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  1. Didn’t get too much exciting stuff done today. But I did get all the parts that need to be sprayed semi gloss black sprayed today. I also got the rear diff, transfer case, a-arms, and the transmission painted aluminum. Hoping to get all parts that need to be sprayed aluminum completed tomorrow as well as the suspension sprayed in yellow to replicate some upgraded Bilstein Struts.
  2. Thank you Dann! I wish my builds could be as good as yours, lol. Thank you!
  3. Sick pictures. I bet the ride in that was awesome! Definitely something to experience. The neon one is an evo 9 and the red and white one is an evo 8.
  4. Yes sir I have an 03 Evo 8. I’ve never seen one it’s its natural element in person. Plenty on tv lol. Awesome pic by the way ^ Judging by what little of the front bumper I can see, it looks like an Evo 7.
  5. I love any Evo, lol. I would love to have anywhere from a Evo 4-6, but they are super hard to come by. The 1:1, I started one a looooong time ago. Again, my skills were nowhere near what they are now. So, that is planned in the future, to maybe strip that one down or buy a whole new kit and give it a go again. Zero paints sells the color matched factory Mitsu paint that will match mine, and I know where to get a set of rims that match as well.
  6. I built one of these when I was growing up in Grabber blue, fun build. Great looking model!
  7. Thanks again! Tamiya kits are amazing in ease of building and quality for sure.
  8. This is some awesome work. Your bodywork/fab looks great!
  9. No problem, thanks for sharing your build! Thanks, I have a soft spot for them as I have an Evo 8 that has been fully built. That is why I disappeared for a year, lol. I spent the last year building the engine and getting it sorted out after a rod decided to vent the block. I can't say much, after 10 years of 500hp and 31psi of boost it was time the stock rod gave up, lol. Now I'm ready to hit the chassis dyno whenever I can get the chance, and get tuned after my new setup. I'm hoping to crack 700hp on some E85.
  10. I too built this kit probably 10+ years ago,lol. It was before my skills were that great and all rattle canned, no tape on the window trim, but still holds up well. I use a bare metal foil tool as pictured below.
  11. I managed to get a good bit more completed this afternoon/evening. The rear bumper has molded bolts that I have marked with a Sharpie. These must be sanded off as the TME car doesn’t have these. I also got the body/chassis/wing primed in white since the color will need a light base coat. I primed everything else as well in grey primer. I have a little work/sanding to do on the resin bumper that didn’t show up without primer. So, I’ll have to do that and prime it once more before I can lay down some color.
  12. Super excited to get this one on the bench. I saw a pic of one completed online with the detail-up kit from Hobby Design and knew I had to build one. The kit is a Tamiya Evo 6, And the detail-up set is from Hobby Design. I will also be adding a Hobby Design Muffler. The color is going to be Mitsubishi WRC Passion Red from Zero Paints topped with Zero Paints 2k Clear. The detail-up set includes the TME front bumper, TME wheels, TME decals, and photo etch parts as well. I am very impressed with the quality of the resin front bumper and wheels. Not very much work had to go into the front bumper to get it ready to be mounted on the car. I did so using some 5 min epoxy after completing all necessary body work. I also sanded out all of the high spots cause from molded dimples on the inside of the kit on the trunk, roof, and hood (as seen circled in red) and went over all of the panel lines with my scribing tool. I Hope for this to be a nice easy build as with all Tamiya kits.
  13. Awesome, clean build! I have wanted to build one of these for the longest but can never run across a kit locally or at any hobby store...looks like I need to start searching ebay, lol.
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