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  1. Wow, thank you very much for the kind words! I try my best on each build to make them look as close to real as possible.
  2. Thank you Rich! I try to give as detailed of a description as possible. I know it’s frustrating if someone else is looking to build the same kit as well, and can’t find any info for their build. Thank you. This kit has been out for about a year or more now. Thank you man! I am using the Foldio 3 with the optional Halo bars for lighting. It’s all adjustable on brightness…very nice booth for what I want to do. here is a link https://us.orangemonkie.com/product/foldio3/
  3. Thank you! Thanks man!! I usually use ScaleFinishes myself. And still have a lot left from previous sales he put on, but I’ve only been using Splash 2k for the last couple of years. You definitely will be pleased with whatever you may try.
  4. Thank you very much. Very happy with the outcome of this build!
  5. Thanks man. I really love how the 2k lays down on the last coat when thinned even more. Gives it that smooth finish
  6. Thank you sir! Haha, thanks a lot man. Each build I try to learn and incorporate more.
  7. Thank you very much. Thanks man! You definitely should give them a try. I’ve tried a lot of 2k clear and Splash is the best I have used to date. I’ve been using it for a couple of years now…and it goes well over any brand of paint I’ve sprayed it on.
  8. Again, I haven’t posted the work in progress pictures on here as I’ve been posting it all on Instagram. Splash Paints contacted me a while back, and sent me this Tamiya Mustang GT4, some of their Ford Ruby Red, and their 2k clear to showcase their product. This build turned out so amazing. Splash Paints really knocked it out of the park with the Ford Ruby Red/2k combo. If anyone is on the fence about using Splash Paints, give them a try. Super simple to use, shake, load up the airbrush, and spray. The kit is built essentially stock, minus a lot of carbon from Scale Motorsports, wiring, and hoses added. The body was prepped and primed in Splash Paints Dark Grey Surface Primer, then the Ford Ruby Red was laid down. This paint laid down smoothly and glossy (even without clear). Kit livery decals were then added, with an addition of a carbon fiber roof, carbon side skirts, carbon hood vents, a carbon rear filler panel, and carbon front lip/undertrays from Scale Motorsports. The interior/chassis is painted in Splash Paints Essential Series Pure White and covered with a coat of Semi Gloss Tamiya Clear, then weathered for a race worn look. The interior also has all panels done in carbon fiber, just as the 1:1 has, using Scale Motorsports carbon decals. It was then fully wired for extra details. The harness used is an Eduard Photo-etch harness. The wheels are finished in Splash Paints Gunmetal Metalizer. The tires have been sanded down for a worn look, then Power Slide tire decals were used, and weathered as well. I will definitely be adding another one or two of these to the stash and building another livery and a street car! On to the next build. Thanks for looking!
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