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  1. Shafter44 added a post in a topic Pay It Forward   

    I guess positive karma isn't enough to motivate people these days but if it makes you feel better IBorg I don't post much but there are several people on this board who I have sent parts to for free and I just basically gave away an old annual to another member so don't lose faith in the human race just yet. Just do what you can and hope for the best.
  2. Shafter44 added a post in a topic Offbeat Places You Have Purchased Model Kits?   

    My brother in law is from France and in 1989 he and my sister decided to move back to the area he was from. My then wife and I used this as an excuse to go on a European vacation later that year and while visiting my sister we happened upon a clockmakers shop in a village not to far from their home. Inside the shop high up on a dusty shelf I found 6 unopened JO-HAN kits still priced like it was 1975. Needless to say I purchased them all, for even less than the stickered price, because the owner was happy to be rid of them. My bro in law translated the story to me that they were all left over from the son of the previous owner who had apparently tried to start a hobby shop inside his father's store at some point and when the current owners had bought the business they had found a few kits and supplies left over and they had no need for any of it and what I purchased were the last remnants. I still have all of them displayed just as I found them because even after all this time and a messy divorce I just can't bring myself to open them. 
  3. Shafter44 added a post in a topic AMT Avanti Halibrand wheel covers   

    PM sent
  4. Shafter44 added a post in a topic AMT Avanti Halibrand wheel covers   

    PM sent
  5. Shafter44 added a post in a topic Little Caesar's Pizza   

    Great looking ride, Andretti was one of my favorites back then even if he didn't live up to the hype attached to his name.
  6. Shafter44 added a post in a topic GMC Steel Tilt   

    I have several different Ford and GM toy trucks made by IDEAL marked Made in Japan and copyrighted between 1966-68. These were very high quality pieces with features like separate windshield wipers,horns, etc. and multi piece wheels and cargo boxes. They are about 1/32 scale and are probably where the resin kit came from. If you run across any they are impressive versions of a subject not otherwise available but they don't show up in very good shape to often as they are somewhat fragile. If i get a chance I will dig them out and post some pics as there high parts count makes them easy to disassemble and modify and many 1/35 scale parts work well on them.
  7. Shafter44 added a post in a topic RHV (Recon Hover Vehicle)   

    Just WOW!! I love all your sci-fi stuff you have a real knack for making them just the right amount of believable. Keep up the amazing work because plenty of people build trucks even hacks like myself.
  8. Shafter44 added a post in a topic What is your Favorite Auto or Truck Program??   

    Personally I can't stand 90% of the scripted "reality" shows out there these days but consider Jay Leno's Garage to be the real deal as he is a well known car guy and make an exception for Wheeler Dealers because it does seem like it started as the genuine article and has maintained at least some link to the real world. What I really enjoy is all of the obscure motorsports coverage on MAVtv, I mean where else can you see drag boats and tractor pulls back to back (YouTube doesn't count).
  9. Shafter44 added a post in a topic Do You Have Any Kits You Will NEVER Build?   

    I have several kits in my collection that I will never build even though they may not have been purchased with that intent. Whether it be the nostalgia a MIB kit I destroyed as a child brings out or just the fact that I find a certain beauty in the way a pristine kit looks before any of the parts have come off the trees there are probably quite a few kits I own that I would probably find a replacement for before I would build the ones I already have.
  10. Shafter44 added a post in a topic Why are 1/43 Scale Models so Pricey   

    Most 1/43 scale kits are not only limited production but primarily originate in Europe and have the cost of import passed on to those of us in the US who have taken the time to build them. In addition the fact that most are only available for a short time from the original manufacturer means that by the time the average hobbyist encounters them they have acquired "collector" prices. Even with these faults though you can get some amazing stuff you wont find in larger scales and some truly surprising kits exist. In the early 90's I built a lot of NASCAR kits from Starter(France) that were available mostly because they didn't seem to care about all those licensing and copyright laws the big companies had to deal with, although I paid a premium to get the kits.
  11. Shafter44 added a post in a topic PC-Mischievich Wiffy   

    Beautiful work on all the kits you just posted. Wonderful painting skills for such small kits.
  12. Shafter44 added a post in a topic Model car builders are cheapskates, right?   

    Well I am definitely a cheapskate. I know most of the "professional" flea marketers in my area and rarely pay more than $5 for a kit and the system seems to be working because in last 4 years I've accumulated about 450 kits. There are a few older large scale kits that I paid $10-20 for but other than that it would be whatever Hobby Lobby is charging (minus 40% of course).
  13. Shafter44 added a post in a topic Diesel Cadillac Mad Max style   

    I think the rims look fine. Water and super clean aren't easy to find in the wasteland so when he had a little extra he said to himself "Hey, I bet those rims would look awesome cleaned up". I mean you gotta fill the time between road wars with some constructive activity.
  14. Shafter44 added a post in a topic Need Help - What's This Engine?   

    I had the same question last year when I built one of the DTR reissues of that kit. I decided it was the engine that came in the kit and just kinda went with because I personally don't think an accurate representation of anything other than the engine from the Lindberg modified. You can always make up some story about a racer in Somewhere, USA who decided to build his own motor and that's why they kitted that car instead of the thousands of others that existed at the time, makes a better story than the designers were just lazy.
  15. Shafter44 added a post in a topic Is it worth anything?   

    I agree with bismarck its a good kit that may bit a bit long in the tooth but still builds well. As for value a ton of non-modelers bought these after the movie came out and they seem to appear at thrift shops and flea markets quite often , in fact I have one in nearly identical condition taking up space at my house that I bought for 3$ bucks at a flea market a few years ago. That said you can still usually trade them to the ship builders for something that may interest you more.