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  1. Scott, That is an impressive rig/ I like the color. And it has just enough brite work . Well done ! Be Well Gator
  2. Graham , Now that really has the old rugged look of trucks from days long gone by ! I like it ! Be Well Gator
  3. Dan, Your work on the box looks great ! impressive project . I like what you are doing here . Be Well Gator
  4. Dan , You have this one looking good. I like the wood effect . Be Well Gator
  5. Gareth. A good start on this one. I like this kit.Have one built in need of a rebuild and a couple more in the stash . There are so many possibilities with trucks . Have fun with the build. Be Well Gator
  6. Here is my almost finished stretched out lowboy . Nothing fancy . Added about a half inch to the neck . And three inches or so to the deck Don't quite remember at the moment . Added a real wood deck. It still needs tie down rings and some more weathering . Thanks for looking ! Be Well Gator
  7. Jerry , That color looks nice ! I think it will look good when you get her done ! Be Well Gator
  8. Graham, Nice work on the frame splice. I am interested to see where you take this one . Be Well Gator
  9. Graham, Very nice project you have here. I like what you've done thus far . What livery will it be wearing ? Be Well Gator
  10. Dan, Nice work on the box doors . this one will look I'm sure of it ! Be Well Gator
  11. Warren, Love the truck and Generator . great idea for a different subject ! Be Well Gator
  12. James, Your paint job turned out nice . And this is a truck I like. I also have one or two to restore myself. So I am watching to see what you do here ! Be Well Gator
  13. Ronald, I really like your use of the shop paper towel and paper towel for the sleeper bed . I have used tissue paper for things in the past . But not what you have used here. I'll have to give that a go sometime soon ! Be Well Gator
  14. Pat, That looks like it will be a great workspace ! I am curious to see how you finish it ! Be Well Gator
  15. Tommy < I like that style of tank trailer . How do you like working with the 3D printed plastic? Ant tips on working with these parts . I just received my order from Doug the day before yesterday . Be Well Gator
  16. Dan, That is a cool project . I have always liked those ugly boxy dodge cabs for some reason . Will be check up on your progress ! Be Well Gator
  17. Brian, It looks to me like you nailed that one . I certainly like it . Well done ! Be Well Gator
  18. Stephen, I like the BMF around the edges. Looks like you did a good job with it as well ! Be Well Gator
  19. Ron, You are really moving along on this project . I like what you are doing here . Looks good from where I sit ! Be Well Gator
  20. Brian , Who would've thought that you would put a Driptroit in and International ? lol Love this project . Are you going to widen the front fenders ? Be Well Gator
  21. Stephen, I can relate to getting your vision back . Had my cataracts removed in 2012. Nice work on the trailer . And I agree with Bill about scuffing the tires . Either way it looks good. Be Well Gator
  22. JT, Great idea here. Nice work on the frame extension. I really like the scratch built dump body . Looks like you have this one under control. I love dump trucks and trailers . Be Well Gator
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