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  1. Super clean build! Love the detailing you did. What did you use for the texture on the valve covers, and what did you use for the hood spring and brake lines?
  2. I didn’t see that when I tried to order on my cell phone yesterday, thanks. I’ll give it another shot. The delivery is only 5-7 days so I’ll wait it out.
  3. Well I got home today to find my decals in the mailbox. Great packaging and super pleased.....that is until I opened them. There appears to be a film on them. It seems as if maybe they went into the packaging immediately after printing while the ink was still wet. I figured I’ll try the instrument panel to see if these spots go away in water. Nope, they sure don’t . I’m pretty pissed about this. Spotmodel.com has no more in stock and hiroboy.com wants $45 to ship them to the States. Now I’m at a stall for something that’s their fault.
  4. Thanks Dann! Hope it turns out great. I’ve got a lot of time in it so far.
  5. Thanks David! Hopefully the 2K clear will really make that pearl pop. It did well with just Tamiya TS13 on the spoon, so that 2k is definitely going to add some depth.
  6. Thanks again Michael! Can't wait for the decals to get here, but it may be Thanksgiving or so before they show up since they're coming from Spain. So I'm going to focus now on trying to get the chassis ready. Lots of small details still left to do on interior and suspension.
  7. Today was a rainy day so I was able to stay inside and get some work done after getting home from work. After lots of taping, I sprayed the bottom half of the body In Splash Paints Beluga Black lacquer. Very satisfied with the results. Tamiya tape never lets me down on good crisp lines as well. I also got all the small body parts that are black, as well as the wheels sprayed in this same Splash Paints color. After the body I sprayed the wheel wells in some Tamiya Semi Gloss Black to prepare them for the Carbon Kevlar decals as on the 1:1 as seen in the pics if you look closely. I also included 2 different pics of the body in different lighting to show the different effects that light has on this paint.
  8. That was the first thought when I sprayed the spoon the other day. Without the clear, it has no depth at all, and I was really disappointed until I shot some Tamiya TS13 clear over it. The body looks like it has no color shift at all without clear, unless you move it in the light, and the camera can't catch it at all. But once some 2k clear is laid over it, it is gonna pop for sure. The pic below is only Tamiya TS13 clear, and it isn't as clear as the full sized photo either. Different lighting really plays a roll in this color for sure.
  9. Well I managed to work up the courage to spray the color on the body tonight. Super pleased with the way this turned out and I can’t wait to get the black part sprayed and the decals on to put the 2k clear on. That should really make that pearl pop! It took 14 super light coats to get this color the way I wanted it. I hate that the light and camera won’t show the pearl in this paint because it’s amazing in person
  10. Man this is a cool kit. Excited to see your end results, should be killer like everything you usually do!
  11. Thank you David! It has definitely taken a lot of time, but it hasn't really been super difficult. The end result is worth it.
  12. Thank you Michael. I hope so as well. This is a rare kit and I don't want to screw it up with mishaps such as too hot of a paint reaction.
  13. I didn’t get too much done this evening l, but I did get the instrument cluster carbon decals on and buttons detailed. I will have to wait on my Shunko decals to do the gauge cluster though. I also sprayed some Zero Paints on a test spoon. I used the exact same primer I used before which was Tamiya White Primer. This is the same stuff I used before with horrible luck that crazed my TME Evo build, which resulted in a complete strip and repaint with Tamiya spray. I am super pleased with these results, but I’m still horrified to put it on the fully prepped body. Hopefully it will not have a bad reaction to the primer. Maybe this color wasn’t mixed as hot as the Evo Red? Anywho, I included some pics of the color in the sun and inside to see how much pearl is in this paint and it’s beautiful.
  14. Thanks Tom, Hoping I can get some more stuff done this evening.
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