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  1. i found what i needed.Thank you Engineer Bob
  2. Perfect. Just checking the scale to make sure they would work.What do you want for them?
  3. thank you Casey.I will keep that kit in mind
  4. that just might be a good possibility.what kit are they from
  5. I am building the revell suburban as a fire chief vehicle. I am in need of some fire department vehicle decals.Preferably something with a fire chief one included.But that's not a must.I have many decals for trade or some of the mini boxes from amt kits.A huge parts box and some bodies if your looking for anything specific let me know.Im sure we can work something out .
  6. This is my version of the Moebius Halloween Michael myers kit.This is a very nice kit and i highly recommend it to anyone.The lighted pumpkin is a nice touch.The shrubs and plants are not included in the kit
  7. i will keep my eye on this build as i have the same idea in mind for my surburban.
  8. we need to see more of this.I remember as a kid i couldnt wait to get my kit home build it as quick as i could then start looking forward to the next victim of my messy fingers.I tried getting my son into the hobby.He built a couple snap kits and i bought him a glue kit which is still waiting to be built.Love seeing those smiles
  9. Hearse would be neat as well
  10. Slump buster build.I had fun with this build.Nice easy snap kit.Front lights are from parts box.Back lights have parts box lense.Stretcher and decals aftermarket.
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