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  1. I have known Tommy for a long time,he drives a over the road rig and is only home on weekends if he is lucky,so give him time im sure he will get back with you.
  2. Chris it looks awsome,Im taking photos of my 1/16 scale Altered hope mine looks half as good as your work!
  3. Glad to see you back at it Chris! Also a big thanks for the info you sent me......Now you wouldnt happen to have a spare seat for a 1/16 funny car???? Mine got stepped on......no one to blame but me Lol
  4. This is insane!!! Love the machine work,i will be watching this one !!
  5. Pure sweetness,Bill like i told ya before,every time i see it i need my slobber bucket
  6. Now thats what i call thinking outside the box!! I am loving this one too!
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