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  1. I have the following optional parts from the foose 1/12 scale 69 camaro.You will get exactly what is pictured. I am looking to trade for any combination of the following. The optional camper from the Deora kit. 1/25 scale police,fire decals 1/25 scale mud/snow oversize tires and wheels. 1/25 scale light bars and sirens. If you dont have any of these feel free to tell me what you have to offer
  2. Thanks for the info.I cant wait for this one
  3. Does anyone know when the pulled pork chevy pulling truck will be released? The new version of the mad mudder?
  4. Couple of my first responder builds. Sorry about the dust
  5. Thank you.It has been a tough one but we are hanging on.I will have more tribute builds to come as he had several kits be had started. I'm going to do them up just like I know he would of
  6. My step son had this kit mostly done before he passed.I was given the kits he had because I wanted to finish them all in his memory and in his style. I went with this one first because it only needed a few steps to finish up. And I figured fathers day was the perfect day to complete it.I will be posting more builds as I get into them.We had so much bonding time together working on models together. I miss you son and this ones for you.
  7. i may have one in my parts box.i will look in the morning when i get home from work.
  8. Thank you to lordairgtar.He had the kit I was looking for and graciously sent it to me.I will post pics once I start building it.Thank you to all of you for your kind words and gestures it means so much to him mother and I. You all are awesome
  9. You guys are all amazing and make me so proud to be a part of the model building community. It's not just a hobby its family and he and I bonded during our building
  10. I do have my eye on a couple on ebay.I have reached out to a couple other contacts as well.It is going to get built i'm just waiting to find my best option.
  11. Update. I found the frame mixed in with another kit.But after doing complete inventory on the kit I am missing part E6 gas tank half and part E4 front fender
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