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  1. A Revell-kit from the year 2000. According to John Gunnells "Muscle Car Field Guide" the Boss 429 Mustang was hand assembled by "Kar Kraft" in Brighton (Michigan). From August to December 1969 a total of 500 cars were put together. Total two year production was 1359 units, including a pair of 69 Boss 429 Cougars. I painted the body in "Grabber Blue", one of five exterior colors available in 1970. "Fake wood" was done by hand with a brush as well as the Pony tri-bar emblem on the front grille. The "Good Year" tire-decals were obviously a litte bit different from the quality we are used to today. Since I don't like spoilers on classic American cars, I did not use them on this build.
  2. Merci beaucoup, Gérard et meilleurs salutations! Ludwig
  3. Thank You all vermy much for Your kind words! Ludwig
  4. Hi Thomas, what a great build! Not much details on a Hasegawa-kit as usual, but You did the best to make it look very cool. Especially with a metallic blue paint You can't go wrong, building a mid sixties full-size car. Best regards Ludwig
  5. Awesome build, Steve! Great stuff. Even the tires were flattened for a realisitc look! Regards Ludwig
  6. Thank You, Thomas. I too found the typical Baldwin Motion look kinda boring. So a can of Tamiya TS 94 (dark metallic grey) did the job! Best regards Ludwig
  7. Hi Thomas, nice AMX and a great save as well. Best regards from Germany and model on! Ludwig
  8. This kit was a originally a 70 1/2 Baldwin Motion Camaro. But since I bought this kit second hand, there weren't the correct tires in the box which caused issues, as well as decals to create the typical Baldwin-Motion look were missing. So I decided to create a very mean 454 ci machine ....
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