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  1. Thanks again everybody! I appreciate Your comments.
  2. Ray, I really like to see built models of the rare 62 Ford Galaxie, since I have one in my Garage which I have been owning and driving now exactly for 20 years. A very reliable car in those two decades! Best regards Ludwig
  3. Thank You very much!
  4. Beautifully built, great color choice!
  5. Thank You very much, guys!
  6. A kit from AMT, painted in Tamiya TS 12, which comes close to "Gauguin Red", available back in the day.
  7. Thank You all very much! Best regards Ludwig
  8. Thank You very much! Scott: No, I didn't have any problems with the height of the rear suspension. My kit, by the way, was one of Revell's "California Wheels"-Series. Francis: Yes, the Revell-Kit has some special features, concerning details. For example, the chrome moldings have to be glued onto the body, so You don't have to use BMF oder a thin brush for this detailing.
  9. Thank You very much! Francis: I also built a 58 Impala years ago with openable doors, wich was an AMT-kit. Best regards Ludwig
  10. Hello and thank you very much, guys for Your positive comments on my 58 Impala. Concerning the Chrome trim on the front and rear fenders and the doors, these moldings were part of the kit and had to be brought in position, just like on the 1:1 car. It was the first Revell-kit I built, with separate Chrome moldings to glue on.
  11. Color is "Glen Green" (Fifties Aqua by Model Master).
  12. Hi Thomas, very well done! The chosen colors suit the car perfectly. BEst regards Ludwig
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