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  1. Looks alot like the style of the very early sixties (one of my favorite periods), great blend of brands and a great job.
  2. I stumbled on it and really liked it, to cool to not share on here. Loved seeing the vintage trucks.
  3. Love the burnout, nice build.
  4. Very nice job on that, the color combo is great.
  5. Love the look, love the era! Fantastic.
  6. I truly hate to hear this news. I regret that I wasn't a part of this forum long enough to "know" Harry any better than I did. Rest In Peace.
  7. Very nice build. Loved those cars when they were on the streets.
  8. I thought this story was pretty neat being a storm spotter myself. http://www.cnn.com/2017/02/27/us/bill-paxton-storm-chaser-tribute/
  9. I have one of those in my stash, been thinking bout doing it the same way. Very nice build,looks great.
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