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  1. instructions are vague on placement of some parts and test fitting is a must. I have the basic chassis together, and the engine painted. I really like that they put the firestone tires in the kit for proper spacing of the rears. I carefully got the rims together but still need dulled down a little. I have wanted to build this kit for years and picked this up immediately when I saw it on the shelf. as for color I have six cans that are being considered. more later..

    DSC01011 (2).JPG

    DSC01014 (2).JPG

    DSC01012 (2).JPG

  2. On 12/2/2018 at 9:22 PM, DRIPTROIT 71 said:

    I  remember seeing these in the department store when I was a kid. They never seemed to sell. I always thought that they were ugly back then, and figured that was why they didn't seem to sell. Now all the trucks that I used to think were ugly are now my favorite building subjects.

    You did a great job on this one Ken! It looks great hooked to that lowboy!!

    I agree Brian

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