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  1. Thank You very much! @ Rick: Yes, that's Tamiya Lime Green (rattle can)
  2. Thank You very much, guys!
  3. 2013 "Boss" Mustang 302 (Revell). Color is "Lime Green". The body sits too much above the chassis. But a photo of the original 1:1 car shows the same situation. the 1:1 Boss Mustang: 1970 Boss Mustang 429 and 2013 Boss Mustang 302 2013 Boss Mustang and 2007 Shelby Mustang
  4. Thank You very much guys! Regards Ludwig
  5. Thank You very much, I appreciate You comments! Ludwig
  6. Thank You, Jim and Anders! Best regards Ludwig
  7. Thank You all very much for Your comments!
  8. Thank You very much! @ Peter: The fluid stains on the floor must have come from one of my other classic car which sit in the same garage 😉😁 Best regards Ludwig
  9. Thomas, great save of a rare Jo-Han kit. Superb paint-job. High quality, as usual with Your builds. Model on! Ludwig
  10. Great save of a extremely rare model/kit.
  11. The tires came from my parts box, but I can't remember to which model kit they originally had belonged to.
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