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  1. Yes, it is very small. I haven't tried a 1/25 on it yet but like you say it probably wouldn't look very good on it. If I took the photoetch toolbox off, a car may could go a bit further up on the deck. I like the box though, so it stays, lol.
  2. Thanks! Looks great man! I never have had anything to sit the models on. As you said the asphalt was always out of scale.
  3. Lol, thanks Peter. The other section seems to get a littler higher traffic than here. But you are right, if it is built nice and clean, people will respond to it for sure. Thanks again...I cant seem to get my photography right for some outdoor stuff. I need to try again, I've only done it one time before.
  4. I'll have to put a couple of my Revell 1/25 scale builds on it to see how it compares.
  5. Thank you Paul! Unfortunately it is a 1:24 Scale. So the Revell 1/25 stuff may look a little large for it. Since most of my builds are 1/24 Tamiya stuff, it works out.
  6. Beautiful build. I have this kit in my stash as well. Awesome inspiration to build one for anyone
  7. Super clean build Tom! Glad my build inspired you to do one of these kits. They are way underrated! The Scenes Unlimited tires make a huge difference for sure.
  8. Thanks Al! Thanks man! yes the glass was another issue that sucked, lol. A good bit of filing on the glass as well as the body had to be done to achieve even a decent fit.
  9. Thanks again JT! Don't overlook these snap kits. They can build up super nice. That is a factory color as well Mixed up by Jameston at ScaleFinishes. Probably my favorite color on these trucks. Thank you Dominik! As said before, snap kits get overlooked a little too much sometimes.
  10. Thanks JT! I hate that I couldn't post this finished build in the Automotive section. I feel it would get a lot more traffic and views. You are right, some of these snap kits don't need to be overlooked, they build up great if you apply everything you do on a non snap kit.
  11. Thank you very much Mark! Thanks Jim. As soon as I saw a pic of one online, I had to build one. Here is my inspiration for this build.
  12. Thanks Thomas! You are exactly correct about the stupid molded in engine. I love Tamiya Kits but this was super disappointing, and a PITA to mask and paint up correctly.
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