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  1. Here's a link to the technique, explained better than I could but I've tried it and it works fantastically. http://majorwilliams.blogspot.ca/2011/04/gundam-building-101-reverse-wash-and.html?m=1
  2. Yeah total cost $40/45. And it works great I was thinking of doing a tutorial post is there a place for those on this forum? The trick is using a cabinet cooling fan and not a computer fan. I also added some toggle switches and a dryer duct hooked into some foam board. Gotta try to keep costs down where you can. Also built a airbrush cleaning station out of a snapple bottle.
  3. Hi Everyone! This is my first post and my second build (excluding the one I built when I was 9). Very grateful to have found this forum and excited about getting into modelling. Everyones posts and tips have helped a lot. This is my second build and Im working on a 2010 Shelby GT500 Stang in 1/25. Would love everyones feedback. Note: accuracy is usually not my goal, I just like building cars I like. Disclaimer: I own an auto body repair shop and have the luxury of using water borne automotive paints (only for the exterior) using testors enamels and tamiya acrylics for the detailing. Got the engine built and detailed a bit, along with the chassis. For the chassis I used a reverse wash technique I read on a miniature modelling site. Painted the base with a semi gloss black acrylic and topped it with a blue enamel. Then used zippo lighter fluid to remove the blue from the high spots and then dry brushed the aluminum and steel. After painting my first car with spray cans (testors one coat lacquer - turned out pretty good) my brother was nice enough to give me his iwata eclipse airbrush and compressor for christmas. So I built a booth. I took pictures during the process but not sure if anyones interested in how i built it as they're a lot of tutorials online (mine has LED lights and toggle switchs).
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