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  1. Thank You, Jim and Anders! Best regards Ludwig
  2. Thank You all very much for Your comments!
  3. Thank You very much! @ Peter: The fluid stains on the floor must have come from one of my other classic car which sit in the same garage 😉😁 Best regards Ludwig
  4. Thomas, great save of a rare Jo-Han kit. Superb paint-job. High quality, as usual with Your builds. Model on! Ludwig
  5. Great save of a extremely rare model/kit.
  6. The tires came from my parts box, but I can't remember to which model kit they originally had belonged to.
  7. Thank You very much for Your comments!
  8. Thank You, guys! Body color is Tamiya "Royal light grey", clear coated with Tamiya TS 13. Since the 62 Pontiac SD 421 was built for people with performance in mind, I gave the model a very "plain" look, painting it light grey, with black steel wheels as a contrast. Regards Ludwig
  9. Thomas, as usual a fine model car from Your "assembly line". The body color suits this early sixties car very well. Best regards Ludwig
  10. Thank You very much for Your comments!
  11. Took me a a lot of time to get this two-tone cruiser done. But here it is: 58 Edsel from the "Ford family of fine cars".
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