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  1. Story of finding/cutting/building Shorty ClubWagon continued here: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=98736
  2. Haha... me too!! But still waiting for the milliput to harden out... Bought some 2 component filler for car-use & will continue once the temperature drops to reasonable levels! (like after summer/autumn!).
  3. Cool! Saw you're on econolines.ipbhost.com too; best place for 1:1 Ford vans!! Meanwhile on the workbench... 3rd spray; the milliput still shines through it...
  4. Found myself some Milliput; great stuff. 2 way Epoxy. You can use it with some water to make it more flexible. filling... sanding.... And some grounding-spray from Revell, to see where some more work needs to be done... Not bad for first layer! Roof lines matching up 100%!
  5. Shortening the chassis... adjusting here/there... Some nails as reinforcement.... Fits underneath! 'Some' smoothing/filling/painting to be done!
  6. quick/dirty with mobile phone, but pretty high resolution! All pages on: https://picasaweb.google.com/102073372656436584505/MPC1971FordEconoline#
  7. Great picture!! I have the '71 manual; will scan it & post it here. Martin
  8. Really appreciated Greg!! Always interesting to buy online & see what you get afterwards... Defenitely 100% satisfied; Especially with the extra '69 side-markers & grill! Will share the proceedings offcourse! If you're going to shorten it too, I would suggest an even smaller blade for 'more difficult' areas. You do need to push quite a bit & my thicker blade did not brake. Making the blade 'red hot' seemed to work well, but you need to cut quite fast. Failure of speed will start melting the material too much.... Now need to find out how to put the 2 parts together. Used some preliminary Ductape on the inside... Was thinking of filling the outside first with small layer of glue & then smoothening it with some polyester putty. Any other suggestions MORE then welcom... Thanks! Martin
  9. Final goal is to get it to resemble my '69 Shorty Chateau Club Wagon:
  10. Thanks to Greg (GLMFAA1) willing to part with one of his Econolines, I got a complete set to rebuild my Shorty '69. Starting with this: via intermediate cutting with a hot stanley knife (using a 'creme brulee burner'! (Roof needed to be cut exactly half-way as the van is tapered front to back...) to get it shortened to the 105" Shorty wheelbase (1:1).... More to follow!
  11. Hi Lucas! There's only about 20 Econolines '68-'74 in the Netherlands, so makes sense that you never saw one before. Same for me, but a friend told me to have a look at it & really liked it. To the point that I bought one in the States and now drive it overhere! Never seen the kit either though, but what I get from other reviews is that it is pretty detailed (not too difficult with 1/20 scale!) and also working suspension. see here: + regards, Martin
  12. Thanks guys. MPC/Round2Models reissued the raised HighJacker Econoline. Sent them an email; you never know if they'll come out with more...
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