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  1. Revell '67 Corvette wheels

    Still looking for a set of these wheels. PM me if you can help.
  2. 1965 Plymouth Satellite

    Very cool-looking street stormer!
  3. Revell '67 Corvette wheels

    Looking for a set of the Minilite wheels from one of the Revell '67 Corvette 2-in-1 kits. PM me if you can help. Thanks!
  4. If Revell USA was still in business I could.
  5. I'm in need of a set of windshield wipers and a set of door handles from any of the Revell '64-'66 Chevy truck kits. Please PM if you can help. Thanks!
  6. The AMT '62 Catalina is and always has been a stellar kit. Round 2 made it even better by combining the stock and custom versions in one box and including templates for side windows. It's also a great basis for the nostalgic/fictitious PG II kit. I preferred the previous version, mainly because.of the Beswick decals, but I will still probably get one of these.
  7. STOP THE PRESS! All new 1977 Oldsmobile NASCAR kit

    The Salvinos have stated as much on their Facebook page. They tried to claim the kit was done this way because the chassis is based on one Petty used, which was a leftover from one of his Dodge Magnums. This is bull honky for a couple of reasons: 1. Petty's Olds wasn't built by Petty Enterprises; the King purchased the car from Cecil Gordon. 2. There's no way NASCAR would have allowed the car on the track with leaf springs.
  8. Dad's VW Bug

    Superb job on a great kit.
  9. STOP THE PRESS! All new 1977 Oldsmobile NASCAR kit

    I'm not overly familiar with the Franklin Mint model that was used as the prototype for the Savinos kit, but, my guess is that it had the leaf spring rear suspension, so they just went with it.
  10. T-bolt hood

    Does anyone have a Revell '64 T-bolt hood they don't need? I ruined mine and need a replacement. Please PM me if you can help.
  11. I need the upper and lower flathead radiator hoses from the Revell '32 Ford sedan. Please PM if you can help. Thanks!
  12. 1/24 Revell '78 GMC 4x4 Pickup

    The point is that the kit is perfectly acceptable to the majority of people who will buy it, just as it was to the majority of people who bought it in its multiple other iterations over the years. Therefore, Revell has no real financial incentive to upgrade it or to tool up a new version. That's not "opinion." That's fact. If the kit is not acceptable to you, your choices are A. Don't buy it, or B. Buy it and put the work in it necessary to make it acceptable to you. Sometimes, that is just how it is ... in hobbies and in life.
  13. 1/24 Revell '78 GMC 4x4 Pickup

    The only time Revell is likely to make major upgrades to an existing tool is A. If there's something glaringly wrong with it, and B.If they believe the improvements will have enough of a positive impact on sales to justify the cost of the fixes. The upcoming '69 Boss 302 Mustang with the retooled body is one kit that would seem to meet that criteria. The GMC pickup? Not so much, because, honestly, the improvements would likely go unnoticed by most of the people who would buy the kit.