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  1. Great looking build. Love the color.
  2. Clean build here, looks fantastic.
  3. Absolutely love these cars. Great looking build.
  4. Looks flawless. Love the stance. Great work on the wheels.
  5. Awesome work here. Well done!
  6. Absolutely fantastic build. Very clean. Great work on the paint.
  7. Nice looking build here. Well done.
  8. Looking good, I like that kit. Will be following along.
  9. I saw this kit at my local hobby store and considered picking it up. Might skip that plan now. will be following along. Good luck with the build, interested to see how it comes along.
  10. Looking real good! Will be following this one.
  11. Wanting to do one of these myself. You’re off to a great start. Love the chrome rockers. Good luck on the build, will be following.
  12. Love the color. Think I’ll incorporate the same color choice into one of my next builds. Fantastic all around detail. I have always loved this body style. Two thumbs up.
  13. Wow! Very clean build. Can’t go wrong with the car choice! Great job!
  14. Hard to go wrong with a Chevelle. Super build and fantastic paint finish!
  15. Very clean and good looking build!
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