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  1. I really enjoyed following this build over on instagram. Again, amazing work man!
  2. This is such a cool build! Love the shorty stuff.
  3. Thanks Charles. I've always loved the weathered look but never took a shot at doing one until this build!
  4. Thank you!! I really enjoyed this build and style of build. Thanks Dan
  5. Thanks Jim! Glad to see an IG follower on here! Thanks Bruce! Thanks Mike! It was nice to try something out of the normal for a change. Thanks Bob!! The safari windows are a must on a sweet old school VW! Can't wait to bring this one to ACME this year! Thanks Chris!
  6. Thanks Graham! I originally was going to go the easier route, and just take some sand paper and scuff it down to show some of the red oxide bleeding through in a couple of places. After watching a lot of youtube videos and a lot of help from friends on Instagram, I decided to go all out and try something completely new to me. Boy, I'm glad I did! It is a super cool new skill that I now have in my arsenal, and something that is really fun to do!
  7. Thanks man! I threw this thing together super fast for a local show, and it took 1st place in the trucks/vans/SUV class. I was very surprised.
  8. Thank you! Definitely love this style of build. I’m very pleased with my first shot at it. Thank you so much. This was a super fun build and now I can’t wait to do another one like it.
  9. Awesome looking build. The wheel and tire combo really set it off with that lift!
  10. Such an amazing build with amazing details! Love the use of leather, and weathering as well!!
  11. Thanks man! This is a great kit to build.
  12. Thank you sir!! I definitely enjoy this style of build since I have one under my belt now.
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