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  1. Slotto.Great to deal with.Love the trade.Thanks
  2. I have used the new formula. It works great.self leveling so no brush marks.nice shiny finish.i used it over flat black and it looks like I used gloss black with clear coat sprayed over it.im impressed
  3. Very nice.what did you use to build the walls and floor
  4. I am going to build a garage diorama.I want to get very detailed. Is there anywhere I can find everything from a toilet to water fountains maybe water cooler for the office.Any help would be appreciated thanks guys
  5. I have the 70 charger and 68 roadrunner.and I think I have a non prostreet 70 coronet all unbuilt and complete if you still have anything your wanting to trade
  6. Thank you very much for the tip.I will be purchasing some of that.I knew I would get my answer on here
  7. I have heard if you use future floor polish on old decals it will keep them from falling apart while soaking and make them plyable.Has anyone done this before?.I have the origional CHIPS Kawasaki motorcycle and i would love to use the origional decals.Thanks for you help in advance
  8. My version of this nice little kit.Went together fairly easy.Built box stock.With the exception of the hippie decals.
  9. I looked that kit up.Yes it is definitely that kit.Now i just need to figure out what the other spru is from since its obviously not from the same kit after checking it out
  10. I found these parts included in a kit i traded for.They are not part of the kit i got in the trade.Does anyone know what kit they are from?
  11. Looking to trade for the following.The transport truck for the super boss truck.I think its called big papa maybe?.And either the american la france snorkle or pumper kit.I have several kits to choose from.I have the high roller camaro kit as well as the F150 high roller pick-up.Many other kits as well.
  12. I would send them to you free of charge for some positive feedback
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