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  1. I haven’t had too much time at the bench this week, between working and trying to get my truck and my wife’s daily cleaned up and being occupied by my dog. I did get the bottom of the body taped and sprayed in Gunmetal. I can never say it enough, I love Tamiya Tape. It never lets me down. I still have to tape the front bumper up and spray it as well. I will try to get this done tomorrow evening after work. I also sprayed a couple of test spoons for the wheel color. The spoon on the back is sprayed over a white base, and the one up front is sprayed over a black base. I think I will use the darker bronze pictured up front.
  2. Just joined up on your FB group. Looking forward to checking it out bud!
  3. Thank you guys! Thanks Steve. Yes he made these as well as some torque thrust wheels that I have from him. they are similar but the spokes on these are slightly different.
  4. Thank you Dann. I didn't get as much done yesterday as I wanted due to washing my truck and my wife's daily. Nice 57 degree winter day that I had to take advantage of, lol. I still have to fit and fix the opposite side wheels and they will be ready for paint. I can't wait to lay down the color on these to see how they are going to look. I also don't know if I am going to go with a Semi gloss or possibly leave them glossy. I will have to do a couple of test spoons with semi gloss, gloss and dullcote to see what looks the best.
  5. Lol. I have used a good bit of other products that they offered. But this is my actual first set of wheels that weren't aggravating and had hardly any clean up on them to be done.
  6. Thanks Luke. I’m really impressed with these Hobby Design wheels. I’ve had a couple of HD wheels before but none worked with Tamiya kits. They had to be adapted, and although I made them work it was aggravating. I like the fact that this Tamiya kit had a Fujimi or Aoshima type wheel fitment so these wheels went on with no problem.
  7. I got the suspension assembled and mounted on the chassis last night. Super excited to get the offsets setup on the wheels and finally see the stance on this beast. Here is just a mock up with the wheels. This is also my first time using valve stems. I don’t know how I’ve overlooked such a simple detail. I’ll definitely have to use them on my builds from now on.
  8. Thanks, John. Can't wait to get some clear on it to see what its actually going to look like.
  9. Thanks Dann! Gonna try to get either the chassis assembled this evening, or the Gunmetal sprayed on the body.
  10. Alright, the Hobby Design 20” TE37s came today. Super pleased with how well these are cast and how little work will need to be done. This had to be the first Tamiya kit that I’ve seen with a fitting on the wheels like this, so the Hobby Design wheels fit no problem, just shorten the stud some. I got the brakes all detailed up and stuck one behind a wheel, it’s gonna look sick once these are bronze. I also got the paint laid down on the body and mirrors. The hood crazed the primer on the 2nd pass for some reason. The body was already finished up and the hood went straight to a mess. So it’s in the brake fluid bath currently and I’ll do it over. Can’t wait to get the bottom half sprayed in Gunmetal and the carbon decals on. Then it’ll be time for clear, and this thing will really pop!
  11. Looking Great Dann! Love the interior colors. Shame about the Tamiya mishap over the Krylon. But it does look really good for future vinyl top use. I used 3M Spray adhesive for scrap booking on a Monte Carlo vinyl top before. Trick is to hold it about 3 feet away and mist it over it. Then you are ready to spray your Tamiya Semi-Gloss Black over that. Have a look and see what you think for future tips with vinyl roofs.
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