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  1. Dan, Now that is really beginning to look really good ! you have motivated me.To get back on mine. As soon as I clear the workbench of my current projects. I hope I can make mine look halfway as good as yours . Be Well Gator
  2. Impressive RC model. But like you disappointed in the false advert re the scale. I still might get one. Be well Gator
  3. Cool project. But too small for my big fingers and old eyes ! Lookin g forward to following your progresson this project ! Be Well Gator
  4. Sam, Looks to me like you did a mighty fine job building this rig !I like the color and the lowboy looks good as well. The truck is one of my favorites ! Be Well Gator
  5. First class . great color combination and graphics. looks real good ! Be Well Gator
  6. Pierre, I believe it fits here. And you done a first class job of it. I like the size comparison as well ! I have that kit. And I hope I can make it look as good as yours ! Be Well Gator
  7. Nicely done Kurt. I like it ! Be Well Gator
  8. Dan, Despite my comment about the chrome. You certainly have achieved the Flagship look on that Tractor. When this rig is finished it will be very impressive for two reasons. One the {Paintjob on the tractor. Two The sheer size of the model and the detailing throughout ! be Well Gator
  9. Looking good. I like what you've done on this one thus far ! it's going to be one impressive piece when comp-leted ! Be Well Gator
  10. I like the way you detailed the interior with washes. And your color and graphics are way cool. Looks good from over here ! Be Well Gator
  11. Ron it's going to be interesting once you begin printing all those parts ! Be Well Gator
  12. Interesting to say the least ! i looked at their website and only saw 1/125. IS that a misprint ? if it is in fact 1/25th I have to have one ! Be Well Gator
  13. Salty, i love those drawings.. I can see that you are really into these heavy type lowboys. this project will be interesting for me . And I will follow it with great interest ! I have an in progrees AMT lowboy and I stretched the neck and the well . Just need to make the D-rings and possibly outriggers for it ! Be Well Gator
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