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  1. This just keeps getting better and better ! I love it ! Be Well Gator
  2. Daryl, Holy chit man ! Dats cool . Be Well Gator
  3. Jason, Very nice work on this one. I like the classic color combination . Works for me ! Be Well Gator
  4. Randly , Nice smooth paint job. Great color. Very nice work on the interior . I like it ! Be Well Gator
  5. Marcos , WOW impressive job on this onme. Looks great ! Be Well Gator
  6. Kevin , Interesting back story . You did a great job on this . Paint looks good . I like it ! Be Well Gator
  7. Ray , That looks good . Slick paint job. Cool color combination ! Looks good from here ! Be Well Gator
  8. Here are three that I did in 2018-19 . Made all of them day cabs . Modified two suspensions To create a single drive, and a tri drive , and the third a stock dual drive . Converted to single exhaust . covered the front of the battery boxes to hide the snap tabs . Changed the fuel tanks to ones from Italeri kit . Made a larger heavy duty bumper for the tri drive . Wheels and tires from older Italeri kits . And some other slight mods as well Be Well Gator
  9. Scott, Wow ! You did an amazing job on this one . It looks really good from way over here ! Be Well Gator
  10. Juergen, Fantastic project . I think it turned out really well. But then I would expect nothing less from you . As you are a craftsman ! Be Well Gator
  11. Scott, Thank you for your service ! Great subject for a model . I see you are well prepared to talke this task . I will be looking for further updates ! Be Well Gator
  12. Kurt, That rig is cool looking. Fantastic paint scheme and color combination ! Be Well Gator
  13. Been away for a while now . Took a look through all the posts regarding the BRBO. Going to be some really interesting builds . Some of which I have already commented on. Be Well Gator
  14. Pat, That is a sweet looking truck you've built ! Looks real good from way over here ! Be Well Gator
  15. Bill, I like what you did on this lowboy. The neck extension looks good. As does the wood decking . Nice work ! Be Well Gator
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