built as road car. Wheels and mirrors from revell bmw 3 series touring car. Decals and rear wing from tamiya dress up kits.
  9. Tamiya Skyline R32 . i want to do more detailing on engine but again i have trouble with my eyes and vision. i shall do that later when eyes is better again
  10. Tamiya EVO Vlll with aoshima Rays TE37 wheels and decal from AMT fast and furious supra
  11. Had a small accident while mounting the windshield wipers. dropped one and ruined the paint on hood. så i had to sand down the clear on hood and respray
  12. exhaust is a small piece of copper tube and Thanx
  13. No its not based on real car. Atleast i have never seen a accord touring car with jägermeister sponsorship. BMW had it on E30
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