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  1. I just found a glue bomb 1968 Mustang Mach I concept car model like one I built when I was a kid. I was wondering if any had spare parts from that kit( I know they are rare) or any ideas to get parts for it. Right now it looks like an AMT Mustang is a close match up for parts. Thank you all in advance.

    Issue #205

    Just found #205 in the mail box. Great to see it and another great issue. Thank you Gregg..
  3. Have to watch this build. I have this kit and have been thinking about building it too

    Issue #205

    Thank you for your dedication to the magazine, Gregg.
  5. I love this project. I will be watching the progress on this build because I would like to build the same car. Thank you all for the tips. LOOKING GREAT !!
  6. I just received #203 in the mail today. Scanned through it and it looks just as good as always. Thank you for all your hard work Gregg. GREAT JOB!!!!!
  7. Just saw this topic. When and is there the swap meet in Salisbury N.C. this year 2017.
  8. Just got mine yesterday. It is great that it comes in a plastic sleeve. Thank you Gregg.
  9. Local Barnes and Nobles has it on the shelf, but my subscription issue has not arrived yet.
  10. Awesome idea,Awesome looking car,Awesome decals. That's a great Father and Son build!
  11. I was at King RC in King NC last month and just like TarheelRick said it's a great place to go to. Also in Thomasville, NC there is Anderson RC which is Big into RC but has the latest car models and paints.If they don't have it they will order it with no problem. Matt the owner is great he treats every customer like they're family!
  12. Tom, I received the decal set and wanted to thank you four them. They are Great!
  13. GREGG, Sure glad this recent surgery has been a great help to you. Back issues are such a hindrance especially when in pain.Thank you for all you do for the magazine. Great news on the future of the magazine. It will be great to receive them in plastic pouches, if it's late, no problem, at least we can get it in one piece. Thank You Very Much.
  14. Very nice! Looks just like my neighbors 1:1 mustang.
  15. That is a cool car to build. No model build up is boring. I'll be watching this with great interest. Happy Building.

    MCM Decals.

    I would like some or a decal too. Thanks for what your doing.
  17. Cool build. How was it to build? Any problems?
  18. ooooooooh yeah, Beautiful Willys. Love the flames too.
  19. It's coming along nicely. Like it! The wheels look real good.
  20. Tom, I really like it. Keep up the good work. I'll be following this.
  21. Mister 4x4. Yes these are the ones and they are post-mount wheels like the Hasegawa kit but you need to adjust the posts so to get it to the right stance similar to 1:1 stance. They also come with disc rotors. Awesome. Glad to be of some help. They are not exactly what we had but are the closest that I could find that worked. Looking forward to see your progress on this.
  22. I had a 1:1 1995 Honda Civic CX hatchback, white just like yours, and I put on similar rims and tires except mine were a darker shade. I'm also in the process of building the same Hasegawa kit to replicate it. I have converted the dash to left hand drive and have found a set of rims/tires closer to the real thing. You may be interested in the same set,they come in bare white plastic so all you have to do is prime them and paint them the shade of silver of your 1:1 wheels. They are made by XS Tuning. I just found another set listed on E-Bay by going to "models and kits"and then select "automotive" then entering "XS TUNING WHEELS in the search. Good luck, hope this works for you.
  23. Great car. Wish I could find a 4 door 58 Ford like my father used to have when we were kids. Maybe Moebis will do one, that would be great!
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