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  1. I think you nailed it. Great job.
  2. You totally nailed it with the gold paint and basic wheels. Looks really tough.
  3. thank you. I am a little disappointed with the hood fitment and if you look close, the paint doesn't quite match the body. Hopefully my airbrushing skills will improve. And thanks to everyone for all of the compliments. That's what makes this a cool site.
  4. Thank you everone. Can't wait to start my next one. I forgot how much fun modeling is.
  5. they look fine. You are in the right place to pick up tips and tricks. The people here are awesome. I like that '65 El Camino.
  6. Thanks. Since I've stepped back to look at it, there are things i would have done differently, but i am pleased with it. Took longer than it should have due to work and stuff getting in the way. Was a little disappointed that the bumper chrome took a hit to its finish over the years, but it gives it a "used" look, i think.
  7. Under Glass...Finally.
  8. I finally finished it!!! Had some fitment issues with the hood but overall a fun build. This one went together much better than the one i built back in the 80's. Nowhere near the problems with this one. I think it is the unicorn of '55 Street Machines. This is where it all started. This box is in good condition for living in attics and garages since the 80's.
  9. Update: So it seems that the 0.4mm Gellyroll pens work wonders if you put them in the freezer for 5 minutes. This will slow down the flow a little. This allowed me to get "Good Year" painted on the tires. I also used it to paint the front turn signals (with mixed results). I got the tires mounted and the center caps on the wheels painted black. I also put a wash on the grill and drilled out the exhaust tips with a pin vise and painted the tips black. It's coming along slowly but surely. A job really gets in the way of my modeling time. Pics:
  10. Looking good. This is my 2nd favorite rally car (the Porsche 959 rally holds the top spot) but my favorite audi. Can't wait to see more. In with popcorn.
  11. it's the old Monogram kit. The "Street Machine" version of the "Bad Man" kit.
  12. So, I haven't been able to make much progress this week due to working all of the time, but I do have a question. I am attempting to use a 0.4mm gelly roll pen to do the white letter tires but it seems to deliver too much ink....how do I get the pens to slow down the flow? I really don't want to sand the tires down and use a stencil or decal if possible. I thought about just leaving them black. Suggestions? BTW, I did a search but only found what people use, not how they use it (pen wise). Thanks, -kevin
  13. Hello everyone. I managed to get a little more work done on the '55. Finished the BMF on the driver's side. Painted the inside of the side chrome strips black (not sure if you can tell...you know, bad lighting + cell phone cam=bad pic). The windows and front turn signals are in as well as the headlights...those big, chrome headlights. What do you guys do to make chrome headlights look more realistic. As far as the front turn signals I thought about going for a more original look with white signals. I was thinking paint the BMF flat white and maybe drop some clear fingernail polish in to simulate a lens??? here are the pics:
  14. back in the day i would tape up the exterior and shoot it with rattle-can spray paint. On my current build, I taped up the body and airbrushed the inside. On this model, I would do a black interior. I think it would look good with that body color.
  15. Thanks for all of the compliments, everyone. Here are some progress pics. It's still moving slowly due to work, family, etc. Not happy with the BMF on the driver's side windows, but i don't dislike it enough to redo it.
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