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  1. AMT 66 Chevy Nova From beginning only a test paintjob on a old scrap body that went well so i put it together
  2. Tamiya Volvo 850 Saloon body. Chassi from Revell LAPD Camaro, Main roll cage from aoshima volvo 240 and then built with spare parts and 3D printed parts. Color Tamiya TS metallic orange over dark grey primer. and then tamiya clear.
  3. thanx to everyone . Color is tamiya TS metallic green with grey primer underneath and then tamiya clear coat. No major issues coming together. And to paint the wheels in same color was a good desicion and worked great with the final appearence.
  4. Aoshima Veilside Skyline R32 GT-R
  5. Thank u steve . and there is more unusual builds coming in near future
  6. Front window was broken så had to pick one from parts box and was alittle old. engine built with spare parts
  7. Parts from different kits and from my parts stash chassi was built many years ago for another firebird. only updated the engine with blower
  8. Color MERCEDES 775 PALLADIUM SILVER METALLIC Wheels from fujimi 1:24 Nissan GT-R and brakes from my parts store Otherwise just a quick build. From beginning i was just trying the mercedes paint on a scrap body to see how it looked and turned out great
  9. Pro stock engine with nitrous and 3D printed air intake. Transmission tunnel cut out and replaced with tunnel from pro stock chassi. engine mounted low as possible and far back to fit under hood
  10. I wasn`t happy with this build before so i gave it new engine and wheels. engine needs wiring and some more details but i have some trouble with my eyes and vision at the moment så that will come asap
  11. I know. the taillights was allready painted in the box and i had no new ones lying around
  12. No it¨s an old firebird pro stock chassi and engine built with parts from my parts box. and headlight covers from LAPD camaro. hood scoop i found in the parts box aswell
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