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  1. Meyers Manx - 70's Metalflake Beach Buggy

    Great work, Eric. Look forward to seeing it at the Buckeye Classic!
  2. 3 Traditional Hot Rods Finished in 2018

    Those are all simply lovely. Dennis, you are a master!
  3. I need one of these kits to serve as a parts donor for a resin project ... doesn't have to be a complete kit and a built model would also be fine, so long as it hasn't been glue-bombed into the fires of Hades. I am also looking for a Fred Cady '71 Demon decal sheet. PM me if you can help. Thanks!
  4. Revell '62 Corvette chrome shot

    I lost my chrome tree for this kit ... Please PM me if you have one you could spare.
  5. Revell '69 Yenko Nova decals.

    I am looking for the Yenko stripe decals from the Revell '69 Yenko Nova kit. Please PM if you can help.
  6. 70 charger

    Very nice.
  7. AMT 40 Ford Sedan Box Art

    You did a great job considering what you had to work with. I bought one of those kits with the intent of doing a simple box stock or box art build, but I ended up selling it after I realized how much work it would take to do that and wind up with a model that looked halfway presentable.
  8. AMT 40 Ford Sedan Box Art

    Ed Fluck at Drag City Castings has a resin hood that has been reworked for an improved fit. He also has repros of the kit's original custom exhaust dumps. Ed's stuff is first-rate, too.
  9. BAD or GOOD "BADMAN"?

    True. Still not a 396.
  10. BAD or GOOD "BADMAN"?

    The ladder bars are well-done and are definitely usable on other drag builds, too. In fact, Ed Fluck at Drag City Casting offers them in resin. I've also seen the front straight axle setup used on other gasser builds. In fact, I believe Tim Boyd used it on his '57 150 gasser that was featured in SA several years ago.
  11. BAD or GOOD "BADMAN"?

    If you want a more accurate Badman, seek out the Badman II diecast kit released by Revell a few years ago. It's based on the American Grafitti '55 kit and has a very well-done unchopped sedan body. It has the same issue as the plastic kit with regard to the "396" graphics on a small-block powered car, and they're tampo-printed on the diecast body. But overall, it's a nicely done kit.
  12. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    The MPC modified kits represent pavement cars.
  13. 1952 Hudson Hornet

    Cool! Love the name!
  14. I don't see them doing that because the kit needs quite a few additional parts to build it as an accurate Hemi car, as I'm sure you're well aware _ a set of 15" wheels and tires, the aforementioned torque boxes ahead of the rear springs and larger-diameter exhaust pipes among them. Personally, I wish when Revell toooled this kit that they would have designed it so the second version was a Hemi car rather than that faux NASCAR thingie. I recall that when Revell announced this kit way back when, the promotional material showed a 1:1 Hemi Daytona with steel wheels and dog dish caps.
  15. 1976 AMC Gremlin Custom GT

    There was also a Capri in that group.