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  1. Yahoo! Found 209 in the box today! With the GT-40 buildup 😀
  2. If you ever find yourself in Louisville check out Scale Reproductions. A fantastic hobby store in the traditional sense that has been my go to place for 30+ years. If you do go tell store owner Brian I sent you.
  3. Exciting end to the day finding MCM in the mailbox! Great big Thank You to Gregg, Larry and everyone else for the hard work and not giving up on the magazine. Having a model cars only magazine publishing is no small thing!
  4. I wish Gregg and Larry the best with the MCM re-launch. My concern is I never received the previous two issues of my subscription.
  5. I haven't received the 206 subscription issue in the mail yet here in Louisville Ky. There are however copies at the hobby shop here, Scale Reproductions. I haven't received an issue since 204 in 2007.
  6. I’m still waiting for 205. Kinda wish I had snagged one at the hobby shop.
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