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  1. I really love these. I wish I had one to build. Looks great!!
  2. Love the builds! Great quality as always beats quantity.
  3. Mike, thank you for the kind words and compliments. I try my hardest to learn more and improve on each build. Always appreciate the insight from you for aftermarket resin parts as well. The Raptor was a fun quick build that I’d do again as well.
  4. Lol thank you. The carbon work is frustrating but worth the trouble.
  5. Thank you!! That’s a good thing right? Lol.
  6. Thank you for your kind words! I really didn’t expect to win but I entered anyway lol. Where were the results posted??
  7. Thank you. I strive to get better with each paint job.
  8. Thank you very much. I need to take some pics of the race car on the trailer next time the booth comes out.
  9. Thank you very much!! Not bad for an iphone camera huh? Lol.
  10. Thank you very much! Never would believe it was a snap kit huh? Thank you. That is what happened to me as well. 😂. I saw a picture online of a 1:1, and had to bump mine up on the list as well. Thank you for the kind words. Looks like my investment in the light booth during quarantine paid off lol. Thank you!
  11. Thank you very much. Thanks! The wheels are hobby Design 20” Volk TE37s, and the tires are from the GTR kit. Thank you!!
  12. Thank you sir! Definitely my best in the last 3 years thanks to the quarantine lol. thank you! I had planned on getting about 3 more completed but we decided to remodel the house. Lol. Glad you could use them for reference. Lots of strategic planning to get all the pieces to match up like they are one piece for sure. It adds to the time of the build for sure. Thank you. It became my favorite as soon as it was done. I’m a sucker for that color.
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