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  1. lamboscales added a post in a topic Building a 1/4 Lamborghini   

    Hi everyone. It's been awhile since I posted. The server that hosted my site disappeared, but I've found a better one. Here's my new link: lamboscales.110mb.com I added a few more pictures to "Stage 7"

    I also tried to get some material for my rubber tyres and windhield/lights. I've sent two emails to Michael Ortmann, I've got no reply, and I contacted http://www.gcip.co.uk/ for lexan, and they didn't respond neither. I'm very disappointed. I understand that a Lambrghini owner refuses to help me by giving me some measurements, but I'm ignored eaven if I want to buy stuff from someone?
  2. lamboscales added a post in a topic Building a 1/4 Lamborghini   


    Nice collection of pictures you have! Yes, I have a huge source of images, but there are rare pics in your album.

    It is quite big (~ 48x20x9.2 in), and I have problems with space often. I was thinking if I had enough space, I would make all the Lambos I like, and some other cars in this size. I will think about this ONLY when my current project is finished AND I have enough room

    Thanks for all the great help you guys gave me. I will look around where these materials can be found. Michael Ortmann seems a good deal to me, I hope the material he uses is easy to work with. Both acetate and Lexan sound promising, I have to try out both.

    Here's a pic from yesterday. I'm correcting lines that are wrong. There are much more than it seems. I realized, if you want to make it accurate as possible, you have to spend more time just watching it than working on it.

  3. lamboscales added a post in a topic Building a 1/4 Lamborghini   

    Thanks for the replys guys...

    The major problem is, I live in Europe, and most of the materials used in the US are not available here, or have a different name, or different characteristics. I-ve never heard of these materials: acetate, clear plastic sheets from evergreen and vacu-forming. Maybe acetate can be found here, but it would be hard to find. The second problem is, there are no model-shops in the area. not eaven in a range of 200 miles. In fact there are a few shops, but they sell only models. I will search for the materials mentioned above.

    As for the tyres... I don't want to use RC car tyres (eaven if they would be available), because I want to make it as accurate as possible. They mst be a the right size and need to have the original Pirelli profile.
    What is the rubber-like resin? Is it a material similar to epoxy/polyesther resin (2 composites, no special technique required)? Just how hard is it? Is it only an alternative for not using hard plastics, or is it smooth like a real tyre? Which stores should have this resin?

    The taillights are simple to make as far as I find the perfect material for the windhield. I plan to make it 100% transparent and use some semi-transparent red-yellow films/vinyls/whatever. The only hard part is the bottom of the tail-lights, because they are bent at a sharp angle.

    Thanks again, I already found some great help here. I will update my site as I go further with my project.
  4. lamboscales added a topic in General   

    Building a 1/4 Lamborghini
    Hi everyone. I started my project two years ago. I'm building a Murcielago from scratch. I need advices and help from experts. This is something I've never done before. The body is almost done, there are several areas left that need to be finished. I will use fiberflass for the body (and I plan to use fiberglass for the technical parts like the engine, and the interior, the latter will be upholstered with leather).

    But until then, there are some problems I need to solve:

    - The first main issue is finding a perfect material for the lights/widows. The best material I can think of is plexid. I'm a little worried about plexid thogh, I don't know how can I bend the plexid (to have the lines of the windshield), and there are parts that need to bent at an angle too. And I'm worried, plexid will loose it's transparency over some time.
    - The second are the tyres. Is there any way to make rubber tyres at home? I heard about some rubber material that is available here, but that has a light brown-ish colour, not black. First I thought I'll make the tyres of fiberglass too, but at a 1/4 scale it's disappointing to have plastic wheels.

    Here are some pics:

    My site:
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