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  1. After finishing my latest build, a 58 Plymouth Belvedere, I cut off the tail fins of an old "Christine", I built years ago. After removing the trunk lid I installed the front bench seat of the kit.
  2. Thank You for Your Kind words!
  3. Thank You, guys! Maybe the "brass look" came from the quality of the light, when the fotos were taken yesterday afternoon. In fact, only the center section of the hubcaps were painted gold, refering to the side moldings and the grill.
  4. AMT's "Christine"-Kit built in a different way: 1958 Plymouth Belvedere in "Buckskin Beige" - definitely not "Christine"...
  5. Thanks everybody! Yes, it was the "scoth brite treatment" which gave the tires the correct look of rubber.
  6. Thank You very much! John: It was a little bit difficult to paint and detail the interior panels since the seats are already molded in the tub. Ludwig
  7. Thanks, everybody! Mark: Yes, indeed that's a small decal with the Buick crest from a decal-sheet with Buick related decals which came with the 1970 Wildcat kit. Regards Ludwig
  8. Hi Thomas, very nice and clean Corvette convertible and great "family portrait" as well. Regards Ludwig
  9. The steel wheels with dog dish hubcaps came with the (Revell) kit.
  10. Body Color is Tamiya TS 53 (referring to "dusk blue" back in the day).
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