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  1. I got the first color put on the cab, needs to cure before masking and second color. thanks Sam.
  2. thanks DJ. happy with the wheels and engine. not so much the interior. there's no texture for dry brushing details, what is there is barely there. a few touch ups and i'm going to call it good enough. thanks everyone for the kind words and checking in.
  3. ready to start on the interior, as good as this kit is the interior dashboard leaves a little to be desired. details are small and shallow for the instruments. oh well, it's never going to be seen without opening doors. thanks everyone for input and following, later.
  4. small update, got the grill and intake done and interior started. interior will be light brown.
  5. still working on intake system. got the engine about done though. starting on grill. there appears to be cab clearance for the piping.
  6. engine will get lightly weathered once all the piping is hooked up.
  7. thanks for your input Sergey, the back of the air cleaner is fine. the front won't be seen with the piping in place. as for the air tanks they have been scraped and a dark color will hide what is left.
  8. chassis about ready for paint, there's a slight twist that hopefully the wheels and tires will take out.
  9. got the rear suspension and axles mounted. rear wheels looking more like aluminum, fronts to do yet. coming along.
  10. instructions are vague on placement of some parts and test fitting is a must. I have the basic chassis together, and the engine painted. I really like that they put the firestone tires in the kit for proper spacing of the rears. I carefully got the rims together but still need dulled down a little. I have wanted to build this kit for years and picked this up immediately when I saw it on the shelf. as for color I have six cans that are being considered. more later..
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