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  1. Tom, I like what you've done thus far. You know how we talked about this build . I Think you will get your groove back . And in the end you will have another very impressive model. Be Well and Stay Safe Marc AKA Gator
  2. JT , Well you've done up another JT orange rig and it looks good as to be expected ! Be Well , Marc AKA Gator
  3. J T , That is awesome. You've done a ja up job on this one . I like the details you added as well ! Be Well , Marc AKA Gator
  4. WOW Love all, of those trucks . Nice work there ! Be Well Marc AKA Gator
  5. Jimmy, Nice work on that one ! Looks good from here Be Well Marc AKA Gator
  6. Mark , That is a really good looking rig ! Well Done Marc AKA Gator'
  7. Kurt, That looks awesome ! love the colors , Be Well Marc AKA Gator
  8. great looking rig pulling the autorack . Looks good from over here ! Be Well Marc AKA Gator
  9. Good looking, Great looking combination. I like what I see here ! Be Well Marc AKA Gator
  10. Bill, That is cool. I love the color scheme and graphics. And being Tri drives are a particular favorite with me. This looks really good from over here ! Be Well Gator
  11. Warren, Wow ! Like you really nailed this one . I like the whole overall look and you weathering looks good as well. Though I have to say as an observation. That crane might not be up to the task! It still looks good . Be Well Gator
  12. David, That is a most impressive model. But what really makes it stand out Is the small details , the cement blocks , the tie downs etc . I love it ! Be Well Gator
  13. Nicely done ! The paint and graphics are nice , the color look good together. I really like the interior Nice work ! Be Well Gator
  14. Mike, You did a fine job on this one. Your weathering looks really good . Be Well Gator
  15. Mark, yes I like it . You did a real nice job on this one. The weathering looks really good from here ! Be Well Gator
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