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  1. I don't see why not, nice job Pierre I was actually looking at that kit last night. Looks like a fun project.
  2. Nice job Andrew, I like the black and red combo looks very sharp.
  3. Happy Birthday Mike (Tankman). Enjoy your special day. Best wishes too.

  4. What a great project James, Freightliner cabover is my favorite cabover you did it mighty mighty fine.the bull rack no less.Beautiful ! Great combination .
  5. Hi ken , I'm just putting the final touches on the one I've been working on. It was an ok kit looks tough enough on the box I added a few parts and peices to mine and I think it turned out ok I'll post it in a few. I'm pretty sure you will do good stuff With yours.
  6. Nice Trucks Rick ,a whole lotta building goin on there man. Also a real nice way to display Great job.
  7. So very cool,I really like you would take it on. Good luck I'm sure you will do it up right.
  8. Ok very good .I'm 130th colo. blvd. There is a red Freightline cabover up there I went to school with that guy. Anyway ill shout out once in a while.
  9. Super nice Tom, Great paint and subject. That's the way to go down the road. I'm getting ready to put a 53' together myself yours is an inspiration.
  10. Great Job Andrew, I really like the paint job. Looking ready to hit the road .Where in Denver? I'm up in Thornton.
  11. Great job Warren, The Mack B-81 is one of my favorite rigs . I can hear it now in low gear crawling of the mountain.
  12. Hey Richard Thanks , The transfer case came with the front drive axle along with the shafts That came from Howard at KFS An awesome place to by products from. I can see about pics from underneath.
  13. Great job, a hard working dirty truck just what I like.
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