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  1. Love the quality of this build so far. Interior color is great, and the paint job looks great on the body.
  2. Thanks man! I'd love to have it too, lol. Yea the wheel chock is removable, so next time i shoot some pics I will move it a little further forward. Kind of funny though, I pulled my Evo 8 with my 2017 Sierra All Terrain 4x4 almost in the same position and it towed straight as an arrow with no swaying. Thanks Dan! Heck yea, build it up and post some pics man!
  3. Thanks Steve. I'm not a Ford guy but man, I'd definitely have one of these. I'd have to slap a VMP Supercharger on it too
  4. Thanks guys! I can tell this is a super nice kit while taking everything off to prep for primer. Sucks it will be a slower build since I will not have all my time devoted to it, lol.
  5. Oh man, that's a lot of work. I did my time on outdoor landscaping while the state was shut down for almost a month. Glad to have gotten it completed while it was still decently cool here in SC
  6. Thanks Chris! For sure. I need to take some new pics of some old builds now that I have a real light booth and throw them on there, lol.
  7. Thanks Dann! I have come to a stand still for time being on this build, lol. My wife has decided it is time to update the kitchen, which involved a color change on the entire house, lol. So now my weekends off of work are dedicated to getting as much done in a day or two on the house as possible. But, I will keep trying to do a little bit during the week on the model if possible.
  8. Thanks man! Definitely don't overlook a snap kit, lol. Here is a thread with it doing work as it should hauling a trailer. I got a Scenes Unlimited trailer hitch for it to tow with.
  9. Thanks Carl! Definitely wish this could classify to go in with the cars underglass so it would get some attention
  10. Thank you! I love the look of it. It’s gonna be pretty cool for shows
  11. Yes, the first time I did it on my 55 Cameo, I was going nuts. Then someone here on the forum chimed in and told me to try CA glue over top of the filler, and it would reduce chances on it happening. As you can see, some areas it works perfect, and some require some more effort like the back fender vents and front bumper fillers.
  12. So I realized after looking through some pictures, that the front bumper doesn’t have the fog lights on the Riley Motorsports car. So I took the fog light lenses and glued them in as they normally would be, and took some putty and superglue and went to work. After all that, I opened up the holes in the exhaust so they would have more depth to them. I also sanded the sink marks out of the spoiler to get it ready for primer as well. After what seems forever I finally got everything cut from their spru’s and primed, as well as the body. The body needs a little more putty work on the rear fender vents and fog lights that I patched up. The rear bumper, hood inlet, and side inlets turned out great though. Hope to get a little more work done on the body tomorrow to correct these issues.
  13. Looks good. I’ve had this kit for a while...it screams to be built lol.
  14. Sorry the decal company is SlotFabrik. I got them off of Hiroboy.
  15. I started a new project today. Tamiya’s 1/24 Mercedes AMG GT3. I’m going to build it in the Riley Motorsports American Flag Livery, which are made by SlotFabrik and can be found on Hiroboy. Paint will be the same ScaleFinishes Ford Blue Flame Metallic that I used on my Raptor, as I can’t exactly find a color for this car. It Doesn’t look like much has been done, but all of the mold lines have been sanded and I have taken care of the panel lines with my panel scribe tool. I have also glued in the body panels that can be glued in before paint, and went ahead and filled these with putty to sand them down smooth. After the putty cured, I sanded them down and applied some super glue over top of the putty to keep the ghosting down. I have also went ahead and cleaned the mold lines and sink marks off of the cage. Then, assembled It inside of the interior tub to let it dry for the evening. Looking forward to build it as detailed as possible, hopefully as detailed as my Pennzoil R34. So this means lots of carbon fiber decal work, especially on the interior.
  16. I finally finished my Aoshima 1/24 Brian James Trailer. It’s painted in Tamiya Acrylic Metallic Grey (XF-56). I decided against the standard color of Aluminum and the kit decals which were red. So, I taped it up and sprayed some black in place of them. The Decals on the sides are various Hobby Design decals, and the tool box is a Highlight Model Studios photoetch tool box. I wish I could get some pics of the whole rig and trailer together but my photo booth is a bit small lol. Enjoy, now on to the next build!!
  17. still a great looking build! your paint looks great!
  18. Looking great so far! The R34 Tamiya's have to be my favorite kit so far. Excellent to build up and look awesome when finished. I have built one of these and an R32 Z-Tune, and have 2 more in the stash for future plans. Looking forward to seeing your build finished up.
  19. Great build! Love the details. Been wanting to pick this kit up myself.
  20. Sweet build! Love the hellcat engine...where did it come from?
  21. Super Clean build man! Any engine shots?
  22. Yea, unfortunately South Carolina has to be one of the dumbest states for wanting to open stuff back up too quickly or soon.
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