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  1. Absolute stunner! The amount of detail is perfect. I love the color combination. Great work! Keep it going.
  2. Fantastic work, great looking Olds. Always loved those cars in gold.
  3. Beautiful car, very nice build. Keep up the good work.
  4. Great job, love the movie and the soundtrack even more. I had no idea this even existed.
  5. I was hoping it was the British plates. I am not very familiar with the european trucks, but I like the style. Very similar to our cabover trucks that used to rule the interstates and highways.
  6. Thanks, I'm not crazy about the plastic tires, I might get the rubber tires for my next one. I caught quite a few on sale and picked up about 5. I like the detail they have, just wish they weren't so expensive. I need to crack into one of my AMT trucks and see if I can do anything with them.
  7. Very nice work! I love the old cabovers, and that color combination looks great.
  8. Just finished this one. One of my "return to the hobby" builds. I wanted to take the pictures outside, but rain showed up. This is the Italeri "Cowboy" kit. Luckily, it has extra parts to build it this way. It's not perfect, but I am more or less pleased with it. After taking the pictures, I realized that I forgot to finish the exhaust system. Oh well, I guess it will just be very loud.
  9. I just realized the rear deck handle fell off (?), and the boot should have been sanded and finished better...
  10. The body is Tamiya Metallic Red out of a can, the fenders are Testors Classic Black out of my airbrush.
  11. Just a quick picture of a recent completion. Not the best, but just trying to get back into the hobby.
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