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  1. I wanted to make another fast build since my last one was a lot of fun and turned out great (Link to its U-G thread: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/123302-porsche-911-outlaw-8-hour-build/ ). This newest build took three days from start to finish, but the middle day became a resting day with no progress since work was very tough that day. I decided on the Tamiya Starcard Porsche 911 GT2, and at the start I was going to build it with the Starcard livery, but in the end I decided to dust some Tamiya TS19 Metallic Blue over the black plastic which the body is molded in. It turned out great; a very dark color with a lot of blue pearl and sparkles in it. Here's a few photos, enjoy!
  2. Awesome work on making the damage look realistic!
  3. Thank you! The term Outlaw originally came from a company called Emory Motorsports, who are specialised in modifying Porsche 356's, but the term has been carried over to the 911's too. Basically it's a vintage, street legal Porsche with modifications done to it to make it lighter, faster and more fun to drive, both on and off track. The cars of Magnus Walker are the perfect examples of Outlaw 911's: http://magnuswalker911.blogspot.se/ This kit has been stored away since September last year so I knew I wanted to make an Outlaw build already, but colors, interior details, decals and wheels came to me while I was building it Thank you! I have quite a few of those too, some that really should only take a couple of hours to finish, but that's why I decided to build this one in such a short time.
  4. Awesome to hear Bill! I would love to own a 911 myself but not even old wrecks here in Sweden are cheap enough for me to even consider something like that. Thanks Steve!
  5. Thanks! It was a fun build, much thanks to the fact that I didn't take 8 hours just to strip the pieces
  6. I was bored yesterday and decided to challenge myself by building a car in less than a day. My kit of choice was Revell's re-release of the Porsche 911 carrera 3.0 which I've built as an Outlaw. I already knew tires were completely wrong so I'd already dug out another set, but I also had to find another set of wheels because the originals were simply too badly molded... I also need to find another set of door handles due to the same reason but so far no good. Other than wheels and tires it's got a bit of lowering done to it, otherwise it's box stock. The body is painted with a light dusting of Tamiya solid black, and misc. details are painted using Humbrol paints and sharpies. I'm pretty satisfied with the result considering it only took eight hours from start to finish. Here are a few pics of the car together with my first Outlaw 911, enjoy!
  7. Thank you Scott and Richard! Steven, its an interesting thing you've noticed, and one I've been thinking about too.. The simple answer is that the rear window framing was like this originally on this particular roof (which is from the AMT '57 Ford T-bird kit), and I was satisfied with the lines it would give the car as it was! Looking at the photos I've taken of the body, I think it's a bit bulgy over the rear and leveling the back end of the window would have lessened that. It's a lesson learned, and if I ever do something similar I will take stuff like that into account, but considering this is my first project where this much of the body has been altered, I'm pretty satisfied with how it's turned out. Unfortunately, this won't be finished in time for BUCK, because a lot of small things have gone slightly wrong, several of the chrome pieces aren't fitting as nicely as I would've wanted and I don't want to make something halfa**ed, so I will make new pieces or for some parts modify the original ones to make them fit!
  8. Thanks Mike and James, I am very satisfied with the paint, it's certainly one of the best paintworks I've ever done.
  9. Thanks Paul! Here are a few mock-up pics of the car. Wheels are straight off of the Monogram '56 Ford T-bird and this is the final stance it will have!
  10. Now I've got the paint done at last! I've been working on the body for this car for about a year now, so it was a sigh of relief when it was done and I realised how nice it turned out. I started off with a base coat of gold. It turned out ok, i got one small run but it's nothing that will ever be seen when it's finished since it's only on the underside of the front fender so I'm satisfied with it. And then I sprayed red taillight paint on top of the gold, and it turned out absolutely perfect! Now I will continue working on the suspension to get it to sit where I want it to, which is as low as humanly possible.. I think I'll have to do some cutting and fabrication work on the frame but that's fine with me! Till next time!
  11. Final preparations are being made for paint on the body, there's only some wetsanding of the primer left to do. While waiting for it to completely harden, I decided to test out the paint I'll be using, which is a candyred with goldchrome in the base and transparent, red taillight paint on top. Looks pretty good on the scrap piece I tested on!
  12. Thank you! Yes indeed, part of the later inspiration comes from coachbuilts! It's kind of a mix of kustom, coachbuilt and art deco now! Thanks, glad to hear you like it! Thank you very much! Thanks! Interestng stuff you've found! Thanks for sharing
  13. Thanks, it's indeed quite the unusual subject, but that's how I like them! I got the interior and engine compartment basically finished, that's the things that have slowed me down in this build, as it don't fall into place so to say... In the end, I had to use epoxyglue to hold it together. Some pics of the progress... I chose matt Humbrol brown for the interior, and a matt Humbrol black for the engine compartment. It wasn't the easiest thing to get together, and it took me a few times of trial and error to find the right method... Started with the rear seat and one side of the interior. After that I fixated the two interior sides with the rear seat between them and the floor plate underneath, epoxy glued it together. Then added the front crosspiece, and finally added the dashboard and the front seats. Turned out really nice and straight! A few bonus shots of the body with wheels underneath, its looking pretty good now!
  14. Thank you all! The removal of the bumpers and mounts really did it for me. I'm going to let the body sit for a few days before tackling the last parts to smooth out, and meanwhile I'll start looking into the chassis and continue on the interior.
  15. Interior looks really good, nice contrast between the red and the cream!
  16. Sprayed some primer on the body to see where it needs some more work. It looks pretty good but there's a few spots where it needs more work.
  17. I decided to do one last thing before the new layer of primer. At first, I thought of having bumpers both front and rear, but after looking at some art deco style cars, I decided not to have any bumpers. That meant I had to remove the bumper mounts in the front. It turned out really nice and is a huge up for the body lines in the front! Before: And after:
  18. Looks awesome, nice attention to details, and that paint is just eprfect for the Supra!
  19. Looking good! The Chevelle lends itself nicely to the Pro Street look!
  20. Thanks you Paul, glad you like this slightly odd idea I have! Thanks, same here. I just haven't had time or energy to work on it until now when I decided properly on a deadline.
  21. Thanks Chris! The T-Bird roof works surprisingly well on the Talbot Lago!
  22. Thanks Richard! Thanks Tom, I'm very pleased with the lines of the body. The base is the Heller 1950 Talbot Lago Record, with the roof of an AMT 1957 Ford T-bird crafted on, and the wheels are from a Monogram 1956 Ford T-bird!
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