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  1. Wow , lots of progress since I last checked on this thread. Looking real good from here ! Be Well Gator
  2. Charles , this is an interesting project ! Where did you source the drive chain and sprokets ? I could use some like that> Be Well Gator
  3. How long is that vessel ? Going to make a great looking load ! Be Well Gator
  4. About a month ago . ipulled out one of the old AMT lowboy kits. The box actually had two kits in it . So wanting to do something a bit different. I decided to modify this one a bit. I stretched the goose neck about a half inch . Then cut the rear of the load deck off at the angle . And then added about 3/1/2 inches . The rear was built per kit instructions. Some photos of the beginning of the build Be Well Gator
  5. Dan, I like what you are doing here. If I read your post correctly. You are using some of the old KFS low loader stuff along with the newer version . Am I correct on that ? I have two complete sets of the original low loader . Those modules require a bit of work to clean up and fit properly. But worth the effort. Yours are looking good ! Be Well Gator
  6. Pat , Looks like you have a good start on this project ! Be Well Gator
  7. Lovin this one. Like JT I like your choice of colors. looks good ! Be Well Gator
  8. ell done . I like the details on the stinger . Good work . Be Well Gator
  9. Wow ! that is a really great looking tractor. nice work ! Be Well Gator
  10. Wow ! That is nice . i like the colors and logo. Be Well Gator
  11. Looks to be spot on from here ! i saw this truck and a couple of the others in Miami many years ago . Be Well Gator
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