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  1. The battery pack is inside of the body, in what should be an engine bay, lol. I had to cut a little of the interior tub to fit the battery pack in far enough to clear everything but the dash hid the pack. If you look right in front of the exhaust pipe on the picture of the underbody, you can see the switch where I had to cut a small slot to access it.
  2. Thanks Dominik Thank you Carl! glad to see this little import getting some love on this board, lol.
  3. Oh sorry I misread your comment, lol. They are lit, I used Micro LED lights in red for the rear, cool white for the headlights, and orange for the park lights. The hue on the camera made the head lights look yellowish for some reason, when they're actually a pure white.
  4. Thank you! I used a red sharpie and put bmf on the tail light bucket of the body. Works great. I’ve been doing this now for the past year or so on my builds and it looks so convincing
  5. Thanks man!!! The panel lines are what make or break a build in my opinion Thanks man! This kit has no interior detail hardly at all so it needed help
  6. Thank you very much!!! Thank you very much! Yes the color is definitely a favorite on any build I’ve done lately
  7. Beautiful Build!! I love the colors on the seats. I just got the model for Christmas and it's good to see it built up in a way that it should be!
  8. Thank you Philippe! Thanks Anton! Thanks Nigel! I wanted something different, and Midori Green was way overdone. I saw this color on a 1:1 online and had to find out what it was to do it myself. Thanks Craig! Thanks Rusty! Glad to see this little import getting some love! Thanks Kurt! I've been using Splash Paints for at least 3-4 years now. I have never managed to have any melt or craze anything on me. I do multiple mist coats to build a good foundation for a wet color coat. The LED addition was definitely a good bit of work, but was really worth it for the end result. The red on the tail lights believe it or not, is red Sharpie. I'll include my method that I use to shoot Splash color and 2k clear that I posted on my NSX build page. Hope it can help you.
  9. Thanks man!! I always wonder why people bash on curbside stuff. I love building a detailed engine bay, but when I want a quick build, a curbside does it every time. You can still be just as detailed as you would be under the hood, just in other areas.
  10. Thank you sir! Thank you! Yes the stance out of the box was horrible. It definitely needed some help, lol. This was my first Fujimi kit. I have built so many Tamiya kits, I guess I am spoiled. The Fujimi is very basic, and lacks a lot of detail and the molded in headlights on the body is kind of a bummer as well. I would build another, but I doubt it would be as detailed as this build. Thank you! Thanks man! I wanted it to be something that looked the part for an auto cross car or maybe a nice twisty track day car.
  11. I’m very happy to call this build complete! It took a little longer to complete since starting back to work and having other things to do as well. This was built using the 1/24 Fujimi Civic Type-R kit. The paint is a custom mix of OEM Lexus Desert Sage Metallic from Splash Paints topped with Splash Paints 2k Clear to give it that great shine. I couldn’t be any happier with how this color turned out, Splash is on top of their Custom mixes! The body is pretty much out of the box stock except for the front bumper holes were filled in,I opened up the grille and used some mesh, and I added some LED lighting, thanks to the help of Aerev, on Instagram. The body needed some carbon fiber, so I used Scale Motorsports carbon decals to make the hood and rear spoiler look much better. I also scratch built a full cage inside (painted using Splash Paints Pure White,) used ZoomOn racing seats (painted in Splash Paints Red Interior color,) installed Eduard 4 point harnesses, and used some Hobby Design "Bride" Decals to get a much better looking interior. The carpet was also done using red embossing powder, and the rear package shelf was done using a silver embossing powder. The exhaust that came in the kit was used, but the tip itself looked way too tiny, and not appropriate for the build, so I made an exhaust tip out of some styrene tubing, and lowered the muffler section down to clear the rear bumper. The car did not sit low enough for the look I was shooting for either, so it had to be lowered to fit the part. The wheels are Volk CE28 from AvenWorks They are finished in Dupli-Color Bronze wheel paint. I also added some RB Motion valve stems. I am very pleased to add this one to the build collection and would love to build another one day. Thanks for checking it out, and on to the next build which will reveal a new paint line and color for Splash Paints!
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