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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Got a response from them through eBay but still nothing from their site on one I sent after the eBay reply. Beginning to suspect his system doesn't like Apple or Yahoo mail. Can't get the site's Send tab to react.
  2. Been trying to reach them by e-mail with no response. Are they still in business?
  3. This is one of the few builds I have followed all the way through and enjoyed every update. It was great meeting you and seeing this in the flesh at the Toledo NNL. Hope to see the both of you at next year's event. Well conceived, well executed and well presented. Nuff said.
  4. Tremendous effort with stunning results. Will be watching tomorrow.
  5. You have definitely raised the bar with this one. Can't wait to see the finished piece.
  6. Similar things have happened to me more than once. If it really bothers you though I doubt others will notice, you might consider closing off some of the rail to engine gap with a thin plastic panel painted whatever color you decide on for the body. Make it obvious that is an added panel.
  7. Nothing like the finish matching the vision. Maybe do the seat cushions in matching fabric? Still leaning toward a NMF for the body?
  8. Enjoyed meeting and talking to you at the NNL. The fuel tank assembly really looks great.
  9. Thanks for your kind words Niko. Kinda made this from parts on hand and didn't have any smoothies but I did consider the chrome nerf bars in the kit but decided I wanted to keep it smooth. That interior did take a lot of massaging to get it in there.
  10. Great idea. As a modified finish alternative you might consider the true "Trunks" on the early classics. Not much different than what your showing. Look forward to seeing this and meeting you tomorrow.
  11. Your creation is starting to get a Steampunk look to it. That's a good thing.
  12. Showing my age here but the final design on your dash reminds me of the table side jukeboxes you'd see in the old diners.
  13. Probably missed it in an earlier post but what flathead did you start with? Showing good steady progress.
  14. Hope you make your Toledo deadline. Really want to see this in person. Don't do like me and let a deadline take over. It's too sharp to make a last minute blunder. Are you going to be at Dayton Friday night?
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