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  1. Thanx and i totally agree the decal work was pain in the ......... and many bad words haha
  2. i have bought huge amount of dragrace models for parts and i am also bying engine parts from thepartsbox.com. this year i have also begin bying 3D printed engine parts from Ron Olsen 3D Model Specialties by rolsen01 - Shapeways Shops . The high injector / scoop is resin and made by a model friend in malmö. thepartsbox.com has a simular injector thas looks very good also
  3. Nooo many of the builds is made long time ago but never shown here
  4. Built this many years ago for starters. Decals was a pain to apply that i can remember otherwise it's built out of the Hasegawa box
  5. Very nice build looks awesome. And that is coming from a Chevy Camaro Gen5 owner
  6. This is some of my stash. I have more in garage storage
  7. Thanx And the engine was a real pain in the ...... putting together with all parts and then get it in the chassi without ruin anything :). show picture of ure GT1
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