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  1. Marmon Conventional

    engine and fifth wheel painted
  2. Marmon Conventional

    a little more painting done.
  3. Marmon Conventional

    thanx Dan. got some paint on the chassis, and starting to detail it.
  4. Marmon Conventional

    used liquid plummr industrial cleaner for chrome removal, works great and takes about a minute. most of the chassis parts will get painted and is about ready for paint. debating the rear fenders, not sure yet. back wheels will get painted with hubcaps.
  5. Marmon Conventional

    working on rears and suspension
  6. Marmon Conventional

    quite alright Geoffrey, I have got the cross members put in the frame rails.
  7. Marmon Conventional

    yes Jim it has a peterbilt grill on the trees, it comes with a 3 piece hood and separate grill for the marmon. the chrome on the fenders is so heavy it has runs. I guess marmon had a knack of using peterbilt trucks. kinda funny they were both in Denton Texas. I suppose this could represent a late model before their closing.
  8. Marmon Conventional

    exactly Russell.
  9. Marmon Conventional

    I have had this kit for several years, time to do something with it.
  10. Mack DM800

    Thank You Dan.
  11. Mack DM800

    builds fairly nice, just remember the fender pivot is a fixed location and the cab must be fitted to the fenders. If I had it to do over I would get an AITM front axle and bigger tires. Thanks to all for following and input. paint is Krylon white and GM touch up gray with decals from the chevy crew chief kit.
  12. Finished at last! (almost)

    very nice
  13. Mack DM800

    Thanks Guys, truck is finished
  14. Mack DM800

    Thanks Dan, I got the hood and grill lined up and mounted. I forgot to mention I ground the tabs off the frame that the interior tub is designed to sit on. the cab is sitting on the front and rear cab mounts, the tabs raised the cab throwing the fender alignment off.
  15. AMT '59 El Camino

    nice el camino