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  1. So I ordered some giant pullers from this guy back in January and I have never gotten them. Of course I have paid for them already. I have emailed him numerous times, he sent me two different emails, both times stating that he was "putting them in the mail the next day" guess what? No tires. So the guy has lied to me twice, and took my money. My advice, stay away from this guy. I'm going to file a complaint through PayPal to get my money back.....hopefully.
  2. This is going to be super cool, you guys never cease to amaze me with your great ideas. Looking great so far!!
  3. This is really coming together nicely, looking great! Really like these old Dodge trucks.
  4. That is way too cool, great detail. I like how it looks "filled".
  5. When u first seen those pics I thought it was real. Nice job!!
  6. Didn't mean to put you under any stress, lol! Waiting for some more updates.
  7. No updates as of now, a member named vintagedragcrazy is sending me a moon tank (thanks Vince) and I can start to finish this thing up. As soon as I get some updates I'll post them up for sure. Thanks for your interest Ray.
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