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  1. Got a little more finished tonight. This kit has a ton of detailed parts. Im really digging it
  2. I'm in a small model club (4 of us). We decided to do a club build of the new Baja Bronco. Everybody has until Halloween to build the way they want. I decided to go with the everyday driver look. I mostly build shiny and clean, so this is a different type of build for me. This model is nicely detailed out of the box. The fitment of the parts has been very good so far. So far i've got frame painted and engine finished. All except the belts and fan. I also decided to give it a leaky valve cover gasket.
  3. Working on the paint. A very light base coat of Black Kandy. Going to add some more color and graphics.
  4. Wasn't my intent. I was gonna spray another coat of paint, but i like the way it looks. Will leave it alone for now.
  5. Thanks everyone. A little more progress tonight. Still have to cut and fit a few things. In order for the engine to fit. I made the center console removeable. I put down silicone and painted black to immitate the rubber seal for console. Im also thinking 2 chrome Nitrous tanks between the rear Fender Wells!
  6. Picked up this model at a local model car show. Started building it box stock, then decided to veer off the stock path. Decided I wanted big slicks on the back and put a big block in it. Made some progress over weekend. Here are some pics as I went. Donor kit was a 67 chevelle pro street.
  7. Will do!! Thanks again!!
  8. Got some paint on it today.
  9. Started doing a little body work to fix some defect's. Mocking everything up then time for paint!
  10. Started a new model. Going with Box Stock Build on this one. So far this has been a fun build. The model itself is pretty nice
  11. Getting everything clean and primered. This is gonna be box stock, so no add ons. Starting to detail engine. Paint is Root Beer Metal Flake.
  12. I got mine at Hobby Lobby. $15 and some change with a 40% off coupon!
  13. Been away from modeling for a little bit due to work. But decided to build one for a few upcoming local shows. This will be Box Stock. I'll try and post in progress pics. First model i've done in over a year. Just mocking everything up for now and primering parts.
  14. http://public.fotki.com/Drgon63/derby-city-shootout-1/derby-city-shootout/ Here are the pics that Tom took. Hope this helps Roger
  15. Hey Jeff, there are alot of pics on the facebook page, Louisville Model Car Club. Glad you enjoyed the show!
  16. Theres a show in Cincy next sunday. https://www.facebook.com/events/167648180006307/
  17. Started on this beast last night. I originally had planned on putting a mid engine Indy car engine setup in it, but i've decided to go with a custom built supercharged LS4 and Tremec 6 speed. The engine dyno'd out at 1300 horses. I've also decided to jump in the deep end and do my first opening doors model. I have an idea that will keep the cops away. Hopefully Buford T Justice can dodge lead! Here's a few in progress picks.
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