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  1. Kurt, That looks awesome ! love the colors , Be Well Marc AKA Gator
  2. great looking rig pulling the autorack . Looks good from over here ! Be Well Marc AKA Gator
  3. Good looking, Great looking combination. I like what I see here ! Be Well Marc AKA Gator
  4. Bill, That is cool. I love the color scheme and graphics. And being Tri drives are a particular favorite with me. This looks really good from over here ! Be Well Gator
  5. Warren, Wow ! Like you really nailed this one . I like the whole overall look and you weathering looks good as well. Though I have to say as an observation. That crane might not be up to the task! It still looks good . Be Well Gator
  6. David, That is a most impressive model. But what really makes it stand out Is the small details , the cement blocks , the tie downs etc . I love it ! Be Well Gator
  7. Nicely done ! The paint and graphics are nice , the color look good together. I really like the interior Nice work ! Be Well Gator
  8. Mike, You did a fine job on this one. Your weathering looks really good . Be Well Gator
  9. Mark, yes I like it . You did a real nice job on this one. The weathering looks really good from here ! Be Well Gator
  10. Jeff, I just found this build thread . As I don't visit thew Forum that often . Which I need to do. As I am missing some really great build threads like this one ! for the winch cable . If you want a more weathered look . You might want to drag the thread through some ground up chalk or artist pastels in the appropriate color . Keep up the good work on this one ! Be Well Gator
  11. Outstanding project. I like what you are doing here ! Be Well Gator
  12. Some really nice detailing on that chassis ! And I like the KW you finished. Top shelf in my opinion ! Be Well Gator
  13. Yes there is a driver figure available from Italeri. But to make him fit. You have to cut off his feet. But you can't see his legs below the knee anyway once the interior is in the cab ! Be Well Gator
  14. That is a awesome project .It is obviously a complicated model to build ! Be Well Gator
  15. Dave, That sure is a long truck . I love the idea. And it looks like you have done a bit of work already . I will be looking forward to further updates . Be Well Gator
  16. Great subject . Nice work thus far . Looks good from here ! Be Well Gator
  17. Warren, I really like the subject for your build. Also like the color combination. Add some gold pinstripping and scroll work. And it is a classic ! Be Well Gator
  18. great looking project ! Insane building skills . Way out of my league for sure ! Be Well Gator
  19. Cool project nice work being done. Love your work area. Mine only gets cleaned up and tidy every other years or so ! Be Well Gator
  20. Tom, Great looking, project . love the paint scheme and color combination ! Be Well Gator
  21. Veddy veddy interesting project . I really like the combination of truck and trailer. Really reminds me of when I grew up . Be Well Gator
  22. JT, You got this one dude ! I know you can handle it. After all you are a Marine . Adapt , improvise , and Overcome ! Now gitter done Marine ! Oh and I also see it in Orange and Black ! Be Well Gator
  23. Brian, You have a great looking project going on here . I think JT orange is the bomb along with it is one of my personal favorite colors as well . The detail work on the interior looks good from here. Will be watching to see how this one finished out ! Be Well Gator
  24. Jeff. This is an awesome project.And it looks to me that you are really doing a great job on it thus far . Having grown up in South Florida . Snow plows are totally alien to me. But I do find them fascinating vehicles. Be Well Gator
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