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  1. Mark , Glad to see that you've brought this one back to the workbench ! I have one of those that like you I started years ago . And like you life, several moves etc got in the way Looking forward to following your progress on this rebuild ! Be Well Gator
  2. Steve , i was pleased to see that you got the decal mess sorted out . When I apply decals, I only apply the setting solution .Once the decal is in place . you managed to salvage your build and it looks really good from here ! Be Well Gator
  3. Bbrian , Those fuel tanks make a huge difference in the overall look of the truck . And I really like it . Very nice work on this one ! Be Well gator
  4. Jeff, Very nice scratch building and fabrication , I'm impressed. I like your choice of truck in the Mack . This rig should look really good .When you finish it . Be Well Gator
  5. Charles , As always you building and fabrication skills are evident ! Be Well Gator
  6. Brian, i like that cab ! And I like the roll on bed . That will make an impressive rig , when you get it finished ! Be Well Gator
  7. Lucas , The above is a great suggestion. In addition to that. I usually put a narrow thin strip of plastic on the inside of the cab. To help strengthen the cab . For the plastic to fill the gap Also on the inside you can use super glue to help hold the cab together . I use thin plastic rod. And use Tenax 7 R or other type of plastic solvent to melt the rod to fill the gap. And and then putty and sand again. You have the makings of a nice model here. keep up the good work ! Be Well Gator
  8. Nice work on this pair. I like your work room and bench. Nice set up. Be Well Gator
  9. I'd be afraid my dogs might swallow it .If I drop a part off the bench. I have to be very quick to get to it before the dogs do . But just the same a nice project ! Be Well Gator
  10. Roger , Very interesting multiple builds going on at the same time ! I see some nice body work and fabrication and alterations going on here . Will be watching for further updates . Be Well Gator
  11. Bob , You are 100% correct on this kit being terrible. But also one that has numerous possibilities . I am interested to see where you take this p;roject . Be Well Gator
  12. Riley , You are making some nice progress on this . Keep it up ! Be Well Gator
  13. Pierre , i like your idea to make this toy into a more realistic model . A bit of paint some hydraulic , lines and a touch of weathering . Should do the trick . I will be following this to see what you do with it . Be Well Gator
  14. Brian , I agree with your decision to go with it . I think it looks good. Oh and I really like your fuel tanks . Be Well Gator
  15. Jimmy, You were off to a great start on this project . I like your air lines, they look good . I totally understand about life getting in the way and I am retired ! Be Well Gator
  16. Pat , I like A-cars , and a wrecker would be really cool on this one . Be Well Gator
  17. Jacobus , Those are some interesting cabs . And this looks like it will be an interesting thread to follow ! Be Well Gator
  18. Michael , that is a cool project. i like everything you've done thus far. Making the steering work etc ! Be Well Gator
  19. Judah , As I really like that a-car truck. I think it will really look good as a refuse hauler . I like what you've done already. Will be watching for updates . Be Well Gator
  20. Michael , that looks real good. I like what you have done so far . Be Well Gator
  21. James, I like what you've done thus far. Looking forward to further updates . Be Well Gator
  22. Brian, That is a pretty slick truck. I like all of the extra details you added to it ! Be Well Gator
  23. Sam , That looks good from here. I like your interior and the exterior color really pops ! Nice work . Be Well Gator
  24. Riley , First off let me congratulate you on the birth of your son . Looking forward to watching you on this build. Be Well Gatlor
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