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  1. Thanks, everybody! Monty: The front wheels a poseable in every direction so modifications of the front suspensions weren't necessary. Ludwig
  2. Thank You very much. I appreciate Your comments!
  3. 66 Nova and a 66 Impala.
  4. Thank You very much for Your positive comments! I also think, that this "clean" silver/black color combo underlines the styling of this Chrysler. Ludwig
  5. Body Color is "Silver haze metallic".
  6. Man, that's a cool car! Congratulations to Your newest build according to Your high quality standards! Ludwig
  7. Thank You very much for Your comments!
  8. I only replaced the standard carburetor by a bigger one and added a free breathing air cleaner for extra power ... Body color is Tamiya "Pearl Blue", interior is a mixture of aluminum, blue and green.
  9. David: The bed floor on the 55 Pickup is a decal from am 1964 Chevy Pickup. The bed floor on the 1960 Apache I painted by hand a while ago with stripes of BMF.
  10. Thank You very much, guys! Bob: That's a dolly for the transportation of bottle caskets.
  11. AMTs edition of the 1955 Chevrolet Cameo Pickup "Coca-Cola"-edition with a vending machine and a dolly (both metal).
  12. Hi Thomas, one more time You proved how a snap kit can look as good as a full kit. This Ford even looks fast parking in the drive way! Regards Ludwig
  13. Thank You, guys! Rusty: I used Tamiya TS 98 Pure Orange (rattle can). Regards Ludwig
  14. Great build, as always from Your workbench! Regards Ludwig
  15. Congratulations! You've done justice to this kit. Rare Italian car & kit. Regards Ludwig
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