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  1. Try some novis #2 with a q tip very lightly at first and see what happens.
  2. Hi Warren, Very nice photos ! I like them all There are a few that defenetly get my attention for future builds. Thanks for sharing Them.
  3. Real nice job Matt, really clean ,great color, everything comes together very nice. 👍
  4. OUTSTANDING! Great job ! Truly Love your Imagination.
  5. Very Interesting, The Real Police Interseptor!..........Nice build.
  6. Very Nice Patrick, great imagination. Nice clean build .....except the mud !👍
  7. Im working on one right now . So i used parts from the GMC snowplow kit also B-N-L resin parts it is actually turning out really good.
  8. Very nice, good job on everything. Beautiful color, stance, imagination. It just looks good👍
  9. A few more beers IT'LL FIT.........very cool garage action.
  10. Very cool ..nice clean build, good color... Great Job 👍
  11. Use an old toothbrush and clean them up .next I use luke warm soapy water scrub them again and rinse air dry them You should be good to prime. Im mean you can soak 30 minutes to overnight thats up to you. Good luck and have fun!
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