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  1. A police car by Jo Han which is a 4 dr sedan. I built the model as a "plain Jane" with a bench seat in front and black steel wheels with dog dish caps and no ww-tires.
  2. Thomas, great save, considering the photos of the model, when You bought it. Very nice paint, great BMF--work and nice details on the dashboard. Best regards Ludwig
  3. Hej Anders, thats definitely a cool car. Nice color combi, perfect paint job and great interior! I started a 55 Bel Air Convertible (Revell) last week. I hope it will turn half as nice as Yours. Best regards from Germany Ludwig
  4. Thank You very much, guys! Caude: I think You are definitely right that probably everyone has a soft spot for vintage Jo-Han kits. Despite the "bath tub-interiors" and often very similiar engines, the bodies of the models are great and nicely detailed 😉 Best regards Ludwig
  5. Thank You very much! I appreciate Your comments! Ludwig
  6. Thank You, guys! Monty: Paint is Tamiya TS 86 (Pure Red) spray can with Tamiya Surface Primer. You are right. I have already given a washing to the grille but it would look better a little darker. Regards Ludwig
  7. Thank You for Your kind words!
  8. Thomas, it seems You had a very busy year in 2020. My favorit model is the pale blue 64 Galaxie.? Best regards Ludwig
  9. As usual, well Done, Sir! Model on in 2021. Ludwig
  10. YBlock292

    My 2020

    Hej Anders, that is a very nice collection You have built in 2020! Congratulations! Ludwig
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