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  1. Shapeways pricing changes

    Jeff, I'm willing to create custom sets for people. Just let me know what you want in it, (size of the vise would be needed since I offer several) I'm currently working 50+ hour weeks, so it might take me a bit to get to it, but I will. Matt
  2. Shapeways pricing changes

    Matt's Downrange Productions Shapeways Shop
  3. Shapeways pricing changes

  4. Shapeways pricing changes

    All, Shapeways is changing the way they calculate the pricing for the 3D printed stuff they do. In effect, the smaller sets I offer are going to go up in price because of their new "minimum charge" per file. If the files have parts that are not attached they're going to add even more. I need to go thru all my sets and see what I can "sprue" together to help the cost, but on smaller stuff like the hook sets, the cost will go up. Do I add more to them to the set try to offset the cost increase, do I try creating different combo packs (like the chain binders and adding more hooks for the chain ends?) Existing models have the price locked till Jan. 1 2019, but anything I add will get the new pricing. Looking for your opinions as you guys are the customers. Thanks!! Matt
  5. Calnaga Casting closed til 2018

    Any word on Steve reopening yet???
  6. Small Resin Companies and Copyrights

    Some companies like to make a huge deal about their Copyrighted name or logo... think the Yellow & Black one..... Others don't seem to care.
  7. Looking for the height and width of the tank, if anyone has one they can measure for me. TIA!!! Matt
  8. 3d Printed Hooks and Shackles

    Still working on stuff. I've added Snatchblock sets as well as some more Clevis' (with separate pins) https://www.shapeways.com/shops/downrangeproductions1-35th-scale?section=Hooks%2C+Casters%2C+%26+other+sets&s=0 I will be tweaking the ratcheting binder set as I've been informed it's too small (it was modeled after one I measured but apparently it's smaller than thew more common ones)
  9. Clevises and hooks

    that would probably be me. I offer them via shapeways. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/downrangeproductions1-35th-scale?section=Hooks%2C+Casters%2C+%26+other+sets&s=0
  10. Trailer Brakes

    I just did a little google searching. It seems that the disc brake (besides being more $$ per axle) has a 25-40% smaller surface area of pad contact. That doesn't seem like a good idea on bigger vehicles.
  11. Scale hardware help

    Possibility? https://jimorrisco.com/
  12. Any 4Bt or 6BT engines out there?

    Like I mentioned on FB yesterday, I'll probably be ordering one in a month or so!!
  13. Looking for some non electric Diesels for a couple of projects in the planning stage. I know the Cummins 4BT and 6BT are some of the more common smaller ones. Or any others??? TIA!!! Edit... I believe Trailer Trash has the 6BT, as it's also known as a 5.9 12 valve engine.... Depending on the year he modeled it after...
  14. Federal Trucks

    the user name on ebay is 2007frontier