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  1. I got the front diffuser carbon decaled tonight. This took entirely too long lol. But definitely worth it in the end
  2. Great looking build, cant wait to see this underglass
  3. Thank you. Yes, I bought aftermarket decals from Shunko. Tamiya's decals are usually great, however this is an old kit, so they pretty much disintegrated when they hit the water to be removed off of the paper.
  4. Welcome back to the adventures in carbon fiber decaling, lol. I managed to get the side skirts, front and rear diffusers, and mirrors sprayed black. I then got the Kevlar decals on the side skirts on, and the carbon fiber decals on the rear diffuser. The rear diffuser took almost 2.5 hours to complete and lots of pieces. The front one will take longer more than likely.
  5. Awesome work this thing is so clean. Love the color
  6. Thank you! This is my first big decal heavy build, lol.
  7. Thanks again Tom! I'm hoping to be back at the bench this evening doing some more tedious carbon fiber decal work. I still have the mirrors, and front and rear splitters left to decal in carbon fiber. Then I have the bottoms of the side skirts left to do in Kevlar, and it will be time for all of it to be cleared in some 2k clear. Should really pick up in speed on assembly then.
  8. Blake, the stand is a Tamiya Painting Stand. It is a really great tool to have when spraying bodies. If you can pick one up, do so and you will thank yourself for it, lol. https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/airbrushesaccessories/spray-work-painting-stand-set/
  9. Looking forward to see what magic you work on this one Dann.
  10. Thank you very much. I am getting anxious to see this one wrapped up.
  11. This is an amazing build. Super clean, awesome color and paint work, amazing detail!
  12. Thanks Dann. I Still have 2 gray side pads to paint on the seat, but other than that it's done. I'm really glad the brakes came with the detail. I could not find a photo etch set for this kit and really hoped they would have the needed details.
  13. I got some time at the bench today. I managed to get the rotors done and detailed, as well as the Kevlar decals on the rear of the seat. Next I will have to figure out how to get in there to do the seatbelts around the cage behind the seat.
  14. I did get some time at the bench today. I got all of my wires ran on the interior. The rollcage and dash are just placed on the chassis to get a look at how everything lays out. Next I will do the Kevlar on the rear of the seat and attempting to do my first shot at a real racing harness.
  15. Thank you Dann! This is really coming along pretty nicely.
  16. I got all of the front and rear suspension, minus brakes, all assembled on the chassis this evening. I finished heat staining the exhaust too. It’s a shame the front suspension will get covered up by the under tray, lol. I’ve been waiting to get the underbody together before I started assembling the interior because I am going to try to run wires and be as detailed as possible. The cage is just sat on in these pics to get fitment and routing correct. I ran out of time so I only got to make a couple of things work. The ECU in the floor, I made a bundle of wires that runs to the firewall. I also only got to make one wire for the Radio which is a first for me as well. There is a lot of work left to do on the interior however, but I have finally gotten a start on it.
  17. Lol thanks David. I hope I can build it all the way it should be built. The film does go away. I sprayed the console with some clear and it’s all good.
  18. It’s been a little bit since I’ve gotten to sit down at the bench. There has been a lot going on, but I did get the exhaust and radiator painted in SpazStix Chrome. I then heat stained the exhaust using Alclad paints. I still have to use the Tamiya weathering powder to finish it off. I did finish all of the Kevlar decals for the fender wells and also got started on the suspension. I decided to do the driveshafts with Carbon as well. I only dry fit everything to get an idea of how it’s going to look. I also finished the carbon decals in the b-pillars of the doors and added one more decal to the rear bumper that was an extra in the Shunko set. Took me a couple of pictures of the 1:1 to actually figure out there was something missing lol. The decals on the wheels are finished as well, I just have to detail the center lugs on them before clear.
  19. Makes sense. Lol, forgot the entire body was carbon and Kevlar. Yes I will be 2k clearing it so all of the spots in the decals will go away. Shunko messed up when they went to a different type of print on their decals, they look ruined with the spots, but clear coat covers them up like they were never there.
  20. So I managed to get All of the decal work on both sides and rear of the car done as well as the spoiler. I still have to make some carbon decals for the b-pillars on the doors as the 1:1 has carbon trim there. Then I will be moving on to the lower halves of the Kevlar sides and wheels. The spoiler is currently just placed on the trunk as it normally will be attached on risers. I just wanted to get an idea of the big picture.
  21. Thanks Michael! This is only my second build with decals such as this, and my first race car. It really has been a fun build so far...definitely makes me want to build more of the Japanese GT cars. Thanks Tom! The spots on the decals still make me nervous, even though I have cleared the center console and they go away....as well as I did get in touch with Shunko about these spots, and this was their response....sets my mind at ease now, lol. -------Dear Sir, As I informed you in e-mails titled "From Shunko Models (February 2019)" and "From Shunko Models (March 2019)", we changed softer printing. (or "soft-type".) In the former e-mail, I mentioned "The most serious problem is that because its surface is weak, the protection paper will damage it a little bit". In the past ten days, we have received inquiries that "something wrong with the surface of decals" from dealers inside and outside Japan. But all of the problem is the same as what I told in the e-mail. We would like to ask you again to provide thorough information about soft-type decals' character to customers before selling products. Considering this situation, today, we will put detailed explanation of soft-type decals on our web site. And, because it seems that many customers don't support soft-type decals, we decided that we will be back to former printing method (or "hard-type") form products which will be released in January 2020. We also decided that we will completely terminate shipping soft-type decals, with a grace period. The following is the content posted on the website. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since we heard from some customers that the decals tear easily and are difficult to apply, we changed to a flexible decal (or "soft-type") in March 2019. However, since this soft type is made of a resin that cannot be restored after being deformed by external force, the rough surface of the protective paper remains as a mottled surface on the decal surface. On the other hand, there is no problem applying paint on the decal. When using soft-type decals, we recommend that you carefully blow clear paint or flat clear paint after the attached decals are completely dry. When it comes to the hard decals produced before February 2019 (or "hard-type"), you have to handle them with care after soaking them in lukewarm water, or they will tear. But the decals are hard and do not leave traces of the protective paper. Currently, our products have both hard and soft-type decals. You can identify the type from the label on the top right of the package. The hard type has a Japanese character, and the soft type does not have a Japanese character. (However, some products may have different small pieces.) We hope that you will consider and use the product after understanding the characteristics of each type. The soft-type decals are not supported by customers, so the printing method will be changed for this product in January 2020; thereafter, we will release the hard-type decals only. In addition, in order to eliminate situations in which both types are mixed, we will terminate the shipment of all soft-type decals on June 30, 2020. We will dispose of the remaining inventory of soft-type decals on July 1st.
  22. It’s been a while since I’ve had any time at the work bench due to some unexpected events. I did get a little time this evening to start the decal process, which is gonna be a long deal, lol. The fender wells have been the biggest pain in the butt and I have one left to do.
  23. Super clean build! Love the detailing you did. What did you use for the texture on the valve covers, and what did you use for the hood spring and brake lines?
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