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  1. Lol, thank you very much!! Thanks man! White has always been a hard subject to build and keep clean throughout the process.
  2. Thanks Adam! Thank you very much! Thanks man! White is always hard to pull off
  3. Fantastic build as always. Loved following the build process too!!
  4. Thank you very much!! Yea I started to really do this more here lately. Adds a lot of depth to the undercarriage. Thanks brother! Loved following your build and the final product as well! Thank you. I used the Tamiya Skyline 2000gtr street tuned kit for my s20 engine. Little bit of modifications had to be made but looks perfect. I used a set of 16” advans from the Tamiya FD RX7 kit that I had lying around.
  5. Absolutely beautiful build. Love that color!
  6. Thank you very muuch! The swap was super straight forward. All that had to be done was flip the S20 (GTR) oil pan, and take the engine mounts from the 240 engine and flip them as well, so the engine would have the correct angle to it. I did have to extend the driveshaft by maybe 4mm. Also the Radiator is a 2 pc from the 240 kit, so it was a touch thick. I just left one half off of it and got some Detail Master Radiator Photo Etch material and put in its place.
  7. Thank you sir! Thanks man!! Thank you very much!!!
  8. Thank you Thanks man!! Thank you very much. Definitely makes a huge difference
  9. Thank you so much! Definitely one of my favorite builds!!
  10. Thank you!! Yes those little s20 engines sound awesome. Would love to have this one in my garage.
  11. This kit is soooo nice man. And yes, all the window trim is extremely well plated chrome that looks super real. Just have to paint the gasket around it and your good to go.
  12. The Tamiya Nissan 240ZG build for Splash Paints to debut their new OEM color, Kilimanjaro White, is finished! This kit was an absolute pleasure to build. Like any Tamiya kit, it all fell right into place. This thing has more detail than any Tamiya kit that I’ve ever built. Again, I’d like to thank Sam over at Splash Paints for giving me the opportunity to build this awesome kit, and shoot the brand new paint for their line up! The body required very minimal clean up and was molded with nice crisp details. I decided to delete the rear bumper which required some sanding and filling, but was well worth it. The body color is brand new for the Splash Paints Nissan Z line up, and is Kilimanjaro White topped with Splash Paints 2k Clear Coat. All of the black panels are finished in Splash Paints Semi-Gloss Black. I decided to ditch the kit supplied SOHC engine and put in an DOHC S20 GT-R engine (The engine was taken from the Tamiya GT-R 2000 street custom kit.)This would make the car one of the rare Z432 cars that were made. The engine bay is completely wired and plumbed, and brake lines have been installed as well. The distributor is a pre-wired unit from Parts-By-Parks. The interior was painted in Splash Paints Semi-Gloss Black as well and has had black embossing powder added for carpet. The underbody has been slightly weathered to give it some depth and take away from the plain white. The wheels are 16” Volk TE37v printed by AvenWorks 24. They are finished in Splash Paints Gunmetal Metalizer with SpazStix Chrome used on the lip. I also installed RB Motion Valve Stems to complete the look I also used Zoom On Brakes and their Photo Etch rotors for this build. Thanks for taking the time to check out this great build!
  13. I used this on my 59 caddy...worked out super well.
  14. The battery pack is inside of the body, in what should be an engine bay, lol. I had to cut a little of the interior tub to fit the battery pack in far enough to clear everything but the dash hid the pack. If you look right in front of the exhaust pipe on the picture of the underbody, you can see the switch where I had to cut a small slot to access it.
  15. Thanks Dominik Thank you Carl! glad to see this little import getting some love on this board, lol.
  16. Oh sorry I misread your comment, lol. They are lit, I used Micro LED lights in red for the rear, cool white for the headlights, and orange for the park lights. The hue on the camera made the head lights look yellowish for some reason, when they're actually a pure white.
  17. Thank you! I used a red sharpie and put bmf on the tail light bucket of the body. Works great. I’ve been doing this now for the past year or so on my builds and it looks so convincing
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